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What’s New in Office 2013

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What’s New in Office 2013. Tan Tian-An Singapore. Southeast Asia’s biggest SharePoint event!. Singapore January 16-17 , MAXatria @Singapore Expo Launch event featuring SharePoint 2013, Office 2013, Lync 2013 and O365 Special Half day C3 Keynotes session

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what s new in office 2013

What’s New in Office 2013

Tan Tian-An


southeast asia s biggest sharepoint event
Southeast Asia’s biggest SharePoint event!
  • Singapore January 16-17, MAXatria @Singapore Expo
  • Launch event featuring SharePoint 2013, Office 2013, Lync 2013 and O365
    • Special Half day C3 Keynotes session
  • Largest exhibition of products and services
  • International Speakers
  • Pre and Post Conference Workshops
  • Key Changes
  • Word 2013
  • Excel 2013
  • PowerPoint 2013
  • Outlook 2013
  • Next Steps & Resources
trends impacting the way we work
Trends impacting the way we work







of the world's online population engages in social networking

smartphonesby 2016, 350M of those being used at work

of enterprise customers are “on the road” to cloud

microsoft s productivity vision
Microsoft’s productivity vision


On Premises


Best experience across devices

Cloud on your terms


Voice & Video






& Analytics

Integrated best-of-breed solutions

key changes
Key Changes
  • Editions
  • Deployment Options
  • System Requirements
  • User Interface
  • File Format
deployment options
Deployment Options
  • Click to Run scenario where the applications stream from a server (internal via SharePoint 2013, Windows Servers/network drive, or through the public cloud Office 365).
  • Very fast streaming
  • Deactivated once usage is completed

Log in to Office 365 from a browser to update your user profile and install the latest version of the Office apps

  • Select your language to start installing the new Office apps
  • The new Office apps are instantly streamed to your PC

Streaming Office apps

New simplified way to install Office apps

Rich Office experience quickly on any Windows 7 or newer PC

Can run side by side with older versions of Office

Install in up to 5 computers with Office 365 ProPlus


Get back to where you left

  • Sign-in to Office
  • Recently used document list roams with you

Roaming Office

Office is always logged-in

Knows your settings and where you left off

Saves to cloud by default with SkyDrive & SkyDrive Pro

  • Save to cloud with SkyDrive & SkyDrive Pro

Get rich consistent document rendering with Office Web Apps

  • Create a new document using Office Web Apps
  • Log to Office 365 from any browser and get access to your email, calendar, people, newsfeeds, sites & documents
  • Sync you documents in SkyDrive Pro with your Windows devices

Office on demand

Office apps streamed from the cloud and usable in as little as 30 seconds

Doesn’t require admin privileges on the Windows PC

Apps & documents are only available during the session, no files held in local file cache

  • When you click Edit in Word, if Word is not installed or is an older version, Word is streamed to your PC on demand from the cloud
  • Lightweight editing capabilities supported on the browser
  • Word Web App opens by default
  • Click a document to open using the Office Web Apps
user interface
User Interface
  • Beautiful Interface with chromeless/edgeless non windowed view of the apps.
  • Designed with mobile and touch based device users in mind.
  • Ribbon starts minimized to give tablet users the maximum reading space by default.

Fast & fluid Quick Peeks that give you access to your calendar, people and tasks without leaving your inbox

  • Minimized ribbon is just one touch away
  • Touch Mode adds more space and finger-friendly Quick Actions
  • Inline reply lets you compose while staying in context

Fast & fluid experience

Streamlined user interface put content first to help you stay on task

Action at your fingertips with Quick Actions, Peeks and Inline Reply

  • Improved navigation bar for quick access while taking less space
file format
File Format
  • The default file formats are still.docx, .xlsx, .pptx with new features.
  • Office 2013 will open all supported previous file formats.
  • Upgraded to the XML based formats
    • Visio has .vsdxfile extension
    • can now render .vsdx files in a browser window instead of requiring .vdw
what s new in excel 2013
What’s New in Excel 2013
  • Recommended charts
  • “Recalculate”
  • Flash Fill
  • Slicers application
  • Timeline filters
  • PowerView
Excel flash fill
  • Automatically recognized pattern from list and proposes fill

Excel recognizes patterns and auto-complete

No formulas or macros required

Recommended charts
  • Recommends chart based on the data selected

Excel recommends most suitable charts based on patterns in your data

Quick peek of different charts and pick the one that works

Also check recommended PivotTable

Power View

Compile data, charts, and graphs into a single view

Highly interactive data exploration, visualization, and presentation

Built for all levels of skills

what s new in powerpoint 2013
What’s New in PowerPoint 2013
  • Better Presenter View Laser pointer Forced presenter view
  • Eyedropper tool
  • Motion path - ghosting
  • Inserting charts - painless
Alignment Tools

Compile data, charts, and graphs into a single view

Highly interactive data exploration, visualization, and presentation

Built for all levels of skills

Enhanced Presenter View

Presenter View allows PowerPoint presenters to run presentations, read off slide notes and advance slides non-sequentially in a professional manner without exiting the slideshow at any time.

what s new in word 2013
What’s New in Word 2013
  • Reading Mode
  • Track Changes
    • Password protected change tracking
  • PDF Reflow
  • Insert Online Videos
Reading Mode

By default, Word 2013 will use Reading Mode to view documents, optimized for tablets and touch devices.

PDF reflow
  • Open PDF file directly from Word
  • Source PDF document
  • PDF file converted to Word

Enable Word users to use content directly from PDF files

Makes PDF content, such as paragraphs, lists and tables, act as familiar Word docs

Reviewing & Comments

Under Review tab, Comments group allows to add new comments as well show and delete them. The new reviewing format allows threaded views of comments posted and the ability to thread replies to comments as well.

Insert Online Video

The new Insert – Online Video option can search and insert video links from Bing Video Search service. It is also possible to paste embed code and insert an online video from other websites.

what s new in outlook 2013
What’s New in Outlook 2013
  • “Inline” editing
  • Chromelessview
  • On demand preview tabs
  • Multiple Exchange accounts…
  • Variable cache size 
  • Apps for Office

Policy details transparently displayed to end user

Right click to assign policy to an item, folder or to all your email

Transparent & granular retention

Centrally set retention policies

End user visibility to enforced policies

User override enabled


Team alias keeps communications tracked

  • Single folder to access Email & documents

Site mailboxes

Associates an Exchange mailbox with a SharePoint site

Enables users to access SharePoint and Exchange content from Outlook

  • Documents stored in SharePoint

A PolicyTip notifies you of a policy violation while composing an email

Data loss prevention tools

Out-of-the-box DLP policies (credit card, social security) & extensible templates

Works across e-mail & attachments

Transport-rule enforced, centrally-filtered DLP

Organization wide, policy violation reporting


Work across Office apps and Office Web Apps

New Cloud App Model

Develop apps for Office & SharePoint with HTML/CSS, JavaScript or PHP

Hosted in the cloud with minimum device footprint

Roam with your data & settings

Distribute & manage with IT app catalog (or public Office Store)

  • The Bing Maps app in Excel, maps the addresses highlighted
  • The Bing Maps app detects and address in the email and maps the location
OneNote 2013

In Microsoft Office 2010, every edition of Office came with OneNote. 2013 also delivers the same powerful digital note taking tools - with enhancements. You will notice faster loading from SkyDrive, chromeless edges to maximize editing area for touch devices.

OneNote App

This free standalone version of OneNote is only available for Windows 8 enabled devices. You can download it free from the Windows Store.

business momentum
Business momentum

1 billion

Office users

Office 2010 the most popular Office version ever

One of fastest growing offers in our history

Available in 88 markets & 32 languages

next steps
Next steps

Test drive The new Office in our Customer Immersion Experience Centers

Sign up for a trial

Get a business value assessment