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KSAVE Newsletter Kirkwood Sexual Assault Violence Education DIAA/CSD-Iowa.

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Kirkwood Sexual Assault Violence Education


At the age of 22, Gabe became a a grassroots nonprofit movement that strongly believes in creating a united front in breaking down the social stigma of victimization through the creation of an innovative movement of male survivors and allies working together to overcome perceived threats to masculinity. I

  • Help within

  • our community:

  • Abbe Center 520 11th Street NW Cedar Rapids (319) 398-3562

  • Crisis Hotline 515-867-8177(text only)

  • Area Substance Abuse Council 3601 16th Avenue SW Cedar Rapids (319) 390-4611

  • First Call for Help Cedar Rapids 739-4211

  • Foundation II Crisis Line 1714 Johnson Ave NW Cedar Rapids (319) 362-2174

  • Jane Boyd Community House 943 14th Avenue SE Cedar Rapids (319) 398-3375

  • Linn County Public Health Dept 501 13th Street NW Cedar Rapids (319) 892-6000 [email protected]

  • Madge Phillips DV Shelter 318 5th Street SE Cedar Rapids 24-Hour Crisis Line (319) 363-2093 or (800) 208-0388

  • House of Hope 319.366.4673

  • Deaf Iowans Against Abuse (DIAA)

  • Jennifer Upah, Program Director

  • (515)-867-8177 (TEXT only)

  • Sexual Assault Resources

  • Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Line Waypoint 318 5th St SE Cedar Rapids (319) 363-5490

  • (800) 208-0389

  • Rape Victim Advocacy Program (800) 284-7821

  • National Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 799-SAFE

  • Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (800) 656-HOPE

  • Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline (800) 284-7821

  • Rape Victim Advocacy Program 320 South Linn Street Iowa City (319) 335-6000 http://www.uiowa.edu/~rvap

  • Women's Resource & Action Ctr. / University of Iowa .Iowa City (319) 335-1486

  • “Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed.

  • It means that it no longer controls our lives.”

  • ~ Earnie Larson ~

  • Healing. What does Healing mean to you? Is it simply that the wounds no longer affect you? Does it mean that you’ve simply “pushed it under the rug” and don’t think about it, therefore you’ve healed? Or does it mean that taking a honest look at the wounds, and then realizing that they can still be there, and not control your lives anymore?

  • The next few months we will be focusing on what healing is, and what that looks like in our lives. We can’t change the past, and we can’t predict the future, but our present attitude is entirely in our hands. What do we do with that? We at KSAVE, believe that healing is possible. That life with the wounds but without the control over our lives, is possible. It is our goal to show a presence and shine a light into the dark world and secrets of Sexual Abuse.

  • We encourage you to take a personal inventory of your self, and your life. What could change? What does the pain have a grip in your life, that you want back? We are going to be looking at what healing looks like for different people throughout the next few months.

  • KSAVE, under the umbrella of Deaf Iowans Against Abuse (CSD/DAAA), will be sponsoring and shooting a PSA. Our hope is to get many individuals involved in all aspects of this video with the goal of having it available for viewing in January 2012. Specifically, we will focus on the Deaf culture, and the effects and healing of Sexual Abuse to a Deaf individual but as well as hearing individuals.

  • Anyone that would like to be a part of the PSA, please contact KSAVE Advisor, Jennifer Upah at the email address on the right side of this newsletter. We encourage your participation. We are eager to get this project underway. In fact, it may be a way of healing for some of you to know that you are NOT alone. Our PSA will be silent, meaning that expressions will be in American Sign Language (ASL) and closed caption for the hearing audience. Participates needs to be age of 18 or above, with the understanding that they will learn their chosen expression in Sign Language or write it on a paper.

  • We have a lot of hope in this project. Check our page on Face book to find out the day and time of our first meeting to discuss the PSA, as well the upcoming events throughout the rest of the year.

  • Remember, you have the ability to choose your present attitude. Lets forgive the past, embrace the future, and LIVE in the present!

~ Keep your face

to the sunshine

and you cannot

see the shadow ~

Helen Keller



  • Jennifer Upah, Advisor

  • Certified Sexual Assault Counselor

  • TEXT number 515-867-8177

  • [email protected]

  • Mindy Pfab, President

  • Peer support member

  • 563-593-6650

  • [email protected]

  • Chris Moore, Vice President

  • 515-450-0837