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Social 9. Introduction to the Middle Ages. Activity: Rome Fell, so What?. Directions: In pairs, you will be working through nine questions to try and figure out what life may have been like at the fall of the Roman empire in 476 AD.

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social 9

Social 9

Introduction to the Middle Ages

activity rome fell so what
Activity: Rome Fell, so What?
  • Directions:

In pairs, you will be working through nine questions to try and figure out what life may have been like at the fall of the Roman empire in 476 AD.

As the slides progress, answer the questions on each of the slides on a sheet of loose leaf.


Question ONE:

Before Rome collapsed, what did it provide for the people living there?

-provide as many answers as possible

possible answers
Possible answers
  • Possible answers:
  • Roads
  • Protection (military)
  • Set of laws/rules to live by
  • Stable government and leadership
  • A structure to society (who has power, who does not)
  • A system of education and passing down knowledge
  • Anything worldview related
  • Infrastructure
  • Land ownership
  • Food creation and transportation (farming and aqueducts)

Question TWO: What are the most important needs do you need metnow that Rome cannot provide you with them?


Question THREE: Are one of these needs more important to the other to the people living there? (Think about the reasons Rome collapsed. Is there something people are scared of?)


Angles and Saxons



Note: The Eastern

Roman Empire is

Still going strong


Question FIVE: What examples of worldview do you think would still have existed even with Rome’s collapse?

possible answers1
Possible Answers
  • Christianity
  • Slavery
  • loyalty (they had been loyal to the Roman empire previously)
possible answer
Possible Answer
  • Roads collapse
  • Formalized education ends (hence “Dark Ages”)
  • No social infrastructure
  • Little communication
  • Varying laws/government
possible answers2
Possible Answers
  • live in small areas, close to farms so you don’t need roads
  • use resources you have at your disposal
  • live on a body of water
  • build shelter out of local materials
  • form military)

Questions EIGHT: How will you organize your civilization to make sure all your needs are met? (for example, what jobs are necessary to get stuff done?)

  • Questions NINE: How will you arrange for protection?
definite answer
  • How will society be organized to meet the needs (protection, food, shelter)
  • Upcoming slides will introduce feudal system
what is feudalism
What is Feudalism?

Feudalism: “loosely organized system of government in which local lords governed their own lands but owed military service and other support to a greater lord.”

feudalism political system so who is in charge
Feudalism (political system)So who is in charge?
  • The kings had plenty of land; but he could not control it all
    • So he gave land to lords in exchange for protection, loyalty and $.
  • Lords then gave their land to knights in exchange for protection, loyalty and $.
  • Knights let serfs (peasants) work the land and he would protect them.
  • Serfs got food and shelter.
  • Thus, each person had rights and responsibilities

Higher lords

manor life so where do the people live
Manor LifeSo where do the people live?
  • In Medieval Europe, people lived on manors
    • self-sufficient communities consisting of a castle, church, village and surrounding farmlands.
    • Serfs work land and give part of their crops to the local (land) lord, for letting them farm the land.

Common Pasture

(or "Green")

problems with feudalism
Problems with Feudalism
  • Possible to have allegiances to more than one person.
  • No strong central government.
    • King must ask his lords for knights in time of war.
    • King must ask his lords for money to pay for things.
    • Lords hold most of the power.
      • Lords constantly fighting among themselves.
how to gain stay in power
How to Gain / Stay in Power
  • GET More LAND!!
    • More land = more crops = more $
    • How to Get More Land?
      • Conquer it
        • Medieval times saw constant fighting
      • Marry into it
  • Make Alliances
    • It helps to have friends.
      • Marry off your daughter to secure an alliance.