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  1. April 2009 ABSENCES/ATTENDANCE Please remember to telephone school before 9.30am if your child is sick – you need to phone on EACH DAY OF ABSENCE please. You may have noticed that we are now using the Norfolk County Council recommended ‘Request for leave of absence’ forms. These detail the occasions I can authorise an absence, other than for illness. Going on a regular family holiday in term time is not one of these occasions, so can I please ask you to remember to book holidays out of term time. Obviously sometimes there are exceptional circumstances – in these situations Holidays can be authorised. The information on the back of the leave of absence form explains everything. Thank you all. PE This term all children will undertake their PE/Sport sessions outside here, at school. During the summer term, we ask that ALL CHILDREN KEEP A PE KIT IN SCHOOL AT ALL TIMES. However, swimming will continue for years 3,4,5 upto the May half term. Please note that it is preferred that NO Jewellery is worn in school at all (except a watch). However, we accept that some pupils will wear small stud ear-rings. ALL JEWELLRY MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE PE BY THE PUPIL – staff are not allowed to remove jewellery. If it is impossible for your child to remove their jewellery themselves, you may provide them with plasters or other covering WHICH THEY MUST APPLY THEMSELVES. The only exception to this is swimming. NO JEWELLRY CAN BE WORN FOR SWIMMING. Newsletter Doesn’t time fly by so quickly – I cannot believe that we are already starting the summer term. This term promises to be full of activities and visits for all children, thus fulfilling our commitment to enable children to learn from first hand experience where possible. Some dates have been organised and are given on the back of this newsletter – however, please remember to check your child's bookbags and read the white board in the playground which details each weeks events. We haven’t finalised all dates yet! We will be continuing with the Walk to School on Weds, Thur and Fri. Every child has already been provided with a Florescent waistcoat – if your child has lost or worn out theirs, please let me know and I will issue them with another. It is VITAL that all children taking part in our Walk to School wear their Florescent waistcoats. As the warmer weather approaches some of the older children may want to cycle to school – this is fine. All we ask is that children wear a safety helmet and their florescent waistcoat. As ever, I thank you all for your continued support, especially with Homework tasks and daily reading. Please remember, I am always available for queries or concerns.

  2. Assessment Week Just a reminder that this year the statutory and non-statutory assessments will take place during the week commencing 11th May 2009. It is vital that your child is in school this week – especially year 6 children. This week is the national assessment week for ALL year 6 pupils, but we also use it for assessments for ALL pupils in school. Vouchers We are again collecting the Sainsburys and Tesco’s vouchers for school . . . . Collecting boxes are in the entrance hall. Erpingham Village Exhibition On Saturday 25th April there will be an exhibition in Erpingham Village Hall involving all ‘organisations’ within the village. Consequently the school has been asked to contribute and we will be putting up a display showing old school documents – some from 100 years ago, as well as displaying some of the ways children learn today in our school. Headlice we have had quite a severe case of head lice in school which seems particularly prevalent in class 1. I would ask that ALL PARENTS CHECK THEIR CHILDS HAIR AND TREAT ANY LICE THEY FIND. Thank you. Uniform Just a reminder that children can wear the summer uniform – green/white check dresses for girls and black/grey shorts for boys. Also can I remind you all that children MUST have a change of shoes in school please – these can be slippers or plimpsolls. Thank you. Family Learning Day The Aylsham Cluster of Schools will be holding it’s annual Family Learning Event on Saturday 6th June at Wroxham Fun Barns. This is a wonderful family orientated day, which this year has a literacy focus, with lots of activities (all free!!) for children to be involved in. Mark the date in your diary – more details will follow nearer the time. Family Sports Event We are holding a family sports event on Monday afternoon – 18th May. There will be a round robin of sporting activities for children to undertake with their mums, dads, grandparents etc. These events are a wonderful opportunity for you so join your children in school and experience a little of how they learn. Everyone is very welcome. Children are asked to come into school dressed in a sports kit for the day. Learning Focus’s for this Term Class 1 will be learning through the topic of Minibeasts this half term. They will be studying the life cycles of caterpillars first hand – with children able to care for and observe caterpillars as they become chrysalis’s and then butterflys. Most subjects will be taught through this theme. Class 2’s theme is ‘France’, in which they will be studying the country, culture, art as well as extending their knowledge of the language. Their studies will culminate in a French Day on Friday 26th June – our Red, White and Blue day! Children will also be studying Influential People – and looking at stereotypes portrayed by the media, and looking as their own self-image. Year 6 will learn about relationships and reproduction also (details to follow).

  3. FAMILY LEARNING EVENT At Erpingham School On Monday 18th May 1.30 – 3 pm We will be holding a family Learning Afternoon with a very ‘Sporty’ theme – all parents and families and friends are encouraged to join us. All children will take part – and should come to school in their PE Kit please. So – dig out your trainers, book the date in your diary and join in the fun!!!!

  4. Dates 21.4.09 Class 2 French 23.4.09 Y3/4/5 Swimming 25.4.09 Erpingham Village Exhibition at Village Hall 30.4.09 Class 2 Purple Cow Music 30.4.09 Eco Parliament Meeting at Colby Primary 4.5.09 BANK HOLIDAY – school closed 5.5.09 Class 2 French 7.5.09 Y3/4/5 Swimming 11.5.09 ASSESSMENT WEEK FOR ALL CHILDREN 14.5.09 Class 2 Purple Cow Music Class 1 visit to Amazonia (To be confirmed) 18.5.09 Family learning afternoon – Sports activities 19.5.09 Full Governing Body Meeting Class 2 French 21.5.09 ALL class 2 Swimming Class 1 Assembly to Parents 22.5.09 GREENS! make and sell day 4.6.09 Class 2 Purple Cow Music 6.6.09 Aylsham Cluster of Schools Family Learning Event 9.6.09 Class 2 French 12.6.09 PROVISIONAL whole school visit ? ? 16.6.09 Class 2 Purple Cow Music 22.6.09 Family event – Forest Schools – parents welcome to join in 23.6.09 Class 2 French 26.6.09 FRENCH DAY – red, white, blue (C2 Musical event) 1.7.09 Whole school sports afternoon – parents invited to lunch 2.7.09 ‘Reserve’ Sports Afternoon 8/9/10.7.09 Aylsham High School Induction Days 13.7.09 Y5/6 Forest Schools Event 15.7.09 Leavers (Y6) Outing 16.7.09 Leavers Assembly, following by Leavers Party (after school) 17.7.09 Last day of Term – activities day: parents welcome PM PLEASE NOTE ART CLUB CONTINUES EVERY MONDAY AFTERNOON (all) NETBALL CLUB EVERY TUESDAY AFTERNOON (Y5/6) MISS GREENS GAMES CLUB RUNS EVERY TUESDAY LUNCHTIME (YR,1,2,3) Y6 SATS REVISION SESSIONS OCCUR WEEKLY FOREST SCHOOLS CONTINUES EVERY MONDAY MORNING (ALTERNATE WEEKS FOR YEAR 4/5/6) Please also note that the summer term is usually very busy with different activities, events, visits and visitors. The dates given above are not all the events that will take place. Yet to be finalised are visits, assemblies, GREENS! events and outing. As soon as we have set dates for these we will notify you.