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Political Ideology

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Political Ideology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Political Ideology. Chapter 7, Theme B. Libertarian Pure Liberal Populist Pure Conservative Moderate. Middle view of most American voters today Tax the rich, allow abortions Control business , permit school prayer Get the government out of peoples’ lives

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Political Ideology

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political ideology

Political Ideology

Chapter 7, Theme B

chapter 7 pop quiz

Pure Liberal


Pure Conservative


Middle view of most American voters today

Tax the rich, allow abortions

Control business, permit school prayer

Get the government out of peoples’ lives

Keep taxes low and curb immoralconduct

Chapter 7 Pop Quiz
defining the term
Defining The Term
  • What is Political Ideology?
  • Coherent & consistent set of political beliefs about who ought to rule, the principles the rulers ought to obey, and what policies the rules ought to pursue.
consistent attitudes
Consistent Attitudes
  • In what terms do political scientists measure a person’s ideology?
    • Frequency of describing choices
    • Consistency of preferences over time
  • People can have strong dispositions even without these criteria.
  • Plurality crosses traditional borders…considers themselves “moderate.”
liberal vs conservative
Liberal vs. Conservative
  • Early 1800s: Liberals favored personal & economic freedom from the gov’t. Conservatives favored restoration of power to traditional sources.
  • New Deal Metamorphosis: Liberals favored an activist gov’t. Conservatives favored reaction & prevention to this activism with states’ rights individual economic choice.
liberal vs conservative1
Liberal vs. Conservative
  • Today’s meanings are imprecise and changing.
  • Three useful categories in gauging political ideologies:
    • Economic Policy: Exs. Of each?
    • Civil Rights: Exs. Of each?
    • Public & Political Conduct: Exs.?
consistent categories
Consistent Categories
  • Pure Liberals: Lib. on both econ. & pers. conduct issues.
  • Pure Conservatives: Cons. on both econ. & pers. conduct issues.
  • Libertarian: Cons. on econ. issues, but lib. on pers. conduct issues.
  • Populists: Lib. on econ. issues, but cons. on pers. conduct issues.
activity discussion
Activity & Discussion
  • Group yourselves based upon your “ideolog” test from Friday
  • As the statement is read, stand if you agree; sit if you disagree.
  • You may switch corners if you feel you are misplaced!
political elites
Political Elites
  • Definition?
    • Those with a disproportional amount of a valued resource
  • Other Characteristics?
    • Display greater ideological consistency
    • Have access to more info. & have more interest in politics
    • Peers reinforce this consistency
new class of political elites
“New Class” of Political Elites
  • Those advantaged by the power, resources, and growth of government
  • How is this different?
  • Examples of elites outside of government? Ideology? Source of power?
    • Directly benefit from the gov’t.
    • High levels of schooling
two middle classes
Two Middle Classes?
  • Traditional Middle Class
    • 4-yrs. of college, suburban, church-affiliated, conservative, pro-business, Republican
  • Liberal Middle Class
    • Post-grad., urban, critical of business, socially liberal, Democrat
influencing public policy
Influencing Public Policy
  • Elites influence public policy 2 ways:
    • Raise and Frame political issues
    • State norms to settle issues & define policy options
  • Limits of influence
    • Don’t define econ., crime & other problems of pers. Experience
    • Elites contradict & limit ea. other
v o key s responsible electorate
V.O. Key’s Responsible Electorate
  • Read the essay. After each paragraph, summarize the main idea.
  • Create an acrostic poem using key vocabulary or main ideas. Due MONDAY!
  • Read pp. 178-187. Take notes on voter demographics, vocabulary, and voter turnout.