conservation of utility
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Conservation of utility

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Conservation of utility. There are many type of energy monitoring system in the industry, which measures mainly the Electrical Energy consumed by any machine over period of time. Distribution of energy consumed in a textile mill. Basics of energy.

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conservation of utility
Conservation of utility
  • There are many type of energy monitoring system in the industry, which measures mainly the Electrical Energy consumed by any machine over period of time
basics of energy
Basics of energy
  • In any industry the electrical energy is used to achieve some mechanical work.
  • It is obvious that there will be some difference between the quantity of Input energy and out put work, because some amount of energy will transformed into other form during the process like vibration heat etc. This is called losses.Tease are of two types.
  • A) Copper loss. b) Excitation loss or Iron loss.
concept of power saving
Concept of power saving
  • “Power saving” is an incomplete terms.
  • It is like a vector quantity where if you don’t mention the direction ,it will have no use.
  • Likewise if we don’t mention the comparative out put of the machine against a fixed input, it can’t be used as an index for comparison between similar machine, so unless and until the out put and other parameters are mentioned, saying “savings in power” does not carry any real sense.
  • So unit consumption per unit of output (in terms of Kg, Meter, CC etc) is the correct expression of energy consumption pattern of any machine.
the energy concept in textile industry
The energy concept in textile industry
  • Following methods are mostly used in Textile Industry
  • Taking the reading of electricity consumed in one day.
  • Number of machine working on that day
  • Number of working hour on that day.
  • Total production in kgs from those machines.
  • Divide the Total electricity unit by the total production to find out UKG on that particular day.
limitation of this method
Limitation of this method
  • We cant find out who is the main contributor for higher or lower unit consumption/Kg for that day.
  • There is no information available what is the unit energy consumption for different sort/count run in that day.
  • We don’t know the comparative consumption of all the machines running with same material and with identical parameters.
  • There is huge time gap between the time when machine actually consumes and the time when the data is analyzed.
  • It is a post mortem type of procedure.
conventional measuring technology
Conventional measuring technology
  • When the automation was started in the Textile Industry, the machine speed was also started increasing and both manufacturer and user felt the necessity of measuring the output , speed stoppage of the machine in automatic manner. To fulfill that needs of the industry, machinery manufacturer came out with few new features on their machines.
phase 1
  • Introduction of digital counter meter for getting the production reading instead of mechanical counter meter.
  • Introduction of digital display for eletrically measured machine speed, Stop time
  • Display of calculated efficiency based on the running time.
  • Display of the air pressure in BAR/PSI in pneumatically controlled machines.
phase 2
  • Introduction of SSM (Ring data) to monitor the Speed of the machine, Breaks, Rouge Spindle, Production in Hank and finally the efficiency.
  • Introduction of Auto leveler in high speed Drawing and Carding.
  • Lastly the DSP Auto leveler for Super high speed drawing machine.
  • In all these above steps nowhere the importance was given on the resolution of the measurement for the accuracy and reliability of the data except DSP technology.
  • Production ,speed and stoppage measurement is done based on the Induction sensor or proximity sensor which has a resolution of either 360 degree or 180 Degree.i.e 1 or 2 pulse/rotation.
  • There is no such data or tool introduced by any of the machine manufacturer by which we can asses the
  • a) performance of Individual machine in terms of Energy consumption
  • b) In terms of mechanical/electrical failure.
  • c) In terms of the maintenance work done and replacement of any consumable parts in the machine. And lastly
  • d) There is no scientific tool available for asessing the performance of the maintenance people and their schedule work.
scientific tool and report
Scientific tool and report
  • Nowadays In every stages of manufacturing , the necessicity of Scientifically correct data, analytical tool is being realised by the industry because of High Speed of the machine, less man power involvement, higher energy cost involved in the process.
new concept of using energy data
New concept of using Energy data
  • In todays era of technology it is possible to measure the production of any machine at very high resolution using optical scanner and DSP technology. This eliminates the resolution errors of induction based production sensor.
  • It is possible to measure the electrical energy consumed by the machine at Nano seconds intervel by using high resolution nano processor and Sine Wave scanner (AdvancedCT).
  • All the above measures are possible in online also so that one can get the real time energy data continuously.
  • This online real time energy data helps us in many ways.
use of energy data
Use of energy data
  • It can be used as a tool to asses any maintenance work done in the machine like, Change of bearing, oils change, gear change etc .
  • It can be used to asses the life of any consumable items used frequently in a machine.
  • It can be used to asses the use of Compressed Air in any area where Pneumatics are used.
  • It can be utilised to know the unit consumption per unit production of any machine with high accuracy level(within 0.01%).
Online energy data can be interpreted in a continuous graphical from correlating with UKG,KWH, SPEED,DOFFTIME etc
  • This graphical form helps the people to compare any number of machine running with identical parameters at any instant. This is the actual use of Technolgy for saving the cost of production by optimising the following
Speed of the machine
  • The life of consumable items like Ring, Ring Traveller,
  • Optimising the frequency of Maintenance shedule work thereby reducing machine detention Hrs, consumption of spares, improving the machine life.
  • Find out the bench mark machine of any factory and continuous scope of improvement to reduce the unit cost of production.
some case study
Some case study
  • We will see few real time data and graphs after installation of an online energy monitoring system in a textile spinning unit.
Doff duration loss a new way to save time loss

Actually Duration loss is very high than doffer loss

score board
Score board


control not existing or not working it is noted that only two steps and occurs at very quick fashion

It is no way suitable for 60 nec.

control not existing or not working it is noted that only two steps and occurs at very quick fashion

It is no way suitable for 60 nec.

Harmonics effect

Improper speed control functions

Harmonics effect

Improper speed control functions

Very high UKG

Have to study this in deep major problem

No speed control working

Suspects improper piecing level or

May many spindles breakages or improper ohtc running

Once again improper Speed control run

results production, and time loss

Once again improper Speed control run

results production, and time loss

Speed control is too slow loss

of 8% time and 6% production

Mechanical inspection needed

Machine to machine variable speed patterns different losses

different performance less 10% doff time



Reduced power consumption by improvised speed control

Power higher by 10%

what are the measures to be taken
What are the measures to be taken
  • A particularly effective and highly transferable approach to generate savings in energy
  • usagewise prioritizing the implementation of low, medium, and high cost measures respectively.
  • Several simple "good practice" measures led to multiple benefits:
  • Retrofitting doors and windows at the mill’s workspaces and
  • reducing excessive lighting reduced energy usage;
  • Establishing an Energy Tracking System with meters and cost-allocation software maximized savings with minimal investment And
  • Setting up a Conservation Council chaired by the Plant’s general manager improved the capacity to make sound investment decisions.
different steps
Different steps
  • Make Energy Policy
  • Textile is committed to continuously improve energy conservation in all processes and for its sustainable availability for future generations.
  • To meet the above goals, we shall strive to:
  • Adopt cleaner and efficient energy sources for all our operations.

Benchmark with the best in business and install systems and practices to match them.

  • Enrich our experience on energy conservation by exchange of ideas with other organizations.
  • Enhance use of renewable energy/waste heat, wherever feasible.
  • Incorporate energy efficient designs and technology in all future projects.
  • To carry out regular internal and external energy audits to identify areas for improvement.
  • Promote awareness among all members of the family and train employees to make you organization, the pace setter in the area of energy conservation.
  • Undertake social responsibility to educate, share and promote energy and environment aspects with other industries in its vicinity.
  • :
  • a. Energy Efficient new machinery with A.C. Drives
  • c. Energy efficient tube lights for our new plant.
  • d. Energy efficient tube lights for new or old plant
  • e. Reduce false ceiling height
  • f. Replacement of worn out motors with energy efficient motors
  • g. Installed low loss (No Load & Load) Transformer.
  • h. Install most advanced system of online energy monitoring system
  • Benefits:-1. Accurate measurement
  • 2. Online reports resulting in speedy analysis
  • 3. Variables (V, C, PF, KVAR, KVA and KW etc) recording round the clock
  • i. Use advanced version of flow meter which works on MASS THERMAL FLOW METHOD. This unit can be connected with energy monitoring system to convert the air consumption into KW.
future plan
Future plan
  • k. Textile is an air operated industry; hence portable anemometer is a must to measure air velocity at humidification fans, supply diffusers, return ducts, air movement across hot spots, exhaust passages, attic ventilation.
  • Or install advance version of velocity and air quantity measuring instrument so that it can be looped with control system as well as energy monitoring system.
  • Conservation Measures should be Planned For The Future
  • Replacement of Energy Efficient Motors.
  • Replacement of Pneumafil fans.
  • Replacement of Capacitors with low loss capacitors.
  • Optimization of speeds of Humidity Plants Supply & Return Air fans.
  • Optimization of speeds of Draw Frame pneumafils.
Repetition of detailed Energy Audit
  • Replacement of Energy Efficient Motors.
  • Replacement of Pneumafil fans.
  • Replacement of Capacitors with low loss capacitors.
  • Optimization of speeds of Humidity Plants Supply & Return Air fans.
  • Optimization of speeds of Draw Frame pneumafils.
our oath today
Our OathToday
  • Electrical Energy is a precious commodity “ELECTRICAL ENERGY COST IS RISING EVERY YEAR. Don't throw valuable money down the drain by wasting the planet’s most valuable commodity. Save energy and save our