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maWebCenters Weekly Webinars

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maWebCenters Weekly Webinars. 18: Leveraging Sales Tools. Reminders. Next Webinar: 3/5 / 13 – Same Registration! You can send us a Questions in the chat box below. Webinars are recorded and uploaded to

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mawebcenters weekly webinars

maWebCenters Weekly Webinars

18: Leveraging Sales Tools

  • Next Webinar: 3/5/13 – Same Registration!
  • You can send us a Questions in the chat box below.
  • Webinars are recorded and uploaded to
  • Weekly Webinar Topics will be announced via Facebook!
what s up for tonight
What’s Up for Tonight
  • The basic rules for using all sales tools
  • Facebook
  • Flash Drive
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Videos – Mobile site & WebCenter Design
  • Domains & Email
  • Email Campaigns
  • Jeremy’s Hot Topics
  • YOU
basic rules using sales tools
Basic Rules Using Sales Tools
  • Sales tools are not a replacement for conversation
  • Sales tools are not an “automatic appointment”
  • This is not a “Set it and forget it” Situation
  • You must use your sales tools in an appropriate way that ie: WCOs using Simple Sales will share information differently than WCOs using Networking Approach.
basic rules using sales tools1
Basic Rules Using Sales Tools
  • Sales tools are best used in Two Ways!1. Conversation starter / First Look Share information for the first time with a prospect2. Follow UpSchedule a time to follow up after sharing information.
  • Let’s take a look at the tools that are available and how you can apply them.
  • This Facebook is for Distributors.
  • We post tons of “Share-able” content.
  • You can share our content on your personal Facebook page or if you have a business page!
facebook sharing designs
Facebook: Sharing Designs

You can share samples from our design center to create interest!Try something like: “Wow, take a look at this design done by our design center. Know anyone that could benefit from a better website?”or“The company I work with has an entire division that helps businesses leverage the internet. What do you think of this design?”

facebook sharing designs1
Facebook: Sharing Designs
  • Some Tips for sharing Design concepts as a first look:
  • Be consistent with your approach
  • Edify the design center
  • End in a question
  • Call to Action
  • You can also share these designs with specific people / Use more of a one:one approach
  • Ie: If you know a contractor, share the design with him as a conversation starter!
facebook sales techniques
Facebook: Sales Techniques
  • When we have other successful tools and tips for sales, we will share those as well.
  • Take a look at this cool tip we shared from Don F. about using “Thank You cards and business cards” with his clients.
facebook sharable content
Facebook: Sharable Content
  • We post updates about our program that you can use!By doing so, you can continue to build rapport with existing clients while also exciting interest in your product by demonstrating knowledge and customer service through personal branding.
  • When you take our ideas and share them – you begin to personally brand yourself!
flash drive what s there
Flash Drive – What’s there?


  • Choose your language
  • Play entire video
  • PDFs for product overview and social media marketing guide
flash drive using it
Flash Drive – Using it!
  • First Look! Have someone that wants to do a little homework before committing to an appointment? Drop off the flash drive and schedule a time time to pick it up!
  • When you pick up the flash drive, schedule an appointment.
  • Just like the old-school “sharing audios/tapes” approach with Market America. The magic is in the scheduled “pick up date”. So much more effective than simply sending an email.
flash drive using it1
Flash Drive – Using it!
  • Follow Up!Have someone that had an appointment and just wants to think it over?
  • Flash drive provides easy to navigated via chapters recaps of all the important features they learned about during their appointment.
  • Drop it off / Pick it up!
  • You can purchase a flash drive by logging into your WebCenter, choosing sales aids and then the flash drive.
  • Brochures are best used when sharing with warm market contacts!
  • You can drop a bunch of brochures off but generally, they won’t be read unless you personally give it to a prospect that you’ve spoken with or that has requested one.
  • “Just send me something” is code for “Don’t call me, I’ll call you.”
  • Simple Sales: “The company I work with has an entire division that helps businesses like yours leverage the internet. I can grab you a brochure and set up an appointment with a product specialist if you’d like.
brochures pre designed
Brochures – Pre-Designed
  • We also have professionally designed brochures which:1. Give an overview of all the product features and benefits2. Social Media Marketing Guide
  • These are also great to share as a first look and follow up!
  • Located on the flash drive AND in your WebCenter
business cards
Business Cards
  • Only for those who “Specialize in WebCenters”!
  • Exchange business cards
  • Brands yourself
  • Great for making professional contacts
  • Great for exchanging once an appointment is set to share your contact information.
  • Great to share with folks who are well connected that would be willing to share with their contacts!
  • Sharing videos can work the same way that we share designs on facebook.
  • You can share the video on your facebook wall
  • You can share a video with a single prospect
  • You can use your WebCenter to share the video OR the mobile site!
  • Remember – Use the video as a first look to peak interest and follow up with offering an appointment!
m mawebcenters com

Great way to share for people who use Simple Sales!

Great way to share the video “On the go”.

** Simple Sales – you wouldn’t send prospects to your WebCenter.

domains emails
Domains & Emails
  • If you are a WebCenter major you may want to consider getting a domain name for your WebCenter and having a professional email address.
  • Send people to your WebCenter – they can watch the video, read about features and benefits and request an appointment!
  • Having an email address associated with your WebCenter is more professional and keeps your WebCenter email separate from personal email.
  • GoDaddy is a partner store *Recommended for WebCenter Majors using Networking Approaches
email marketing campaigns
Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Your WebCenter comes with a tool to manage your website prospects and clients.
  • You can create email templates and send out email campaigns to your existing clients and prospects!
  • We will go over some ideas for ways to use this, but first take a look at where you can locate these tools in your WebCenter.

*** Recommended for WCOs who use Networking Approach.

email marketing content
Email Marketing: Content
  • You can send out weekly, monthly or random email campaigns!

Content ideas:

  • News about upgrades. Ie: Mobile sites
  • Website climate – take ideas from maWebCenters Facebook or Jeremy’s hot topics and share them!
  • Specials that you are running! Great way to create urgency!
  • Let your clients/ prospects know about a Referral Campaign
  • Share some recent Design Center work
  • Edify Teams of Professionals / Share
jeremy s hot topics
Jeremy’s Hot Topics
  • Great place to get more Share-able” Content
  • You can share this content in email, in conversation on social media, on a blog etc.
  • Similar process to sharing maWebCenters Facebook content!
  • All of these tools are useless without YOU!
  • These tools are meant to give you an opportunity to get the conversation started!
  • They are there to support you with effective follow up!
  • They are there to be an extension of YOU!
  • You still need to ask questions, qualify your prospects and set qualified appointments 
mawebcenters weekly webinars1

maWebCenters Weekly Webinars

18: Leveraging Sales Tools