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All about Sacajawea

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All about Sacajawea. By : Amelie / 5A. Introduction. My name is Amelie and I want to tell the story of Sacajawea. I really love Sacajawea because she inspire me that women or girls can explore in ways not only just boys. My life.

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all about sacajawea

All about Sacajawea

By : Amelie / 5A


My name is Amelie and I want to tell the story of Sacajawea. I really love Sacajawea because she inspire me that women or girls can explore in ways not only just boys.

my life
My life

I’m Sacajawea was an Indian – American explorer. I was married to a man called Charbennou. I had did an expedition together with Meriwetherlewis and William Clark and helped them along the expedition. I explored the North Dakota and Louisiana Trench. One day , I had my first ever baby I called him Pomp. I was very sick at that time. Soon I recovered and continued the journey to find the new route. BY the time the exploration was done I was awarded by President Thomas Jefferson with a medal and an American Coin


I was awarded with President Thomas Jefferson with a medal and an American coin be cause he appreciated what I have done to helped the corps of discovery.

my contribution to the world
My Contribution to the world
  • I helped Lewis and Clark to find the new route to the Pacific Ocean from the Missouri River.
  • I helped the world to find a new route and help people to know the new route by helping Lewis and Clark in the expedition.

Sacajawea is my inspiration she can be role model and show the world that not only talented people can explore but an ordinary kid can .So be brave and step up to the next generation of Sacajawea!!

the six thinking hats

The six thinking hats

By : Amelie / 5A

white hat
White hat

Facts :

  • Sacajawea”s name means bird woman
  • She was captured during a war party by the Hidatsa
  • She became a slave after captured by the Hidatsa and forced married with charbennou
  • In 1804 she started a journey with Lewis and Clark

Purpose :

  • Sacjawea was hired by louis and clark to help guide their journey which aimed to find routes.The routes are finded out by clark and was tried it was a suceed.
white hat1
White hat


  • They helped each other by speaking languages
  • Sacajawea

Shoshone  Hidatsa

  • Charbennou

Hidatsa French

  • Corps of history

French  English

Sacajawea and charbenou are interpreter teams they finded routes by interpreting they interpreted the native languages into English so that Louis and Clark understood

yellow hat
Yellow hat
  • She helped Lewis and Clark to find new routes
  • She deserved the gold coin and medal because she has helped French people and be interpreter team.
  • People appreciated her action by making statues,pictures,paintings and parks.
  • She was a role model to other people around the world because she showed confidence and being a risk taker.
black hat
Black hat
  • She need to cooperated with English people as her challenge.
  • She was sick and pregnant during the journey.
  • Corps of discovery & Sacajawea might suffer for food because during the season changing it's not easy to hunt for food.
red hat
Red hat
  • I think she felt scared because she was only 17 and she's pregnant.
  • I think she felt satisfied after the journey because she got an achievement.
  • I think she felt worried because she's working with English people and she’s not in her tribe.
green hat
Green hat
  • She needed to speak 2 languages
  • She made wild artichokes as medicines
  • She dig some food and storage them while it's summer for food along the journey.
blue hat
Blue hat

So I can learnt that it's not easy to be an explorer especially if we are a women we have important times sometimes during the journey. I also can reflect that not only talented people can explore but people who don't have much strengths can explore so that they have opportunities.


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