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Writing Copy. Copy more important than ever. Ethos: a personal character which itself functions as a means of persuasion Advertising is a form of public speechmaking VW: self-deprecating, funny, modest-yet-self-assured. Importance of ethos, persona, voice. Even today. Even without copy.

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importance of ethos persona voice

Ethos: a personal character which itself functions as a means of persuasion

  • Advertising is a form of public speechmaking
  • VW: self-deprecating, funny, modest-yet-self-assured
Importance of ethos, persona, voice
like a freshman composition


  • Details
  • Style
  • Thesis
  • Organization and Structure
Like a Freshman composition

So, you’re hanging ten in Maui or you’re just stepping into your hot tub. Fine. You’ll need a few things. First, you’ll need a solid rubber outsole for traction. Then you’ll need a spandex upper for breathability. Like gills, sort of. And you’ll need some wacky colors to make the fish think you are one of them. In short, you’ll need Nike Aqua Socks. Remember: when the going gets wet, the wet go Hawaiian.

style points

Authoritative, chummy tone

  • Sentence fragments (“Like gills, sort of”)
  • Contractions (“You’ll”, “you’re”)
  • Slang (“Hang ten”, “wacky”)
  • Commands (“You’ll need”)
  • Perfect for the “Just do it” brand
Style points

Long before reaching your destination, you will experience a sense of having arrived. Such is life aboard our newest ship, the intimate Royal Viking Queen, and her larger, more stately companion, the elegant Royal Viking Sun.

Here, all that has made sailing Royal Viking Line so wondrous over the years is heightened as never before. Consider mingling with learned experts in World Affairs. Or collecting secrets of aquatic life from the Cousteau Society. Elsewhere, guest chefs the likes of the renowned Paul Bocuse will provide exquisite nourishment for areas found somewhere south of the mind.

tweaking ok

Tweaking OK

“When the going gets wet, the wet go Hawaiian

some decisions and pointers

Who is talking? (consumer, company, other)

  • Draw from your research
  • Include detail (avoid vagueness)
  • Create images (avoid limp verbs: “Is-ness”)
  • Avoid overuse of adjectives and adverbs
  • Consider metaphors (Porsche’s “Bloodlines”)
  • Don’t forget your thesis
  • Structure: Beginning, Middle, End
  • Prefer the loose style: Cumulative sentences
Some Decisions and Pointers
a word about fun

A word about fun

“The easiest thing in the world for any reader to do is stop reading”—WSJ Editor

write a web page 100 words

Headline: Travel internationally? The World’s Local Bank Should be Your Bank!

  • More branches and ATM’s in more countries
  • Branches at most international airports
  • Free currency exchange for account holders
  • Credit cards with no foreign currency transaction fee
  • Hong Kong?
Write a Web Page (100 words)