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Creating Country Music:

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Creating Country Music: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating Country Music:. Fabricating Authenticity By Richard A. Peterson. Who & What is country?. Fiddlin John Carson (1923). Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane. Hillbillies. Blinkey Brothers Band Later: Dixie Clod Hoppers. The Carter Family. The Fruit Jar Drinkers. Before. After.

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creating country music

Creating Country Music:

Fabricating Authenticity

By Richard A. Peterson

fiddlin john carson 1923
Fiddlin John Carson (1923)

Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane


Blinkey Brothers Band

Later: Dixie Clod Hoppers

The Carter Family

jimmie rodgers late 20s
Jimmie Rodgers (late 20s)

T is for Texas (blue yodel)

barn dances fiddling contests
Barn Dances/Fiddling Contests

Mellie Dunham with Henry Ford

George Hay “Uncle’ Jimmy Thompson


Participants, including Fiddlin’ John Carson at the right, at the 1925 Mountain City, Tennessee Old Time Fiddling Contest sponsored by the

Ku Klux Klan.

roy rogers mid 30s
Roy Rogers (mid 30s)

Roy Rogers at Hollywood Canteen

country today
Country Today

CMA Music Fest 2013