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Uses of common metals

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Uses of common metals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Uses of common metals. The importance of metals. Which metals are used most. Quantities of some common metals used. How to choose a metal. Common physical properties. 1.Metals conduct electricity. 2.Metals conduct heat. 4.Metals are malleable.

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Which metals are used most

Quantities of some common metals used


Common physical properties

1.Metals conduct electricity

2.Metals conduct heat.

4.Metals are malleable.

3.Metals are shiny (though a few metals turn dull after exposure to air)

5Metals are ductile.

Differences in physical Properties

1. Hardness and strength

2. Density

3. Melting point


Price of metals

Two important factors are

The abundance of the metal in the earth.

The cost of extraction.


Cost per






71 million




  • In the past, copper was used to make these cables.Give at least
  • Two reasons for the choice of copper.
  • (b) Aluminium is used today.Give some reasons for the change.
  • Sodium is an excellent conductor of electricity and is light
  • (density =0.97g/cm³).Why is it not used to make overhead
  • electricity cables?
  • (d) The cables have a steel wire in the centre.Give a reason.

good electrical conductor ,ductile.resistant to corrosion,not too expensive

Aluminum.Cheaper,much lighter (therefore pylons can be made more

Cheaply to support the lighter weight).It is also a good electrical conductor

And resistant to corrosion

Too soft,not very ductile,reacts with air and water

To provide more strength to the cable.

The figure shows overhead

electricity cables


What property of chromium is used?

Why are the handlebars not solid chromium?

Shiny appearance


The handlebars of a bicycle are made of iron covered with a thin layer of chromium(Cr)


Imagine gold is cheap and iron is expensive . List:

(a) Some advantages of making a car from gold and not iron

Shiny,attractive, malleable, resistant to corrosion

(b) Some disadvantages.

Too heavy


(2)The table below gives the relative properties and prices of four metals

Decide which of the four metals,A to D,you would choose to make the following,

objects.Give reasons for your choice.

  • A saucepan

B-light,corrosion resistant,not too expensive

B-ductile,light,good electrical conductor,corrosion resistant,not too expensive

(b) Electrical wires

A-cheap,fair corrosion resistant (can be painted)

(c) A bridge

(d) A window frame

D-malleable,fair corrosion resistant,not too expensive