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  1. Class Coordinator Training Awards

  2. Awards • As a Member of Lion’s Heart, the following awards are achievable through membership: • President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) • Torchbearer’s Award • Golden Lion Award • All of these potential awards should be announced and discussed at your first meeting each year. • Only Chapters with 150+ Members will hold an awards event. Smaller Chapters will have the Chapter President visit each June meeting to present the awards then.

  3. Awards • President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) • As a Certifying Organization, Lion's Heart CC will apply by May 5th for this award for each Member in their group who qualified. Detailed steps on how to verify and apply for the PVSA can be found in the CC manual • To be eligible to receive the PVSA, there are two levels of the award varying by age and hours of service completed within a 12-month period: May 1 - April 30. The award level applies to the age of the Member on April 30th. Ask your Members if you are unsure of their age • These awards are also announced at the Awards Event at the end of the year (if your Chapter has an event)

  4. Awards • Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) • The following list the required service hours for earning this award

  5. Awards • Torchbearer’s Award • This award was created in honor of the co-founder’s Grandfather, Ken Corwin, who exemplified love for community and service during his lifetime • During the first meeting of the year in May, each returning group votes on the Member in their group that went “above and beyond” for the community during the prior year of service. YOU MUST KEEP THE NAME A SECRET! YOU ONLY TELL THE TROPHY CHAIRMAN OR CP. • Each class has its own trophy. The recipient’s name is engraved on it and that Member keeps the trophy until the following year’s recipient receives it. Photos of the winners are posted on the website. At the end of each class’s senior year, that year’s winner of this trophy will keep it forever • A Member can win this more than once

  6. Awards • Golden Lion Award • This award is for Senior Members who have been a Member in good standing all six years of Lion’s Heart eligibility • Golden Lion Award winners are announced at the Awards Event (if your chapter has an event) • The recipients will have the following information announced as they receive the award: LH officer positions (if any), PVSA and Torchbearer awards (if any), along with their total community service hours, and where they will attend college or their future plans