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Awards. Outstanding Medical S tudent E ducator Junior house officer Senior house officer Faculty REI Gynecology Women’s Health Maternal Fetal Medicine Gynecology Oncology Golden Pen awards Medical student evaluations Resident evaluations. Junior House Officer.

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  1. Awards

  2. Outstanding Medical Student Educator • Junior house officer • Senior house officer • Faculty • REI • Gynecology • Women’s Health • Maternal Fetal Medicine • Gynecology Oncology • Golden Pen awards • Medical student evaluations • Resident evaluations

  3. Junior House Officer • She was an outstanding teacher. She frequently reviewed notes with myself and my fellow medical student and showed us where we could improve. She also spent time teaching us didactically and encouraged the medical students to support our clinical decisions with data in the primary literature. She was an outstanding resident to work with. • She enabled medical students to be actively involved in patient care. She took time to teach and evaluate knowledge. • She was a great intern. Even when the night shift on L+D was insane, she still always involved us in clinical care, let us do SVE, and allowed us to significantly participate in deliveries. She always did a great job of asking us what we would do in managing a patient, and then teach us if our thinking was incorrect. Great person and role model! • Great teacher. • Best resident I had encountered on the rotation. Extremely motivated and engaged with medical students and showed a desire to teach as well as be a positive role model. I think she will be very successful in her career, and I am very glad I was able to work with her. She's fantastic at what she does and is also great at teaching. • Great to work with on L&D. Involved me in patient care from the second we arrived. Allowed me to take a lot of ownership. • She stopped to teach at every applicable moment. She was amazing. • Working with her was great. She treated me as a colleague and constantly was trying to either get me involved, give me the hands on experience, or helping me to study and prepare for the shelf. • Although she is in her first year, I thought she did a great job teaching, even going out of her way to go through a urogynpowerpoint that she felt had been helpful to her when preparing for her shelf. I got the feeling that she cared about how the students did, and I felt that she was available anytime for advice or questions if I were to need help. It was a great experience working with her.

  4. Senior House Officer • She is a great teacher. Her positive energy on the wards made working with her a real pleasure and definitely increased my interest in ob/gyn. really made my 1st few days on ob/gyn more enjoyable, by being so inviting towards questions and allowing us to be more hands-on whenever possible Very patient and thorough in answering questions. made sure students were involved. • She is extremely friendly and made me feel very comfortable. She works hard to include the students and help them prepare for what is expected of them. • She is very considerate and always makes everyone feel welcome. • She was a very good resident to work with. She definitely took the time to involve me in patient care and answer questions. She gave great feedback and really helped me become better and more confident as a student. I have no real negative feedback to give; I enjoyed my time working with her and she helped make the rotation a good one. • She was a good teacher and was very respectful of patients and members of the team including students. She went out of her way to help students get • involved and feel informed. She created many learning opportunities for us which were greatly appreciated. It was a pleasure working with her. • She was a great resident to work with during the rotation. She went out of her way to show me where I needed to go during my UroGyn rotation, • what I needed to do to prepare for rounds, and was incredibly nice, to top it all off. I really enjoyed working with her and appreciated how available she made herself to medical students. • She was outstanding with her teaching efforts. I had the pleasure of being on several services with her, and even during surgical services where the student • isn't quite as involved in procedures/surgeries (urogyn), she made a point of explaining things to me. She was extremely approachable, and her enthusiasm • about various topics was very effective for evoking interest from students. Overall a great resident- I would love to work with her again. • She taught me how to deliver a baby and I'm sure I won't ever forget those moments! She was patient with me, open to questions, and just an great person. • Thanks! • She was very engaging and made a point to teach, as well as to make sure that we had hands on opportunities to learn while on labor and delivery. One of the most pleasant and helpful residents that I've worked with. • I spent an afternoon in clinic with her and was happy to find that she wanted to teach me whenever we weren't seeing patients. She pointed out a resource for cervical cancer screening that I referred to several times throughout the clerkship. When we saw patients together, she encouraged me to ask questions or do the procedure. • .She was great! She was always very energetic and motivated, and did a great job of involving students and treating them with respect. She also mixed in some teaching when there was time. Overall she did a really phenomenal job

  5. Senior House Officer continued • She was amazing. I spent a week working with her and it was one of my favorite weeks of the rotation. She did an excellent job involving the medical students in patient care, both on the wards and in the OR. She was very encouraging and I felt extraordinarily comfortable asking questions. I was particularly impressed by the amazing energy and enthusiasm she brings to her work everyday. She clearly loves what she does and it is infectious. • You could tell that the entire team working with her fed off of her energy. She created a truly great space for learning that was both very engaging and fun. • Very kind and patient. Approachable and aware of opportunities for medical students to participate and learn. • She was a great resource on REI as she let me see the patient first and then gave me feedback on my clinical skills. She was completely approachable and • very organized as a leader and chief resident. She is clearly interested in teaching medical students and takes valuable time to display that dedication. • She took the opportunity to teach on the fly whenever possible. She also made a point of helping students participate in care and exam skills with appropriate guidance prior to entering the room as well as feedback/discussion afterwards. She was a great senior resident and I appreciated the effort she made to teach and involve students at any time possible, not just for one or two sessions during down time. • She took the time to provide teaching and even organize teaching sessions to involve the whole team (including interns and students). She was one of the most considerate and friendly people to work with. Her positive attitude was infectious, and really improved the work environment. • She was a pleasure to work with on labor and delivery. She brought such positive energy and enthusiasm to the board room every day. She also managed to handle the stress of labor and delivery in an organized and poised manner. • She was probably one of the best resident's with whom I've worked all M3 year. She actually took the time to teach her students, regardless of what she had going on. She always brought us up to speed so that we didn't feel in the dark about what was going on with the team and our patients. Also, her positive attitude had an effect on everyone, which made the work day incredibly more enjoyable!!! Thanks! • She has a great positive attitude and was always open to explaining complex medical decisions. • I cannot stress enough how excellent of a resident she is! She very well may be the best resident I worked with all year. She was open to and welcomed questions no matter how elementary they seemed. She was happy to provide guidance and feedback on H&P's and was very happy to involve students as well as talk them through surgical procedures. EXCELLENT RESIDENT! • Actively involved me in patient care. She also took time to email me articles she thought would be pertinent to my education as well as engaging. • I wish I could've worked with her the entire rotation. She was fun, energetic and incredibly positive. She always encouraged my participation, answered questions, and involved me with everything. Far and away she was the best resident I worked with. Other HOIII/HOIVs should learn from her example in regards to inclusion of medical students on their services. Aside from education, she is a very compassionate physician whom patients love. She makes others around her happier which is a very important and elusive trait at the hospital. It's hard not to smile around her. • She allowed us to be involved with patient care. I would have liked maybe more direct teaching during down time, but otherwise it was great to work with her!

  6. REI • When working with him, I felt, knew what was expected of me, learned a lot, and appreciated his focus on patients and teaching. • He very actively involved me in the patient care, allowed me to see some very interesting patients. Excellent teacher, very approachable and answered all my questions. • Great teacher. Always took the time to teach • Great attending. Appreciated the opportunity to see patients on my own, present them, and be involved in the medical decision making process. Also appreciated the interesting ethical discussions about infertility treatment. I felt like he cared about involving all members of his team equally, without depending on residents to do the work of mentoring medical students. Great example of how to interact with patients--wish I could have spent more time with him. • He was a great attending to work with because he demonstrated how fascinating his field is and inspired me to learn as much as I could during my week in REI. • One of the best attendings I've worked with this year, on all rotations. He is a fantastic physician - he is not only very knowledgeable, but he is also unbelievably compassionate and empathetic with his patients. Probably the best bedside manner I've seen this year. He is great teacher, too. He gave a small lecture to students, residents, and a fellow that he somehow managed to make appropriately challenging, yet informative for everyone. It really helped me to understand the topic better. I also spent some time with him and the OR, and even in that setting, he makes time to teach. He is a wonderful role model and I'm really grateful that I had the opportunity to work with him and learn from him. • He showed great interest in me, as a learner, and did not hesitate to make use of every learning opportunity. He provided me with good evidence-based data and explained current controversies in practice. He also showed great compassion towards patients, and I had the opportunity to watch him navigate particularly difficult conversations with patients who were upset/desperate/unhappy, which was often, given that we were in REI. He was a most excellent role model and teacher.

  7. REI • Good teaching points for each patient. Got me involved by asking for A/P. Helped me learn by explaining his train of thought as a doctor. • Showed great interest in medical student education. Allowed me to take part in the care of patients and spent time discussing patients and giving feedback. A great physician to work with. • Really great teacher. Took the time before and after seeing patients to discuss the pathophysiology and treatment options. I only got to work with him for one day, but I was impressed with his ability to handle really difficult topics with his patients in an incredibly sensitive way. • Great role model. We had time to have a frank conversation about career choice and life in general. • Provides patients with incredibly clear explanations, which was helpful for me to see a great example of how to interact with patients, and also served as excellent teaching for me. Funny but focused, he was an extremely enjoyable attending to learn from. • I thoroughly enjoyed my time on REI mainly because of great faculty teaching and he was the leader of the group in teaching. He had a great teaching session on HRT that involved medical students, residents and fellows with teaching points that I will probably remember for the rest of my career. • He is a really great teacher and is very approachable with questions. • I had a great time in REI clinic! He was probably the best at teaching me about different aspects of infertility and also finding the best way for me be involved and learn from the clinic. He is very pleasant with his patients and I enjoyed working with him. • Involved students in patient care and allowed them autonomy with initial discussion and developing plan. Explanations and teaching on the fly and in the OR were great as well as table discussions.

  8. Gynecology • Ilearned a ton just by observing him and how he interacted with patients. very patient and thorough in answering questions and enthusiastic about teaching students. • Very accessible and welcomed questions- also demonstrated an interest in my thoughts and plans for med school and future career steps, which made me feel as though I could seek out his opinion for general medical career questions. • Excellent teacher - took time to ask me questions, explain me the answers, go through guidelines etc. he is laidback, funny and a pleasure to work with as a person. made me laugh and because the atmosphere was light, i learned much much better. • Excellent teacher, allowed me autonomy to see patients. Amazing rapport with patients. • Very supportive of med students and interested in their learning. Took the time to discuss patients with me in the clinic and in the OR. I wish I had been able to work with him more. • awesome teacher • great at explaining data to patients • does not just pull things from head; quotes studies and data to back his next step • taught well, good with patients, allowed me to ask questions to both him and the patients • He was fun and cool to work with. He taught me many things about BRCA in just one afternoon. It was obvious that he was very interested in my medical education. • I truly enjoyed working with him, He was an excellent role model and established great rapport with his patients. • He also took interest in me as a learner -- taking time to teach in between every single patient and during the lunch break. I learned a LOT during this clinic and definitely recommend it to future OBGYN students!

  9. Women’s Health • I really looked forward to my time in clinic with her. She allowed me to see patients first as time allowed, and when we would go back to see a patient together, I learned a lot from watching her. Her patients adore her and I got to see how a doctor gains the trust and respect of her patients. • She was always very welcoming of my questions and answered them in an organized and simple way that helped me remember the information. She encouraged me as a student by making her clinic a low-pressure environment where I felt free to try things and ask questions. Thanks for assigning me to her clinic; she's a big reason why I'm now considering OB/GYN as a field. • She gave me plenty of 1 on 1 contact with patients so that I could contribute meaningfully in clinic. Clinic was busy and so there was not much time for teaching, but she made use of what time we did have and gave me good feedback. I really enjoyed working with her. • great job at teaching!!! • Very personable. I felt very comfortable working with her.

  10. Women’s Health • I had a great time working with him; he was an excellent clinician and teacher and really took an interest in helping me get the most out of the clerkship. I learned not only a good deal of clinical ob-gyn while working together, but also about how to develop a good rapport with patients and relate to them on a personal level. • He allowed me to work with patients independently but also spent significant time discussing key teaching points with me. He fostered an environment where I felt comfortable asking questions. He also provided excellent feedback throughout our interactions. • My continuity clinic with him was the best outpatient experience I've had in the entirety of my 3rd year. Excellent teaching, and gave me the opportunity to be very involved with patient care and clinical decision making. I felt like part of the team, which was much appreciated. He is an outstanding role model in his patient interactions. • He was very patient with me in his clinic. He gave me the opportunity to see a variety of patients on my own and to perform annual examinations. • He also was a great role model in patient relations and communications. He taught me a great deal about being aware of my own feelings and reactions to • patients to better assist my relationships with the patients. I wish I could have spent more time in clinic with him.

  11. Maternal Fetal Medicine • Went out of his way to make sure the students were actively involved and learning. answered questions in a patient and thorough manner. • He was by far one of the best attendingsthat I worked with while on OB-GYN. He gave me the most responsibility from the start, made time to teach and was also incredibly approachable throughout the rotation, during which I worked with him in MFM clinic as well as on L&D. Learning by doing was one of the best parts about working w/ him and also having the opportunity to ask any questions and clarify any deficits in knowledge that I had. He is also just a fun person to be around, so working with him was always a positive experience. • Genuinely interested in teaching students. Never felt like he forgot my name. Teaches well on the fly, to help students learn while in a given clinical scenario. • Proactively involves students in patient care by asking, “Which student will be helping with this case?” • He is one of the most compassionate doctors I've ever seen. Working with him was a pleasure; he is most interested in us as students, and the way in which he is able to connect with his patients is amazing. • good at involving students and giving feedback • only spent a half day in clinic with him, but I really enjoyed it. he let me have autonomy so i felt helpful, very good patient relations and spent time educating patients • He is an OB wizard! Always amazes me. • Probably the best teacher in the department. He guides students through diagnoses with clear explanations that provide insight into pathophysiology of disease states and normal pregnancy. I also enjoyed watching his interactions with patients- he teaches them as well as he teaches students. • Thank you. • great rapport with all patients • clear he loves his job

  12. Maternal Fetal Medicine continued • great teacher • lets m3s get involved with patient care • always made sure that i understood what was going on. Asked if I had questions. Good at explaining complex concepts. • Clinic is lots of fun with you! • I found it very useful to watch both your interactions / relationships with patients and your clinical skills. • BEST OB/GYN EVER! He was an absolutely amazing instructor. His knowledge base is so in depth, yet he is able to educate students very well. His lectures and clinical points were always clear, and he has a very natural ability to meet students at our level of understanding, and then bring us up to his level. • Additionally his interactions with patients are the example of how it should be done! A great role model for all of us, especially male students! • Hilarious and an awesome physician. One of the best attendings ever; OB/GYN or otherwise. • For all above reasons. open, friendly, sense of humor, fun to work with, provided good feedback, helpful, answered questions, great. plus many more. Pretty much anything you would want from a student-teaching faculty • enthusiastic, thoughtful, interested in seeing students become life long learners • great teaching, warm personality, dedicated to education and patient care. • Baller. That's really the only way to put it. Between him and Dr. Curran I really thought about becoming an OB and if I could work with either of them everyday (and not miss the things I would with emergency medicine) I would. He's an awesome teacher and fantastic at keeping us involved and part of the team.

  13. Gynecology Oncology • I appreciated the involvement of students and examining clinical questions with them. • I was only in clinic for one afternoon, but he gave me a lot of independence to see patients alone very quickly. • Clinic was running far behind the day I was there, and he still managed to squeeze in some teachable moments...this impressed me. • He was a pleasure to work with in cancer clinic. He was clearly invested in teaching and allowed me to see all of my patients by myself first and then present to him before seeing the patient together. He also allowed me to perform every pelvic exam, including some colposcopy, which was a great learning experience. I really enjoyed working with him also because in addition to expecting a lot from him students, he was always open to any questions that I had and never made me feel uncomfortable. • Gave quite a bit of independence in clinic and experience with office exams and procedures. Took time aside for teaching. Sensitive to patients and deliberate with explanations. Gave feedback after the first day.

  14. Golden Pen Awards • Evaluation of Medical Students • House officer • Average: 10.5 evaluations • Audrey Lance: 36 evaluations • Faculty • Average: 14 evaluations • John Randolph: 20 evaluations • Evaluation of House Officers • Department Average: 7.5 evaluations • Greater than 20 evaluations: Suzie As-Sanie, Maya Hammoud, Carolyn Johnston, Elizabeth Quint, John Randolph, Kevin Reynolds • Mark Pearlman: 34 evaluations • Lauren Zoschnick39 evaluations

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