it wasn t all rock n roll n.
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It wasn’t ALL Rock n Roll PowerPoint Presentation
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It wasn’t ALL Rock n Roll

It wasn’t ALL Rock n Roll

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It wasn’t ALL Rock n Roll

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  1. It wasn’t ALL Rock n Roll

  2. Proficiency #1

  3. #2 • Historians believe that thousands of TVs were purchased during the year of 1953 so Americans could watch… a. The final episode of Leave it to Beaver b. The first Ed Sullivan Show c. The McCarthy trials d. Coverage of the Cuban Missile Crisis

  4. #4 • During the 50s, due to the new developments in household appliances and homogenous housing, etc. the role of the adult woman changed once again. For the 50s, this role is BEST described as which below? • The new aged woman had more leisure time to go to dance clubs, work in advertising or other business ventures while still being the matriarch of the household. • The 1950s woman took on brand new jobs women hadn’t seen before like doctors and lawyers and became the main source of income for their families. • Due to their husbands at work all the time, the 1950s woman became less interested in looking good, disinterested in fashion and instead, dedicated time to getting educations at college and vocational schools. • The 50s woman retook the traditional role of housewife and mother while still playing the mom role very well. She focused on traditional values in the house and made sure she looked just as nice as her house did.

  5. #7 • Which person below was known as the founder of the most successful record company, Sun Records? • Sam Phillips • Alan Freed • Frank Sinatra • Alfred Hitchcock

  6. #16 • What advertising technique is being used in this print advertisement? • Repetition • Bandwagon • Testimonial • Emotional

  7. Other Popular music of the 1950s • On a blank piece of paper complete the following task for each song: (you might want to write this list down before we get started) • Write the musician's name • Name of the song • What is the song about (message) • What is something that you like about this song (there’s always something)

  8. Johnny Cash • “Ring of Fire”

  9. Frank Sinatra • “Come Fly With Me” • “Call Me Irresponsible”

  10. Modern Day Sinatra?Michael Buble • “Come Fly With Me” • Dance to the “Sway”

  11. Let’s Dance

  12. The Rat Pack • “Birth of the Blues” • This name is used to refer to a group of friends in New York • Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop, who appeared together on stage and in films in the early-1960s, including the movie Ocean's 11. • Sinatra, Martin and Davis were regarded as the group's lead members

  13. Birth of the blues

  14. Bobby Darin • “Mack the Knife”

  15. Patsy Cline • “I Fall to Pieces”

  16. Ray Charles “Hit the Road Jack”

  17. Harry Belafonte • Known as “King of Calypso” • “Banana Boat Song”

  18. Give the dance a shot!

  19. Rosemary Clooney • “Mambo Italiano”

  20. Bing Crosby • “White Christmas”

  21. Nat “King” Cole • “A Christmas Song”