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Jamaican Culture

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Jamaican Culture . Lauren Fahey. Five Places I would like to visit!. 1. Phillip County Tours: I would love to take a tour here, it is advertised as the “real Jamaica”. It looks like there are so many fun activities from kayaking to zip lining. . 2. Croydon on the Mountains

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jamaican culture

Jamaican Culture

Lauren Fahey

five places i would like to visit
Five Places I would like to visit!

1. Phillip County Tours:

I would love to take a tour here, it is advertised as the “real Jamaica”. It looks like there are so many fun activities from kayaking to zip lining.


2. Croydon on the Mountains

This plantation sounds breathtaking. The plantation is surrounded by mountains, vegetation and waterfalls.


3. Luminous Lagoon

This lagoon “illuminates” when it is touched or agitated. It sound every interesting I have never heard of anything like it.


4. Irwin Park Gardens

This is either a nature walk or a jitney tour. Both sound very interesting. I love hiking, but I think the Jitney tour sounds just as fun. I think it would be interesting to get better acquainted with the nature surrounding Jamaica.


5. Windsor Caves

The Windsor Caves were used as a British Military Base, it now has a Great House and trails.

jamaica culture customs and etiquette
Jamaica: Culture, Customs and Etiquette

Family: all members of the family are very close and intertwined in Jamaican culture. Especially grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

They are very trusting of their family and friends because of close knit they are.

Religion is very important in Jamaican culture. Biblical references are even made in common everyday speech.


Religion is very important in Jamaican culture. Biblical references are even made in common everyday speech.

Jamaica has many churches, and there are several different religions practiced


Another part of the culture of Jamaica is Rastafarianism. They believe that they are one of the last tribes of Israel that were sold into slavery. It is in their belief that they must return to Zion (believed to be Ethiopia).

Three varieties of Rastafarianism:

BoboShanti order

Nyahbinghi sect

The Twelve Tribes


Jamaicans usually greet each other with a hand shake and eye contact. When the friendship has developed more it could be a hug and kiss.

People are referred to as Miss or Mr. or Mrs. Until a deeper relationship has been formed

Once the friendship is formed, first names are used

five observations
Five Observations

1. I will observe how they interact with their family, and compare it to how to interact with my own family members


2. I will note how different the interactions are and think about how our cultures differ- which will make the reasons of the differences more clear


3. I will observe how family members interact in their own homes. This will give me a better look at the Jamaican culture and how the etiquette differs


4. I will observe how Jamaicans interact not with just their families- but with their friends. I will observe and compare and contrast their relationship with the relationships I have with my friends.


5. I will observe how romantic relationships are in Jamaican culture. I will see how they differ from relationships in the US.

cultural awareness
Cultural Awareness

5 lessons

1. I will see how adjusting to a new culture is. For example how long it takes me to adjust and how my levels of cultural awareness change.


2. there are two types of adjustments that I will have to see; going from living in one place to another and also working in the US to working in Jamaica.


3. the four levels of Cultural awareness

Unconscious incompetence

Conscious incompetence

Conscious competence

Unconscious competence


4. how attitudes toward cultural differences are. As your awareness of cultural difference grows- so does your opinion of different cultures


5. there are many ways of coping with adjustments including; learning a new way of doing things, doing things you’ve never done before and adjusting to an entirely new group of people

paul bogle
Paul Bogle

The Jamaican national hero that I researched was Paul Bogle. Paul Bogle was a Jamaican Baptist deacon. Paul Bogle is also most well known for leading the Morant Bay rebellion, in which he was captured and executed by the UK. The rebellion started when innocent men were unjustly put on trial and Paul Bogle and other members retaliated and protested. The face of Paul Bogle is featured on Jamaican currency. The culture has of Jamaica has been influenced greatly by Paul Bogle, there are many songs inspired by his rebellion and execution.




Chapter 5: Social Relationships

chapter 6: Adjusting to a New Culture