a scenario guiding you through the story n.
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The Reichenbach Fall

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The Reichenbach Fall - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A scenario guiding you through the story. The Reichenbach Fall.

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You have a wonderful job, a good life, and nothing could ever happen to destroy this. However, there is one person that is interfering with your life and messing with your mind. After a while, it turns out this person is your arch-enemy, someone who has got the propaganda on your back. The media thinks that you will suicide very soon and are awaiting it with twitching fingers. The story which your arch-enemy made up forces you to choose your death and gives you the options of where, when and how to do it. You come up with three different possibilities…

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There are three different options you have thought of. One would be drowning yourself, the other take an overdose of drugs and the last one is faking your death.

Which one do you choose?


Take an overdose


you chose to drown yourself
You chose to drown yourself

Forthis, you thought of two things. You could jump off a bridge with a weight tied to your feet and drown while your nemesis watches, or you could fill your tub with water, cut open your veins and drown yourself.

Which do you choose?

Jump off thebridge


you decide to take an overdose
Youdecidetotake an overdose

You find a full bottle of sleeping pills in the cupboard in your bathroom.

You shrug and take them to your bedroom, thinking about this death, about your life before it has come to this.

Sighing, you fill a glass with water, and place the sleeping pills out on the table nice and neatly.

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you decide to fake your death

You are finding yourself in the hospital, in the back of a friend‘s office. They are working there and are supporting you as best as they can.

Will you tell them about your dilemma and get them to help you?

No, I will befine, it will work out.

Yes, I will, I need all thehelp I canget.

you get your friend to help you

You ask your friend, who conveniently works at the hospital to help you. They are willing to do anything you have in mind.

Together you set up a perfect scenario.

When you are done, you call your nemesis, tell them to meet you on the roof of the hospital building….

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After a long argument between the two of you, you end up shaking hands, finding a compromise of them calling back the story and information the have passed to the media.

However, with a menacing smile, your nemesis draws a gun and points it to his temple before they shoot themselves. This leaves you with three options:

You jump andcompletethe story but also youfakeyourdeath

You jump andleave a legacy

Youturn aroundandleave

you jump and leave a legacy
You jump andleave a legacy

You have no way of going back. The only option for you is jump, so you can save the few friends you have. As you approach the ledge of the building, a friend of yours rushes to the hospital to check on you, having heard about your apparent suicide. You call them, leave them your legacy and note, and fake your death regardless. Your friend is in shock after witnessing your death.

You will have to hide, but you have the option to come back, tell your friend and end up eventually being killed.

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you decide to turn and leave
Youdecideto turn andleave

You turn around and leave, assuming there is nothing going to happen. You think you don‘t need to complete the dead man‘s story and make your way downstairs to exit the hospital.

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you comeplete the story without leaving a legacy
Youcomepletethe story withoutleaving a legacy

You have no way back. You have to complete the story, break your friends‘ hearts.

You approach the ledge and jump, pulling through with your plans. However, you will have to hide and live the life under another name.

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good ending

Your fake death has paid off, the media has calmed down, however, you have to change your looks, identity, name and location. You live the life of another person and you will never see your friends again.

Close enough.

Try again 

true ending
True Ending

You completed the story, faked your death, shocked your friends. But what they don‘t know is… you are still alive. And you will come back.

But beware, you may or may not be strangled! 




bad ending
Bad Ending

Once you head outside, assassins are waiting for you, readying their guns and aiming at you. You can run, but nor for long. You get shot and die in vain, and the story is completed.


neutral ending no 1
Neutral EndingNo. 1

Someone finds you and prevents you from killing yourself. Either way, you will end up dying because your arch-enemy hired assassins to take care of it, making it look like a suicide.


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neutral ending no 2
Neutral EndingNo. 2

As soon as you have finished plotting on how to fake your death, you tell your nemesis to meet you at a certain time and place. However, your plan backfires and you end up getting killed by assassins hired by your arch-enemy. It looks like a suicide and you have failed.


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