children s ministries core values for children n.
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Children’s Ministries Core Values for Children PowerPoint Presentation
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Children’s Ministries Core Values for Children

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Children’s Ministries Core Values for Children - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Children’s Ministries Core Values for Children. Elementary Lesson Four Review. Question One. Who was Paul’s partner in ministry at Philippi?. King Agrippa Moses Silas Jacob. Possible Answers. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Silas!. And the Answer Is…. Question Two.

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question one

Question One

Who was Paul’s partner in ministry at Philippi?

question two

Question Two

From whom did Paul command an evil spirit to come out?

possible answers1
An Egyptian prince

A slave girl

A French soldier

A small boy

Possible Answers
question three

Question Three

What did the owners of the slave girl do when they found she could not predict the future anymore?

possible answers2
They planned a party.

They thanked Paul and Silas.

They played a game of tag.

They demanded that Paul and Silas be put into jail.

Possible Answers
question four

Question Four

To whom did Paul and Silas talk after they were freed from prison?

possible answers3


The jailer


Possible Answers
question five

Question Five

What happened to the jailer and his family when they believed in the Lord Jesus?

possible answers4
They were taken to heaven.

They were baptized.

They took a vacation.

They played soccer.

Possible Answers