Cree and trevon s presentation
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Cree and Trevon’s Presentation. ABOUT ME;

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Cree and trevon s presentation

Cree and Trevon’s Presentation


I am Medusa, [The Gorgon] formally known as the queen of snakes. I am a guardian protectress, but for some odd reason people like to call me a gorgon, chthonic monster. I am the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto. My original mother Metis was forced into marriage with Zues. Obviously I don’t like be looked at’ I will passionately turn you into stone if you gaze into my eyes. I have two sisters which are also known as Sthenno and Euryale. I was once beautiful, and then a cruel creature by the name of Athena turned my face into hideousness and turned my hair into snakes. Before I died I was with child and then the evil Perseus killed me and presented my head to Athena.


Female; I’m dead. but I would be 1000 years old.

Ancient Greece

Who I would like to meet;

You of course, HERACLES !HERACLES!! Athena so I can have a murdering session.



Staring people to death; killing people, petting my snakes.




General: Snakes are my passion, I love them so. Snakes are passion through the wind fire and snow. I love my two children(snakes)

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