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AWARDS. National Training Department. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN. The Role of Awards. Types of Awards. Recognizing Achievement and Accomplishment. Formal and Informal Recognition. Letter of Commendation and Team Commendation. Other Flotilla Awards. THE ROLE OF AWARDS.

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  1. AWARDS National Training Department

  2. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN • The Role of Awards. • Types of Awards. • Recognizing Achievement and Accomplishment. • Formal and Informal Recognition. • Letter of Commendation and Team Commendation. • Other Flotilla Awards.

  3. THE ROLE OF AWARDS • Recognize outstanding achievement. • Boost morale. • Motivate the members (recipient and others). • “It’s our only paycheck”. • Formal acknowledgement of service by the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary.

  4. RECOMMENDING AWARDS • Any Member can recommend another Member for an award (Auxiliary Manual). • Elected Officers have a responsibility to identify and recognize members in their units who merit recognition. • Staff Officers responsible for identifying and recognizing members in their staff area who merit recognition.

  5. TIMING OF AWARDS • As soon as possible after the activity being recognized. • Changes of watch. • DTrain. • When you can get the most recognition for the member. • Arrange for spouse and family to be there. • Surprise.

  6. ACTIONS WORTHY OF AN AWARD • An action that results in tangible and/or quantifiable benefits to the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary. • Improved efficiencies of service or effort. • Higher readiness of resources. • Improved capabilities. • Public outreach. • An extended term (minimum 5 years) of dependable/solid service in the same capacity.

  7. TYPES OF AWARDS • Service Awards • Program Ribbons • Unit Awards • Unit Commendation • Meritorious Unit Commendation • Flotilla Meritorious Achievement Medal • Team Awards • Personal Awards

  8. PERSONAL AWARDS • Auxiliary Commandant Letter of Commendation (ACLOC) • Auxiliary Achievement Medal (AAM) • Auxiliary Commendation Medal (ACM) • Auxiliary Medal of Operational Merit (MOM) • Auxiliary Meritorious Service Medal (AMSM) • Auxiliary Plaque of Merit (APOM) • Auxiliary Legion of Merit (ALOM) • Auxiliary Distinguished Service Medal (ADSM)

  9. ACLOC • Members serving in any capacity with the Coast Guard or Auxiliary. • Act of service resulting in unusual and/or outstanding achievement. • Lesser than that required for the Auxiliary Achievement Medal. • Service/performance for a special event or project.

  10. AAM • Sustained professional and/or leadership achievements over a period of time. • Outstanding achievement or service worthy of special recognition. • Outstanding level of performance and/or achievement. • Administration or operations.

  11. ACM • Outstanding achievement. • Administrative services. • Accomplished in a manner which is much better than could normally be expected from an Auxiliarist of like capability and experience. • NOT for just doing a routine or difficult job well.

  12. AMOM • Outstanding achievement or service of an operational nature. • Direct, hands on, underway, surface or airborne aviation mission activity) worthy of special recognition. • Outstanding operational performance, skill, assist, rescue or other meritorious operational service. • May recognize cumulative series of operational services.

  13. AMSM • Exceptional meritorious service. • Outstanding and meritorious service. • Meritorious performance of duty enhanced Auxiliary goals. • Performance much higher than that normally expected. • Significant positive effect on the ability of the Coast Guard and/or the Auxiliary to complete its missions and goals.

  14. HUMANITARIAN SERVICE • Meritorious, direct, non-routine participation. • Significant act or operation of a humanitarian nature. • Physically present at the designated location. • Directly contributed and influenced the action.

  15. PLAQUE OF MERIT • Heroism in the face of grave personal risk. • Clearly stands out as above normal expectations. • Extreme skill. • Assist or rescue. • Risk to the Auxiliarist’s life.

  16. RECOGNIZING ACHIEVEMENT AND ACCOMPLISHMENT • Formal Recognition (ribbon awards) • AuxMan: Chapter 11, Sections A-G • Informal Recognition (all other awards) • Auxiliary Manual: Chapter 11, Section H • See Auxiliary Awards

  17. FORMAL RECOGNITION • Auxiliary Achievement Medal Citation (AAM) • Auxiliary Commandant’s Letter of Commendation (ACLOC) • Coast Guard Award recommendation (CG1650 - ANSC 7002 Form) • Please see: U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Awards Primer

  18. INFORMAL RECOGNITION • Certificates • Public recognition • Article in flotilla, division, district newsletter. • Specific award created by the Flotilla. • Please see: U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Awards Primer

  19. PREPARING THE AWARD • A summary of action or service. • Determine the type of award. • Write the draft.

  20. JUSTIFICATION AND SUMMARY OF ACTION • Define the Action. • Explain the reason for the Action. • Describe the challenges met. • Summarize results and impacts of the Action.

  21. DETERMINING THE TYPE OF AWARD • In general, the higher the impact – the higher the award. • Review Chapter 11 of the Auxiliary Manual to determine appropriate award. • Please see: U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Awards Primer

  22. WRITING THE AWARD • Use the suggested standard opening and closing wording shown in future slides. • Use the sentences developed in step 1 for the body. • Pick 3 to 5 critical items • Use key words appropriate to award.

  23. THE CITATION • Create sentences that begin with descriptions on how the person used his/her skills. • Example: “Displaying superb leadership and attention to detail,… • Middle of the sentence describes the person’s actions. • Example: “…Mr. Jones oversaw the scheduling and execution of weekly operation training classes…

  24. THE CITATION • End of the sentence includes a descriptive result. • Example: “…that resulted in the qualification of 3 new coxswains and 5 new crew members. • Incorporate any adversity / challenges that were overcome.

  25. SUGGESTIONS • Recommended words and phrases. After the standard opening, each sentence should start with an action word like these: • Displaying • Exhibiting • Demonstrating • Showing • Using • Making • Through

  26. SUGGESTIONS • The next words should be an adjective-noun combination such as: • superior leadership, he/she … • exceptional competence and professionalism, he/she … • expert technical skills, he/she … • highest degree of proficiency, he/she … • accomplished organizational abilities, he/she … • finely honed ... • keen insight … • or singly powerful words like: • courageous • distinguished

  27. SUBMISSION • Complete a Summary of Action and CG1650 - ANSC 7002 Form • Include any testimonials or supporting documentation. • Draft citation. • Send complete package to the District Award Committee.

  28. LETTER OF COMMENDATION Standard Opening and Closings • Opening: I note with pride and am pleased to commend you for your performance of duty while serving as (ROLE) from (TO-DATE / FROM DATE). • Middle: Action Items • Closing: You are commended for your outstanding performance of duty. By your meritorious service you have upheld the highest traditions of the United States Coast Guard and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

  29. TEAM COMMENDATION Standard Opening and Closings • Opening: For exceptionally meritorious service from (BEGIN DATE – END DATE) while serving on the Coast Guard Auxiliary(TEAM NAME) Team. • Middle: Action Items • Closing: The dedication, pride, and professionalism displayed by Coast Guard Auxiliary(TEAM NAME), are in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Coast Guard and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

  30. OTHER FLOTILLA AWARDS • Auxiliary Service Awards: Sustained Service. • Auxiliary Member Service Award. • Certificate of Appreciation. • Awards for Non-Auxiliarists. • Honorary Membership.

  31. Resources • Auxiliary Manual • Award Procedures • U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Awards Primer

  32. Click on the box to access the USCGAUX AUXWeb

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