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Jamaican culture

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Jamaican culture. Kaitlyn Jolley. Places in Jamaica I want to visit. Starting in Montego Bay. Montego Bay Undersea Tour. To finally be-able to go snorkeling in Clear water!. The water in Milford, CT. This is what I expect in Jamaica. Zip-line Adventure Tours. I’ve been to brownstone.

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Jamaican culture

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jamaican culture

Jamaican culture


places in jamaica i want to visit
Places in Jamaica I want to visit.

Starting in Montego Bay

montego bay undersea tour
Montego Bay Undersea Tour

To finally be-able to go snorkeling in Clear water!

The water in Milford, CT

This is what I expect in Jamaica

zip line adventure tours
Zip-line Adventure Tours

I’ve been to brownstone

But this screams Adventure

dunns river falls
Dunns River Falls

This could be us

dolphin cove
Dolphin Cove

We should enjoy some dolphin love

social relationships

Social Relationships

5 observations

proper etiquette
Proper Etiquette

Bathroom Etiquette- I remember in elementary school going to the bathroom was known to be disruptive, or a big deal. I wonder how this will change in Jamaica

Eating Etiquette- In school here, I didn’t enjoy the food. (Pizza, teriyaki chicken, etc. I wouldn’t eat. So I want to see the types of food Jamaican children get in school, and if they actually enjoy it.

etiquette continued
Etiquette Continued

Helping Out- It’s polite to hold doors open for other people in America, or pick up something someone dropped and hand it to them, (when on the street) but it may be different in Jamaica.

Dress Etiquette- I only know the styles of Jamaica from word of mouth and music videos, but I do want to see if their modern style is different from our own and if their traditional style is interesting.

romantic relationships
Romantic Relationships

In chapter 5, the discussion of how men/ women show their interest in another was interesting.

Here- Some men holler, smile, wave, buy you drinks, or just come straight to you and talk to you.

Other places- men whistle or holler to catch a girls attention

Jamaica- I’m curious to see the difference if there Is any.

adjusting to a new culture
Adjusting to a new culture

Chapter 6

Remember that just as you

judge from your cultural

standpoint, you are being

judged from theirs.

—PCV Fiji

2 experiences
2 Experiences
  • Initial enthusiasm- This is packed with excitement about being in the new environment and having a positive attitude about all the new occurrences.
  • Culture shock- Homesick, no routine, feeling vulnerable.
  • I don’t think I will experience culture shock.
  • 1. Because we will only be around for 1 week.
  • 2. I think I already like Jamaican culture.
  • 3. We will be in hotels.
  • 4. It’s Jamaica (but I could be wrong).
but just in case we do
But just In-case we do
  • Coping strategies:

*Learn new ways of doing things;

*Learn to do things you’ve never done before;

*Stop doing things you can no longer do

coping strategies contd
Coping Strategies contd.

*Learn to live and work in an environment where you speak a foreign language;

*Get used to various new and unusual phenomena;

*Learn to live without all kinds of familiar phenomena.

words that might help
Words that might help
  • ALIAS- Dangerous/ violent
  • Bashment- Party
  • Card- to fool someone
  • Coil- money
  • Ease- up- lighten up
m ostly excited about
Mostly excited about


Children’s attitudes towards us







dancing in jamaica
Dancing in Jamaica

In America, I’m aware of all the different types of dance. But I wonder how it differs or stays similar in Jamaica….