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Hollow Core Extrusion Machinery Supplier

Ultra-Span Technologies Inc. is a global leader in manufacturing concrete extrusion machinery and ancillary equipment for precast or prestressed concrete industry. The technology has been invented by Ultra-Span employees before 30 years including process and patent of extruding concrete. Since then it has been continuously evolved in hollow core machinery designs and patents. This continuous innovation in construction machinery have raised the company profits many folds and extended the technological advantages to many clients across the global.

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Hollow Core Extrusion Machinery Supplier

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  1. Hollowcore & Precast Reinforcement Equipments Supplier – Ultraspan Technologies Hollowcore flooring is a type of floor in which prestressed precast concrete elements with continuous longitudinal voids are used for efficient light weight construction. These prestressed concrete elements are nothing but the floor slabs formed by a method where concrete gets capability to overcome its weakness in tension. These prestressed concrete slabs have much longer lifespan than is practically the case with the ordinary slabs made of reinforced concrete. Today most of the engineers and construction companies employ prestressed hollowcore slabs/planks for construction of floors. The hollowcore floors and beams are especially preferred in multi-storied constructions like apartment buildings, multistoried commercial ventures etc. This is because of the unparalleled advantages offered by these units which are listed below 1. Precast hollow core flooring can span longer distances than the ordinary timber flooring. These are slender products which offer greater efficiency to the developer allowing him to experiment with design of the construction in the way he likes. 2. Made of precast concrete, these kind of floors are much cost efficient than the ordinary timber flooring and offer a safer working platform for an ongoing construction. 3. With precast concrete slabs it is very easy to install flooring in constructions that too within lesser time. They are already manufactured offsite and are usually incorporated with lifting hooks which enable them to be craned quickly into final position. 4. The maintenance costs are greatly reduced with precast hollow core floors which are durable components having longer life spans than that of the timber floors. These have higher concrete strength, low porosity and sufficient cover to the precast reinforcement

  2. which enables them to retain their performance for large period of time. 5. Concrete has excellent heat absorption and emitting capacity. Therefore precast concrete floors are used to enhance the thermal performance in all type of buildings. The increased concrete mass of these floors enables heat to be stored in the fabric of the construction and provides heat insulation and fire resistance to the structures. 6. The hollow core slabs when used for flooring can offer great sound insulation and are perfect to create noise free ventures where noise from external sources or superposed sections or rooms is eliminated. 7. Last but not the least, one of the main advantages of hollow core flooring is its cost efficiency. Material consumption in production of hollow core slabs is less because of the presence of longitudinal voids in them. Nearly 45 to 50% of concrete is saved in hollowcore concrete slabs as compared to a plain cast in-situ reinforced slab.

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