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Snoqualmie Tribe PowerPoint Presentation
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Snoqualmie Tribe

Snoqualmie Tribe

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Snoqualmie Tribe

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  1. Snoqualmie Tribe What we have done and where we are going.

  2. Service Area • The Snoqualmie EM Dept. serves: • The Reservation and 7 facilities • 600 Tribal Members • Approx. 60 Employees, growing to 900 by Fall of 2008 • The 7 facilities are spread across 3 cities • Many of the Tribal Members are spread out over approx. 175 Sq. Miles

  3. 7 Facilities • The 7 Facilities, including 2 medical clinics and the Tribal Administration buildings are served by 2 different Fire depts. And 3 different Law Enforcement agencies. • Our EOC is located in my office w/back up power. • We have an MOU with the City of Snoqualmie to share there EOC if ours is damaged, or shut down for some reason.

  4. What are we working on now • Currently installing Back up Gens. at our 2 Clinics and the Tribal Admin. building • We have just received 5 more 800MHz. Radios and we will be getting them distributed in about 2 weeks to our Disaster Team members. We also have a few employees that take radios home with them and provide road reports on winter weather days, that I use to inform Members and employees, via e-mail about reporting to work.

  5. What we are working on now • We also have VHF back up radios in 4 of our facilities and a mobile unit in the Directors car. • We have just received a CEMNET radio from state EMD, which will be installed in the new Mobile EOC, which we have applied for. • We have 4 HAM radio technicians, with more ready to go thru the training, as soon as we can get one set up.

  6. MRC & Disaster Team • We have started our Medical Reserve Corp (MRC) and will be working closely with the NWTEMC-MRC as we train and build our MRC • Our volunteer Disaster Team is in place and we are almost finished equipping them. They are continuing to take extra training like CERT and Red Cross shelter set-up.

  7. Oil Spill Containment Boom • The Disaster Team has been trained to deploy an 800 ft. oil containment boom, for spills in rivers and watersheds. • We obtained the self contained trailer from EPA and co-trained with ESF&R, Fall City Fire, Duvall Fire and the KC Dive team. • We have worked out all the call out protocols via an MOU.

  8. Plans • HIVA • EOP • Fleet Safety • Pan- Flu • Health and Human Services Response Plan • Resource Manual for local suppliers • Employee Call Down list for disasters and bad weather days • Working on our CEMP, to tie it all together

  9. Staying Involved • Continuing to gather Best Practices from our partners. No need to re-invent things • Regionally the Tribe is working with the following work groups: • NWTEMC • EMAC • Sheltering/Staging/POD’s • VPAT/PH-SKC (IMOU on NWTEMC website) • Resource Typing

  10. Sharing • We need to continue to work together and share our ideas, plans and information. • If there is anything that we can help with please let me know. • We were able to have a DVD on preparedness produced, while it is Pan Flu centered there are many good ideas on it. We hope to have it on our website soon •

  11. Prepare Now