Computer based testing overview march 8 2013
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Computer Based Testing Overview March 8, 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Computer Based Testing Overview March 8, 2013. Jennifer Stafford Policy Advisor Kentucky Department of Education [email protected] Paul Shoemaker Engineer/Architect Kentucky Department of Education [email protected] Joe Dell Brasel, Ed.D.

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Computer based testing overview march 8 2013

Computer Based TestingOverviewMarch 8, 2013

Jennifer Stafford

Policy Advisor

Kentucky Department of Education

[email protected]

Paul Shoemaker


Kentucky Department of Education

[email protected]

Joe Dell Brasel, Ed.D.

Account Manager

ACT , Inc.

[email protected]


  • Testing Windows and Sessions

  • Responsibilities and Deadlines

  • Technical Components

  • Prohibited/Acceptable Materials

  • Online Testing

  • Resources

Testing windows
Testing Windows

  • Two remaining EOC test windows:

    • April 15-June 15

    • June 16-July 15 (CBT only)

  • Within each window, schools choose a 10-day window (consecutive days) to complete the four tests, including make-up sessions.

  • Within the 10-day window, schools choose 1 day per subject

    Note: MC1 and MC2 must be given in order on the same day.

    • May schedule multiple content tests on same day.

  • Two sessions
    Two Sessions

    • Two separate EOC sessions

      • Multiple Choice 1 (Paper or Computer)

      • Multiple Choice 2 (Paper or Computer)

  • Sessions are 45 minutes each

    • Paper sessions are timed by the test administrator.

    • Computer sessions are timed automatically by the computer.

  • Combined testing formats
    Combined Testing Formats

    Policy Change: School staff may choose to combine paper and CBT for multiple choice.

    Computer Testing:

    • Multiple testing sessions can be utilized in a single day.

    • New Policy: The first computer based test must begin at the same time as the paper based test.

    • Note: A 10-15 minute break is allowed between test sessions.

    Preparation of district and ken network components
    Preparation of District and KEN Network Components

    • Whitelisting and Caching Configurations

      • All KEN Firewall configurations include Whitelisted IP Addresses and URLs to ACT QualityCore and VanGuard/Vantage web-based resources.

      • Districts that have internal firewalls or proxy/filter/caching devices must configure them to include the IP Addresses and URLs below, as Whitelisted, non cached external destinations.




    Preparations of student testing devices workstations
    Preparations of Student Testing Devices/Workstations

    • Hardware Requirements

      • ACT QualityCore Hardware Specifications Web Page


    • Select Which Workstations Will Serve As Testing Stations

      • Install VanGuard/Vantage Software


        • Run the System Check First

    Vanguard vantage webpage
    VanGuard/Vantage Webpage

    Click on the System Requirements Check

    Vanguard vantage system check
    VanGuard/Vantage System Check

    • Known Issues

      • Bandwidth Detection – Fails on any bandwidth availability above a T-3 connection. All Kentucky school districts have a minimum connection of 10 Mbt and will most often show a failure on this part of the System Check.

      • As of January 2013, IE9 and Apple OSX 10.8 still shows as failed on System Check, but is supported by ACT/QualityCore.

    Install vanguard vantage software
    Install VanGuard/Vantage Software

    Click on the VanGuard Install

    Vanguard i nstall page
    VanGuardInstall Page

    • Click on the appropriate download for your Workstation Device/Type/OS.

    • Documentation for all of the installations are on the right side column.

    Vanguard installation
    VanGuard Installation

    • Follow the Instructions as prompted by the Setup Program.

    • Once completed you may run a practice test to verify connectivity. Your DAC will have all necessary Login account information.

    Practice online testing
    Practice Online Testing

    • Coordination between the District Technology Coordinators and DACs to verify workstations are ready for online testing

      • CBT Launch Demo PPT

      • QC CBT QuickStartLaunchTest

    • Teachers/Students may use the Launch Demo to practice the system.

    Locating launch ppt and test
    Locating Launch PPT and Test

    Online user s guide
    Online User’s Guide

    • Online User’s Guide or CBT Manual may be accessed:

      • Through the secure online system or

      • Kentucky EOC website

    • No support materials will be shipped for online testing.

    Steps for ordering
    Steps for Ordering

    • Confirm Unit Usage (DACs/Designee)

    • Create/Upload Users & Teachers (DACs/Designee)

    • Create/Upload Students (KDE/ACT, Local)

    • Create Class Test Rosters (Local)

    • Finalize Class Rosters (Local)

      Note: Valuable Resources are located at:


    • District or School Administrator:

      • Conduct Administration Code and Inclusion Training

      • Confirm Unit Usage per school

        • Determine Paper or Computer Testing

        • Estimate Number of Students Testing

          • No automatic overage. DAC/BAC should order additional tests per school.

        • Determine Testing Dates

      • Create/Upload Students (New enrollees)

    Create and upload students
    Create and Upload Students

    • KDE extracted from Infinite Campus (IC) students enrolled in IC at the high school level within each district.

    • ACT created student accounts at the appropriate school.

    • Student grade levels reflect status in IC as of December 15. Accounts for students enrolled after this date will need to be created by the school.

    • 2012 High School Graduates will remain in the Vantage system for one year.

      Note: Middle school students taking courses for high school credit will not be included.


    • School Administrator:

      • Options for Creating Class Rosters:

        • Name by school, course, teacher, period

          • i.e., CCHS, Algebra II, C. Greer, period 5

        • Name by school, course, teacher

          • i.e., CCHS, Algebra II, C. Greer

        • Name by school, course

          • i.e., CCHS, Algebra II

        • Note: Separate class roster for extended time for computer based (specific timing).


    • School Administrator or Teacher:

      • Finalize Class Rosters

        • Verify all students to be tested are on roster.

        • No roster in SDRR at this time.

        • Print or save electronic copy to use as a reference for accountability in SDRR at the end of school year.

        • Create seating chart.

    Test form changes
    Test Form Changes

    Click here

    Confirming assigning units1
    Confirming/Assigning Units

    Choose No Sub-district

    Select any school from list

    Click dropdown arrow

    Accommodated testing
    Accommodated Testing

    Paper Only

    Paper and Computer

    Extended Time




    Behavior Modification

    Interpreter (sign language)


    • R = Reader

    • A = Audio

    • B = Braille

    • LP = Large Print

    • Scribe





    Scratch paper


    Foreign language or English dictionary


    Scratch work is to be done in the test booklet.


    Reference Sheets (Algebra II)


    • Notes

    • Foreign language or English dictionary


    • Scratch Paper – Please collect and destroy securely.

    • Calculators

    • Reference Sheets (Algebra II)

    Retrieve codes from system
    Retrieve Codes from System

    • Test Control Code

    • Vanguard Exit Code

    Student roster information
    Student Roster Information

    • Retrieve student login information from Test Roster section of the online system.

    • Print out the Student Login page that contains each student’s QualityCore ID.

    • Teacher or Student will input the student’s information exactly as it is in the online system.

      • QualityCore ID

      • First Name

      • Middle Initial (optional)

      • Last Name

      • Date of Birth (dropdown menu selection)

    Online testing
    Online Testing

    • Student will choose their correct birthdate from the dropdown menu and accept the User’s Agreement.

    • The student has the option of completing a tutorial before beginning the test.

    Directions continued
    Directions (continued)

    Test display
    Test Display

    Time Remaining


    Reviewing online test
    Reviewing Online Test

    • Before the student submits a completed test module, a review page will display. This page will list all items on the test, the status of each item (answered, unanswered, or bookmarked), and how much time the student has left to review his/her work.

    Test control code
    Test Control Code

    Located Two Places

    • Helpful Hints for a Smooth Administration document,

    • Secure online system

    Test end control
    Test End Control

    Located Two Places

    • Helpful Hints for a Smooth Administration document,

    • Secure online system

    Test security
    Test Security

    • Recent loss of certification for Kentucky educators emphasizes a serious issue.

    • Senate Bill 137 (2013 Kentucky General Assembly) an Act relating to assessment ethics has been filed.

      • Authorizes prosecution of violations (a prosecuting attorney and the Attorney General may investigate allegations of violations and prosecute violations);

      • Requires the Office of Education Accountability to periodically review assessment results and anomalies; and provide for fine upon conviction of not more than $1,000 and disciplinary action by the Education Professional Standards Board.


    • Kentucky QualityCore

    • Kentucky Department of Education

    Contact information
    Contact Information



    Assessment Support and Research:

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Phone: (502) 564-4394

    Jennifer Stafford

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Paul Shoemaker

    E-mail:[email protected]