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CRISP Technologies. C orporate R esource I ntegrated S ystems P lanning. Business Continuity & Resumption Planning (BCRP). Corporate Profile Established in 1988. A Management Consulting and Information Technology Organization combining: Management and Technical expertise

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crisp technologies


Corporate Resource Integrated Systems Planning

Business Continuity


Resumption Planning


corporate profile established in 1988
Corporate ProfileEstablished in 1988

A Management Consulting and Information Technology Organization combining:

  • Management and Technical expertise
  • Value added business software products with:
    • Global coverage
    • Continuous support and customization
    • Add on modules and interfaces
  • Headquarters in Calgary - Alberta – Canada
  • International offices in:
    • Sophia Antipolis - Nice – France; Naples – Florida – USA; Dubai - UAE
practical professional solutions
Practical, Professional Solutions
  • Business Continuity & Resumption Planning (BCRP)
    • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
    • Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
    • Emergence Response Planning (ERP)
    • Risk Management, Audit and security

Business Consulting


BCP & DRP Strategy

Audit BCP & DRP

Security Audit

Business Process Resumption



Risk Management

Operational Audit

Compliance with Regulations & Standards

Business Process Audit & Analysis

Emergency Response


Crisis Management

The CRISPapproachis flexible & based on yourneeds:

business continuity challenges
Business Continuity Challenges
  • Concerned about the continuity of your key business functions?
  • Wondering how vulnerable your business is to risks and exposures?
  • Wanting to protect and maintain your critical business resources?
crisp technologies bcrp
CRISPTechnologies BCRP®

The process an enterprise needs to have in place in order to continue its key business functions andget back into normal operations following an Incident.

Going from losing a business record


losing the whole business infrastructure

cost of business interruption
Cost of Business Interruption
  • Loss or delay of Revenues and Profits
  • Lower Shareholder Confidence
  • Lower Employee Morale
  • Degraded levels of Customer Service
  • Missed Contractual Commitments
  • Missed Legal & Regulatory Commitments
  • Reduced Market Share
how much would an outage cost
How Much Would An Outage Cost?

More Than 60 Percent Of The Companies

Don’t Have An Estimate Of How Much An Outage Would Cost

There is a complex cost to downtime.

Not just the revenue loss, but also the loss of productivity, affect on customer satisfaction, impact on image and the potential for legal actions

The full impact is often overlooked!

Q. Have you estimated the costs of non-operation of business-critical applications?

Companies with cost estimates36%

Companies without

cost estimates64%

average hourly cost of downtime
Average Hourly Cost of Downtime
  • $6.4 million
  • $2.6 million
  • $90 thousand
  • $28 thousand
  • $75 thousand
  • $18 thousand
  • $50 thousand
  • Brokerage House
  • Credit card sales and authorization
  • Catalog sales
  • Package shipping and transportation
  • Unix networks
  • PC LANs
  • Average hourly cost to recreate data

Source: Contingency Planning Research

business continuity spending
Business Continuity Spending
  • Average spending is 3-4% of the overall IT budget
  • Companies that exercise “best practices” spend 6-7% of IT budget
  • Spending is incurred at the planning, implementation and testing phases
  • See Disaster Recovery Life Cycle for time zones where spending is also incurred during actual recovery. This spending is usually insurable
crisp technologies bcrp covers
CRISPTechnologies BCRP® Covers
  • Risk Management & Business Impact
  • Optimal Strategy Design and Implementation
  • Emergency Response
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • Re-settlement (Back to the Normal State)
proven methodology
Proven Methodology
  • A result of 16 years of BCRP focus and 100’s of man years experience in developing successful plans for many organizations
  • A set of base plans, emergency response procedures, templates, questionnaires, diagrams, sample guidebooks…. all assembled within an interactive workflow
bcrp components



Define Primary Business Units



Define Key Functions to be performed

Identify Critical Resources Needed to Perform Key Functions

Critical Applications

Key Personnel

Critical Documents

Facilities & Equipment

Contingency Funding



Recovery Options


Develop and Document Options to Recover or Replace Critical Business Resources


bcrp architecture






Master Plan

Business Areas Guidebooks

Define Critical Resources

Select Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)

Describe Operating Procedures

Define User Alternate Procedures

Infrastructure Guidebook








DRP Revision








& Sign Off

* Operational

* Efficiency

* Contracts

* Acquire

* Switching

* Contracts

* Infrastructure

* Critical Apps.

* Recovery

* Q / A

* Set-up

* Configure

* Capacity

* Delivery

* Telecom


* Resettlement

* Redundancy

* Security

* Activate

* Security

* Timing

* Applications

* Technology

sample crisp technologies bcrp clients
Sample CRISPTechnologiesBCRP® Clients
  • Nice Cote D’azur Airport
    • Emergency Response Automation with CRISP Workflow
    • Review existing plans and performing gap analysis
  • Nexen Energy
    • Network Security Audit
    • Contingency Planning
  • Ontario Realty Corporation
    • BCRP Interactive Workflow
    • Contingency Planning
  • Palliser Health Region
    • Business Continuity plan audit & development
    • BCRP Interactive Workflow
  • Peters & Company Financial Corporation
    • BCRP Interactive Workflow
  • Petro Canada
    • Business Continuity & IT Disaster Recovery Planning
    • Asset Management Needs Definition & Analysis
    • DRP & IT BCP for London, Aberdeen, Essen, Hague
  • Shaw Cable Systems
    • IT Infrastructure & Security Planning
  • Trans Canada Pipelines
    • Business Continuity Planning
  • Air Canada
    • Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning
  • Alta Gas
    • IT Infrastructure Review & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Private Banking - Monaco
    • Contingency Plan Audit
    • BCRP Interactive Workflow
  • BP Amoco
    • Business Resumption Planning
    • Recovery Plan Automation
  • City of Winnipeg
    • BCRP Interactive Workflow
    • Contingency Planning
  • Crestar Energy (Gulf/Conoco)
    • Contingency Planning
  • EDS Canada
    • Business Continuity Planning for Outsourcing Clients
  • Energy Utility Board (EUB)
    • BCRP Methodology
    • IT Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Florida Water Supply & Treatment Facilities
    • Audit and Security of SCADA Control System
  • New York Power Authority
    • Audit and Assessment of SCADA Control System
workflow value proposition hot buttons
Workflow Value Proposition & Hot Buttons
  • Removes the mystery of plan development & Stress of Emergency Response
  • Presents Consulting with a “Touch & Feel” approach
  • Shows what the plan would look like at the start of the project
  • Provides a sure path for SOX, ISO 17799, CRBF 97.2, Bale 2 and other Audit & Control compliance
  • Investment that guarantees results with less risk, time and cost
what our customers are saying
What Our Customers Are Saying
  • “The CRISP BCRP methodology, tools and templates combined with  their  professional consulting services provided us with the ability to quickly and effectively develop, implement and maintain our  IT  Business Continuity  and Disaster Recovery Plans”

* Petro-Canada*

  • “ The CRISP BCRP methodology allowed us to quickly get to the heart of the disaster recovery process without having to spend needless time reaching agreement on the initial format and organization of the material”

* Alberta Energy Utility Board *

why crisp technologies
Why CRISP Technologies ?
  • Worldwide recognition as experts in Business Continuity
  • Flexible & neutral business approach
  • BCRP® Interactive Workflow
  • Proven Methodology from hands-on practical experience
  • Fully invested in long term product development & support