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  1. Ventilation and water proofing When we select a house it is very much necessary to keep in mind that the rooms are completely venti lated. Which means there must be enough amount of air passing in and out of the windows. For a hous e to be ventilatie the openings of windows must be set in such a way that the inflow and outflow ream ains balanced. Our company has gained expertise in doing these basics needed for your home. Our pro fessionals know where there is air flow and through precise measurement and calculation set the wind ows in such a way that proper air circulation takes place between the outside and the inside. In summers, it is very much useful to have a well ventilatie house because it will drift away the hot air generating inside the rooms via windows and bring in cool breeze from outside thereby keeping the house cool and calm. There we come into picture as we study which are the best sources available for wind passage and will set them there. More is the flow more will the home be ventilated. Such an atm osphere helps to keep up the flow of good air within your homes. Apart from that our team force is also skilled in kelderdichting. Basement is that part of our house wher e we usually have to keep our later needed belongings. We store in old things as well. Now for these it ems to remain intact it is necessary that the walls and ceilings of the basement remain away from wate r. Also it is a very common problem in most of the houses that in monsoon, due to heavy rains the wat er sweeps in from between the cracks and tears of the walls thus causing our things to be drenched in water. Our work force is trained enough to tackle all these problems of kelderdichting and in that regards they have attained the highest priority of requests from many houses. We come on time and make your house safe within a short time. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and m ake your home a safe and better place to live in.