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John Lennon Yoko Ono

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John Lennon Yoko Ono.

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- They first met in London in november 1966 at Onos-art exibition.- John was twenty-eight years old and Yoko was thirthy-three years old.She was from Japan.- In 1968 he left his first wife Cynthia who had their five years old son Julian and he started to live in London with Yoko.- They divorced in november 1968 with Cynthia.


- After his divorce, John and Yoko fell in marriage Gibraltar-in the south of Europe.- It was not typical wedding. Yoko had miniskirt, bottas and typical sun glasses. John had bottas too and hairy futcoat. The wedding existed only three minutes and their ,,medové týždne,, spent in Amsterdam.- In 1973 they stopped their relationship and John began new relationship with his assistant May Pang.- After eighteen manths he again started go out with Yoko.


In 1975 on johns birthday it was born their son Sean. Yoko was forthy-two years old.- John Lennon was shot before his blog of flats by fan name Mark David Chapman at eight of december 1980.