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Comparison of Utility Tractors

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Comparison of Utility Tractors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Comparison of Utility Tractors. National AgrAbility Project Staff Year 2 Project Presented at 2006 NTW Jackson, Mississippi. Utility Tractors.

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comparison of utility tractors

Comparison of Utility Tractors

National AgrAbility Project Staff

Year 2 Project

Presented at 2006 NTW

Jackson, Mississippi

utility tractors
Utility Tractors
  • As you’ve just heard, utility tractors can have a lot of options which may or may not make it easier for a farmer or rancher with a disability to operate
  • Therefore, NAP proposed a project to create a Utility Tractor Product Comparison Tool, to look at other areas of possible differences such as:

- Tractor steps

- Tractor hand rails/hand holds

- Tractor cab

- Tractor platform

- Tractor operator controls

- General tractor items

utility tractors3
Utility Tractors
  • What the product gathering tool is intended to do:

- Look for items not in a standard utility tractor marketing “brochure”

    • (e.g., does the steering wheel tilt)

- Look for measurements not in a standard utility tractor marketing “brochure”

    • (e.g., what is the first step height)

- Things important for accessibility (AgrAbility needs)

utility tractors4
Utility Tractors
  • Results of using the utility tractor product

comparison tool would be:

- Another source of information that should be used along with standard product brochures and web or dealer information and specifications to help the AgrAbility professional recommend the best adaptation or best tractor adaptation solution

utility tractors5
Utility Tractors
  • If AgrAbility staff utilize the utility tractor product comparison data gathering tool, and share the results:
  • National AgrAbility Project (NAP) will post to the web site
  • Everyone (AgrAbility staff across the country) benefits
  • Types of information is gathered informally now, would be captured for all to use
utility tractors6
Utility Tractors
  • Focus on “utility tractors” for data gathering
  • May mean different things in different areas of the country or within different tractor manufacturers
  • Focus will be tractors large enough to require a ROPS (approx. 20 hp) to around 70/80 hp range maximum
  • Data gathering tool “may” have wider use, but this will be our (NAP) focus
utility tractors7
Utility Tractors
  • Utility tractor product comparison tool is available off the NAP web site at:

utility tractors8
Utility Tractors
  • Utility Tractors product comparison data gathering tool
  • Date of information gathering (e.g., March 2006) __________________
  • Tractor Make and Model (e.g., New Holland, Model TS 135) __________
  • Serial Number (if it can be found, check engine block area) ____________
  • 1. Tractor Step(s)
  • 1a. Measure the distance from the ground to first step (_____ inches)?
  • 1b. Measure the width of a step (_____ inches)? (If step width changes when more than one step provided, make a note of that.)
  • 1c. Measure the depth of a step (_____ inches)? (If step depth changes when more than one step provided, make a note of that.)
  • ……. Continues……..
utility tractors9
Utility Tractors
  • Utility tractor comparison results are on the NAP web site at:
utility tractors12
Utility Tractors
  • Where do we go from here ?
  • Today we will break into small teams and learn “hands on” how to use the utility tractor product comparison data gathering tool
  • Afterwards we will tabulate and discuss your results and any other questions you may have regarding utility tractors
utility tractors13
Utility Tractors
  • Hands on part…parking lot
  • Each group needs:
    • tape measure
    • copy of the data gather tool
    • pencil
  • Pick a tractor, and use the tool to gather the requested information
  • Do at least one tractor (more if time allows)
  • Can use the “tool” in any order (explain)
utility tractors15
Utility Tractors
  • We hope you will take what you learn here today, and if you get the opportunity to gather data on a utility tractor, that you would share that information with NAP so we can place it on the web site for all AgrAbility staff
utility tractors16
Utility Tractors
  • If interested, for Year 3 of the National Project, we are repeating this process to evaluate/gather data on “skid steer loaders”
  • Contact if you would like to be a part of the team that develops the data gathering tool