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Mobilising local communities

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Mobilising local communities. Community consultations. Objectives of this consultation. To discuss what has and what hasn’t worked, based on your lived experience. To make recommendations for positive change to inform the development of the draft Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW. .

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mobilising local communities

Mobilising local communities

Community consultations

objectives of this consultation
Objectives of this consultation
  • To discuss what has and what hasn’t worked, based on your lived experience.
  • To make recommendations for positive change to inform the development of the draft Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW.
a word from the commissioner
A word from the Commissioner

The Mental Health Commission of NSW was established in July 2012 as an independent body which helps drive reform that benefits people who experience mental illness and their families and carers.

The Commission is working with the community towards sustained improvement in the support offered to people who experience mental illness and in their access to employment, education, housing, justice and general health care.

Mental illness will affect half of us during our lifetimes, and as many as one in five any year. Many people who experience mental illness are unable to find the support they need, and mental health and social services can be fractured, frustrating and sometimes frightening.

The NSW Government has asked the Mental Health Commission of NSW to prepare a draft Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW, reflecting the experiences, hopes and priorities of people across the state. We thank you for being involved in this consultation and encourage you to have your say.

John Feneley


journey 1 building community resilience and wellbeing
Journey 1: Building community resilience and wellbeing
  • This journey is about preventing mental illness and promoting good mental health in the community
  • Its about making mental health everybody’s business and addressing stigma and discrimination that exists in some communities
topic areas and questions j1
Topic areas and questions – J1
  • What is good about your community?
  • What do you think a resilient community would/does look like in your town/city?
  • What are your hopes and aspirations for your community?
journey 2 the best start
Journey 2: The best start

This journey is about promoting good health during pregnancy and strong, positive family relationships in infancy and early childhood to protect against mental illness and foster resilience and mental wellbeing.

topic areas and questions j2
Topic areas and questions – J2
  • What ideas have you got about how we can support mothers and fathers to give their babies the best start?
journey 3 troubled kids
Journey 3: Troubled kids
  • This journey is about providing support to children during their development to avoid any lasting negative consequences brought about by behavioural issues, trauma and mental ill health.
topic areas and questions j3
Topic areas and questions – J3
  • Who is responsible for a child’s wellbeing?
  • How can a child be supported to be the ‘best they can be’?
journey 4 healthy transitions
Journey 4: Healthy transitions
  • This journey is about exploring what young people need to give them the best chance of a healthy transition to adulthood.
  • It is about what young people need to enable them to finish school, complete training, get a job and become independent.
topic areas and questions j4
Topic areas and questions – J4
  • What is needed to equip young people with the best opportunities to become independent adults?
journey 5 towards a better life
Journey 5: Towards a better life
  • This journey is about developing options so that people with a mental illness can enjoy lives as valued citizens.
topic areas and questions j5
Topic areas and questions – J5
  • What does ‘having something meaningful to do’ mean?
  • How do you think you contribute to your community?
journey 6 breaking the cycle
Journey 6: Breaking the cycle
  • This journey is about creating better pathways for people with a mental illness who also have an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. It has a particular focus on keeping people out of the justice system.
topic areas and questions j6
Topic areas and questions – J6
  • What do you think we could do to help people manage the negative outcomes of drug and alcohol use and potential criminal behaviour?
  • Ideally, what would the drug and alcohol and mental health support sector look like in the future?
journey 7 body and soul
Journey 7: Body and soul
  • This journey is about designing responses that acknowledge the holistic health needs of people with a mental illness.
  • This includes our physical, spiritual and religious needs, among others.
topic areas and questions j7
Topic areas and questions – J7
  • Who are the important people helping you to maintain a healthy body and soul?
  • What do these people do to support you?
  • Where does or should this take place?
journey 8 living long and strong
Journey 8: Living long and strong
  • This journey is about planning to take good care of our mental health as we age and the steps we can take to prevent problems and respond to them if they arise.
topic areas and questions j8
Topic areas and questions – J8
  • What does the ideal retirement lifestyle or old age look like?
  • Do you think there is enough focus on helping consumers plan for the future?
  • How could this change?
thank you
Thank you
  • Thank you for your time, expertise and commitment to making positive change.
  • Please do not forget to complete a demographics form and an evaluation form.
  • If you would like more information about the draft Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW you can visit the Commission website at: