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Comanche Tribe

Comanche Tribe. By: Connor , Jacob, Natalie , Cameron and Justice. How they got their food. They got food by hunting with bow and arrows. They hunted buffalo , deer , berries , elk and river fish. Where they lived. They lived in Texas , Oklahoma , New Mexico.

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Comanche Tribe

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  1. Comanche Tribe By: Connor , Jacob, Natalie , Cameron and Justice

  2. How they got their food • They got food by hunting with bow and arrows. • They hunted buffalo , deer , berries , elk and river fish.

  3. Where they lived • They lived in Texas , Oklahoma , New Mexico. • They lived in teepees made of buffalo skin. • When it was warm with wind they would lift flaps from under the teepees. • They would make fires in their teepees.

  4. What tools they used • To hunt they used bow and arrows • When they fought in the war they used Bows , Long spears and Buffalo hide shields.

  5. Their language • Some of the Comanche spoke English. • Most of them spoke the Comanche language like the elders. • Maruawe (mah-ruh-ah-way) is a friendly greeting. • Another word is Ura (ur-ah) which means thank you. Maruawe

  6. How the children lived and what they did • The boys went hunting and fishing with their dad. • The girls made dolls and sewed blankets. • All the kids had more chores to do and less time to play. • Their dolls were called kachina dolls.

  7. The tribe leaders • The leader of any Indian tribe is the Chief. • the sons and daughters of the chiefs were dedicated as a prince and princesses.

  8. What are the men and women's roles in the tribe • The Comanche Indian women took care of the house. • The Comanche Indian men were hunting and they would defend their families. • Most of the men are chiefs and warriors

  9. Origin stories One day the Great Spirit collected swirls of dust from the four directions in order to create the Comanche people. These people formed from the Earth had the strength of mighty storms. Unfortunately, a shape-shifting demon was also created and began to torment the people. The Great Spirit cast the demon into a bottomless pit. To seek revenge the demon took refuge in the fangs and stingers of poisonous creatures and continues to harm people every chance it gets.

  10. clothing Warrior bonnet… Women's dress

  11. How the Comanche tribe felt when the Europeans came • Their first European contact is commonly believed to have been in New Mexico around 1700 when they visited a trade fair in Taos in the company of some Ute. Although this meeting is undocumented, the Comanche were definitely known to the Spanish in New Mexico by 1706.

  12. Fun facts • Johnny Depp is an adopted Comanche Indian! • Their nickname was lords of the plains because they were considered the most importanttribe in the plains. • There is an Indian day and it is on Oct. 25.

  13. Questions for the Comanche tribe • Who was adopted as a Comanche Indian? • What were their dolls called? • What was at least one of their clothing? • What is at least one of the animals names in Indian language? • Where did the Comanche Indians live? • What did they live in? • What day is the Indian day?

  14. Answers • Johnny Depp. • Kachina Dolls. • Warrior dress or women's bonnet. • Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico • Teepees • October 25 tseena

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