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Haier’s History PowerPoint Presentation
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Haier’s History

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Haier’s History - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Haier’s History. Qingdao Fridge Factory A deficit of 1.47 million rapidly One type of product Less than 800 factory workers. Haier's Status Quo. One of the biggest white goods company 42 types of specifications for more than 8600 varieties of brand-name products group

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haier s history
Haier’s History
  • Qingdao Fridge Factory
  • A deficit of 1.47 million rapidly
  • One type of product
  • Less than 800 factory workers
haier s status quo
Haier's Status Quo
  • One of the biggest white goods company
  • 42 types of specifications for more than 8600 varieties of brand-name products group
  • More than 20,000 workers
industry analysis
Industry Analysis

White Goods Industry

industry definition
Industry Definition

Being used to reduce the burden of endless housework and improve the quality of people’s life

Six product categories

The importance of white goods in people’s daily life.

global issue
Global Issue
  • Global market
      • Europe
      • Asia-Pacific
      • United States
      • Other Regions
  • Global Value Chain
future trends
Future Trends

Diversity of market players

The market will be divided into more different categories as consumers require more functional products.

Technology will play an even more important role in innovation of products.


SWOT Analysis

  • Large number of sales outlet

30 franchised stores & 5500 sales points

  • unique corporate culture, qualified employees, core technology, excellent after-sale service system
  • High reputation at home and abroad

SWOT Analysis

  • Difficult to adapt to the international market - little efficient breakthrough among international competitors
  • Relatively low input, low output & low efficiency
  • More attention on traditional electrical products

SWOT Analysis

  • Economic globalization - “go out”
  • Foresee future changes in external environment

- enough time to prepare

  • Core technology
  • China’s access to WTO - easier to enter global market
  • Domestic and foreign business partners

SWOT Analysis

  • Deficient funds – lack of power & less competitive
  • “Energy saving” “environment protecting” “green”
  • Traditional mode of thinking
  • Stronger competitors

the fourth largest white goods producer in the world

operates in over 30 countries with employees over 50,000

products are sold in more than 160 countries in global

Had a global turnover of ¥118 billion (about $16.2 billion dollars) in 2007

technology product innovation
Technology & Product Innovation

Once relied on technology from German companies

has made technology innovation as its main task and pay millions dollars in R&D of new high-tech products

The technology achievements are soon transferred into advanced products

organizational restructuring
Organizational Restructuring

“1000-day information management innovation”

Important Issue: a lack of focus

improve the effectiveness and efficiency

global marketing strategy
Global Marketing Strategy
  • The difficult matters should be dealt with before easy ones in the progress of Haier’s globalization

United States



brand building strategy
Brand Building Strategy

pays much attention of its advertising and public relations in order to build up a deep-in-mind brand image in global market




challenges and risks from global market
Challenges and Risks from Global Market
  • Haier has not become a real global corporation yet
    • the portion of overseas sales is relatively low
  • Chinese products are considered to be cheep but of poor quality in global market

Whirlpool Corporation


Matsushita (Panasonic)


General Electric

whirlpool corporation
Whirlpool Corporation
  • Total Avenue of producing appliance is $19billion in 2007
  • Total Avenue of producing appliance is $19billion 2006.
  • After acquiring the Maytag Whirlpool Corporation became the largest home appliance maker in the world


  • total revenue is $104,billion 2007
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • main Strength products are floor cleaners,
  • In 2002, Electrolux launches the Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • produce the first talking washing machine in India


matsushita panasonic
Matsushita (Panasonic)
  • Total revenue is $8.62 billion in the year ended March 2008
  • Main business are electronics which contains 7 categories

such as Televisions, Video, Phones and Audio and so on

Weakness-home appliance

Strength-electronics e.g. Video, Cameras

another part of conducts e.g. cell phone


  • Total revenue is 110.82 billion in 2008
  • Berlin and Munich, Germany
  • Main Business include Industry , Healthy and Energy.
  • Main Home appliance such as Refrigerator ,wash dryer and so on
  • The other common products such as Cell phone part, computers and Real Estate
  • long history , innovative design and high technology


general electric
General Electric
  • Fairfield Connecticut
  • Net income is $4,312 million
  • The top three companies in the world in September 2008
  • GE will sell the appliance business in the price of 5-8 billion in 2008
  • Haier is preparing to bid , but there has three problem

1, total revenue $1.62 billion in 2007

2, government e.g., Maytag in June 2005

3, market and ‘made in China’

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  • Details
  • Consumer service
  • Innovation


  • Own overseas sales channels and networks
  • Localization
  • Overseas R&D
  • Success
    • advanced technology
    • successful management
    • consistent innovation and restructure
  • Effort for future
    • strong competitors
    • lack of strong competitive capacity
    • own strategy