happy new year n.
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Happy New Year! PowerPoint Presentation
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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Happy New Year!
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  1. Happy New Year! Chinese New Year

  2. How do we celebrate the New Year in U.S? • Foods we eat? • Activities? • How long does it last?

  3. Origins of Chinese New Year • History Channel • History of the Holidays: Chinese New Year Video

  4. Questions • Chinese New Year also called? • Spring Festival • How many days does it last and when? • 15 days at the end of January beginning of February, based on the lunar calendar. • How long has it been celebrated? • Since 2000 BC • Why is it celebrated? • Based on myth of the beast Nian. (to scare it away) • What are the three important symbols of the Chinese New Year? • Red, Loud Noise, Light

  5. More Questions • People do what during this time? • Gather with their families • What is the importance of food? • Symbolism and tradition • What is done the 1st day? • Firecrackers • What is done on the last day? • Lantern Festival

  6. Chinese Zodiac • Made up of 12 Animal Signs for the 12 year cycle • Ancient Folk Story that tells how the animal order came to be.

  7. The Folk Story • Lord Buddha called all the animals to come and cross a stream and would assign each a year based on when they crossed. • Cat and Rat planned to go together, but Rat did not wake up the Cat and left. • Rat knew he could not make it across, so begged the Ox to let him ride on him. • Just when they were to arrive, Rat jumped off Ox and crossed first. • This is why the Rat is the first year of the cycle, Ox is second and the Cat is not a part of the cycle.

  8. Chinese Zodiac Cycle

  9. Your Assignment! • Each group will find the following information on their animal from the Zodiac: • The years associated with the Zodiac • Career Aspects • Relationships • Heath • Wealth • Personality • What zodiac signs get along best with this one? • Once completed each group will present information to the class.

  10. Cultural Taboos of China

  11. What are Taboos? • Things that are not done or approved of by others.

  12. Do we have Taboos in U.S. ? • Examples • Are they the same where ever you go?

  13. Differences in China • When greeting others, do not hug, kiss. • The Chinese are not in habit of saying “love ya” “miss ya” • Do things to show love- clean, respectful etc.

  14. Differences Continued • When asked if a drink wanted and the person says “no,” a drink is still expected. • Very Humble • Do not open gifts in front of people

  15. Taboos • Chopsticks for food not music • Soup last dish eaten • Do not eat many sweets • Polite to push people to eat more • NEVER YELL AT OLDER PEOPLE.

  16. Taboos Continued • Do not use 1st name of parent or grandparent • No rule of “ladies first” • Do not hold doors for people • Do not say “Hi” to everyone they see.

  17. Chinese New Year Foods

  18. What do we eat for New Year’s in the U.S? • Sauerkraut/Kielbasa • Pork • Why do we eat these?

  19. The more sauerkraut eaten points to how much money a person will make in the coming year. • Pork symbolizes progress; animal roots forward

  20. Noodles Raw Fish Mustard Greens Lotus seed Ginkgo nut Black Moss Seaweed Dried Bean Curd Bamboo shoots Chicken Nian Gao Zong Zi Man Tou Chinese New Year Foods

  21. Noodles Raw Fish Mustard Greens Lotus seed Ginkgo nut Black Moss Seaweed Long life Success Cleanse system Many sons Silver ingots Wealth What do they mean?

  22. Dried Bean Curd Bamboo shoots Chicken Oranges Nian Gao Zong Zi Man Tou Wealth/happiness Wishing well Prosperity Wealth Popular delicacy usually only enjoyed during the New Year What do they mean? NOW LETS TRY SOME!

  23. Jai

  24. Lo Han Jai-Buddha's Delight • How to make Lo Han Jai