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  2. MOTOROLA Project:Customer had a very old Nortel PBX (R18) with some 3,000 Extensions. Needed a 10-seats Call Center for their IT Dept. Competition: Nortel – offered a PBX upgrade and free call center solution for $250,000 Avaya – offered a free 6 month trial on IP Office followed by an upgrade to Avaya PBX. Customer was already trying the Avaya solution on site when approached by Aspire with a better call center solution – Optimus.

  3. Solution: Customer paid somewhere near 20,000$ for an LG-Nortel ipLDK100 connected to the Nortel PBX and Optimus Call Center software. Customer chose to remain with the Nortel PBX which is sold in Israel via the same distributor. Bottom line: Optimus call center was the trigger for winning the project by being a superior Call Center solution than Avaya IP office. You can connect the LGN PBXs via simple PRI connection to larger PBXs, and create an entirely new market segment for yourselves. Same solution was duplicated three months later for HP Israel, also with an older Nortel model (R22).

  4. Eli Amar. Attorney At Law Project: A large lawyers office, specializing in lost debts collection (a very lucrative business in Israel). Customer had an existing LDK100 and needed to set up a 26-agent call center, with 10 of those working from home using IP extensions Competition: Panasonic offered a PBX and call center solution for about $15,000 less than the cost of Optimus and ipLDK300.

  5. Solution: Customer chose LGN/Optimus only because of the Call Center features.Panasonic offers a low cost, low-level ACD/reports package, which was not enough to meet the customer demands. The customer followed up by purchasing (from the LGN dealer) a Fortinet VPN security solution, ADSL lines to all the agents' homes, and additional hardware. Bottom Line: We can beat cheaper competitors’ offers by showing value add in the right places.Also, call center is a revenue generating application for the dealers – you can always offer additional equipment.

  6. Ariel Bonus Telemarketing Project: A company specializing in catalog sales. Customer was in the market for a small Call Center with projected growth of 300%, but had no real timetable for growth and needed a scalable, easy-to-implement and cost-effective solution. Customer emphasized CRM interface as critical. Competition: Customer rejected offers from Nortel Symposium and Cisco IPCC due to initial costs. Next, customer was approached by Asterisk dealers in Israel, promised multiple features and scalable growth.

  7. Solution: Customer chose LGN/Optimus only because of the Call Center features.Asterisk applications are still immature and cannot support a full scale call center and features. Customer upgraded within six months from ipLDK100 to ipLDK600 and now operates 57 agents (having started with 13…) Bottom Line: The LGN/Optimus package is more scalable than any other solution in the market. The ability to grow from LDK100 to LDK600 and from 2 agents up to 80 “in the blink of an eye” is unparalleled. Also, CRM integration is becoming a common demand. The fact that it’s included free-of-charge with Optimus can make the difference when the competition is tough.