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maWebCenters Weekly Webinars

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maWebCenters Weekly Webinars. 13: The WebCenter 90 Day Fast Track. Reminders. Next Webinar: 12/18/12 – Same Registration! You can send us a Questions in the chat box below. Webinars are recorded and uploaded to

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maWebCenters Weekly Webinars

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mawebcenters weekly webinars

maWebCenters Weekly Webinars

13: The WebCenter 90 Day Fast Track

  • Next Webinar: 12/18/12 – Same Registration!
  • You can send us a Questions in the chat box below.
  • Webinars are recorded and uploaded to
  • Weekly Webinar Topics will be announced via Facebook!
the 90 day fast track
The 90 Day Fast Track
  • What is the WebCenter Fast Track
  • The Beta Group
  • The First Official Group
  • Expectations
  • The Process
  • Homework
  • Dates, Commitment and Launching!
what is it
What is it?
  • This is not about “Going Nuts” and “Tearing it Up”.
  • This is about building a strong healthy business.
  • This is about duplicating the Right Stuff!
  • This is about learning to spend your time wisely
  • This is about the The Big Picture!
goals of the fast track
GOALS of the Fast Track
  • Sell websites (Retail)
  • Expand your unFranchise (Prospecting & Recruiting)
  • Create Good Habits
  • Create Momentum
  • Learn where you are and build from THERE
  • Measure , monitor and adjust
  • Spend time doing the right things, with the right people.
  • Consistency
  • Duplication

The Beta Group

  • $15,725 – Website retail profit
  • 48 new business partners
  • $8450 in other product sales
  • 274 plans shown

The 1st Official Group

  • 150 Websites sold
  • $232,505.00 Website Sale Price
  • $156,558.00 Website Retail Profit
  • $275,415.49 in ma Branded Products (Whole Sale)
  • 143 Personally Sponsored
  • 266 Additionally Sponsored
  • 69 New Coordinators
  • 74 New Executive Coordinators
  • 10 New Master Coordinators
  • 1 New Professional Coordinator
  • 2 New Supervising Coordinators
  • 1 new Executive Supervising Coordinator
it works if you work it
It Works if You Work it!
  • The numbers are consistent
  • The people that put in the work, get the results
  • This is about accountability and commitment
  • So where do we begin?
requirements to set
Requirements to Set
  • You Must Own a WebCenter
  • You Must Remain Committed and demonstrate that commitment by sending in your numbers every week during the period.

** There is zero leniency in the requirements.

** I need you to have the tools to succeed!** I need you to stay consistent to help you grow!** No time for YoYo Dieting with WebCenters!

things you need to get started
Things you need to Get Started
  • Pick dates
  • Determine group of participants
  • Schedule an initial conference call to go over requirements, tools, process etc.
  • Getting Started Guide
  • 90 Day Fast Track Momentum Sheets and Summary Reports
  • Accountability partner
  • Aware of your resources
www mawc411 com
  • Make sure if you are a new WebCenter Owner, that you have your WebCenter Set Up
  • Download the Getting Started Guide
  • Download the 90 Day Fast Track
  • Use to learn more about the product, the resources available to you and your customers.
get ready get prepped
Get Ready / Get Prepped
  • Before you can start the fast track, you must have gone through the Getting Started Guide.
  • The Fast Track is meant to create momentum
  • You need a names list to get started
  • You need goals to run toward or you will be blindly running in circles!

Whether you are new or old, Everyone MUST download this and go through it before the start date of the fast track.

  • You also need to know how to use this guide with WebCenter Prospects / Interns.

Understanding the simple sales approach

  • Additional approachesavailable at: , Live WCTS and the Online WCT
  • Build a Nameslist
  • Define your nameslist
  • Why Start with a warm market

Plug into the system

  • Don’t create an expensive hobby for yourself!
  • Leverage the team of professionals

The Main Thing is the main thing

  • Show Plans
  • Have a nameslist
  • Don’t forget your customer base!
  • Don’t forget to duplicate WebCenter Owners in your organization
  • Interns

Possibilities list can be done old school on paper (as shown here in the GSG) OR using the PRM tool.


This is KEY. Follow up is the difference between successful people and others.

  • You don’t want to create all this motion and than leave it all on the table!
  • The new enhanced momentum sheets now feature a labeling system to make follow up better
determine a track
Determine a Track
  • 3.1.2 – Everybody does this personally!
  • 10.3.2 – For fast trackers that are working with at least 2 others in their team doing 3.1.2.

10 - 3 - 2

3 - 1 - 2

Who Should Do 10-3-2?A distributor who is personally doing a fast track AND leading others on a fast track.

* At least 1 of your personal contacts for the day should be for the Website Product. Choose from Simple Sales Approach, Networking Approach or Networking Part II.

Who Should Do 3-1-2?A distributor or intern who is looking to build momentum.

* At least 1 of your personal contacts for the day should be for the Product using the Simple Sales Approach.

Use the WebCenter Getting Started Guide to: SET YOUR GOALS, BUILD YOUR NAMES LIST and GET TIPS FOR RETAILING .

Use the Market America Getting Started Guide for additional Business Building Support.


10 - 3 – 2: GOALS

3 - 1 – 2: GOALS







UF: UnFranchiseWS: Website CustomerWCO: WebCenter Owner

P: Product (Other)E: EventsShop:


more on momentum sheets and reporting
More on Momentum Sheets and Reporting
  • Send your Momentum Sheets AND Summary in a single email each week by Saturday 11:59 p.m. to your fast track leader.
  • No sheets are accepted after Sunday.
  • You can miss one week only and remain on the fast track.
  • Holidays and family stuff will come up. Use it to your advantage!
running weekly calls
Running Weekly Calls
  • Be reliable and accountable to your group!
  • Calls should be about 30 minutes
  • Suggested Structure:- Share results from previous week & Total Results- Hear from a “fast tracker of the week”- Do a coaching session that addresses some of the successes and the challenges from the previous week
  • My last fast track weekly coaching sessions were uploaded here:
taking ownership initiative
Taking Ownership & Initiative
  • Take ownership of your business
  • You will only “Get Great” if you are willing to grow upon your mistakes, track from an honest place and use your resources.
  • When we started, we hardly had anything. Only one of us could afford to go to the training! We got good by making tons of mistakes and taking ownership of our business.
available providing support
Available & Providing Support
  • Weekly Calls: - Provided by YOU the leader!
  • Bi-Weekly Webinars: Bi-Weekly Webinar which will cover a new aspect of the WebCenter each Tuesday at 8 pm. These will be posted on - Webinars are on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday.
  • Weekly Accountability – Read summary reports and Record group results
  • This is where you should go to first research and see if the answer to your question exists here. For example: If you email me and ask me “how to use the sales calendar”, first I will know you didn’t try to find the answer and second I will send you here.Take the initiative! Trust me, you will thank me in the end!
  • Facebook Group – If you have a question about sales approaches, follow up or the process in general, POST IT HERE! We will all contribute responses as a group!
  • Email Support: If you still don’t have an answer or if it’s personal, shoot me an email with your specific question! This is the best way to contact me directly.
ready set go
Ready. Set. Go!


  • Download the Getting Started guide & Complete it
  • Download the 90 Day Fast Track
  • Have your Momentum sheets and summary reports ready for each week in advance
  • Browse for resources, online WCT, upcoming live WCTs and other useful information.
ready set go1
Ready. Set. Go!

Once You Begin

  • Daily – Accountability with your partner or via Facebook group once you’ve completed your 3.1.2 or 10.3.2
  • Weekly: Email your momentum and summary sheets
  • Weekly: Conference call
  • Post your questions in facebook group so we can all answer!
  • Post your successes in facebook group !
  • Send me emails when you have questions for me!
  • Stay on track. 
mawebcenters weekly webinars1

maWebCenters Weekly Webinars

13: The WebCenter 90 Day Fast Track