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Elizabeth Petrovna

Elizabeth Petrovna

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Elizabeth Petrovna

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  1. Elizabeth Petrovna Елисаве́т Петро́вна By: Melissa Barry

  2. Early Life • Is born on December 1709 in Kolomenskoye • The second oldest daughter of Peter the Great • Her parents, Catherine I and Peter I, were married secretly at Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, and didn’t make their married public until 1712. • Many political opponents made it hard for Elizabeth to be empress of Russia because her parents marriage wasn’t public when she was born. • She had 5 brothers and 6 sisters, only Elizabeth and Anna survived. • In 1711 she became a Tsarevna and in 1721 became a Tsesarevna. • Peter I and Catherine I 

  3. How She Became to Rule • When Elizabeth’s father died, he left Russian in utter confusion because he didn’t leave a name for the heir. • She was 15 when Peter I died and wasn’t ready to fight to be empress of Russia. • Many close and distant relatives took thrown but all died. A distant cousin, Ivan VI, was born and took empress at two months. • Elizabeth is worried about what might happen to her because her family were controllers of the throne but not for long. Ivan VI

  4. How She Became to Rule • With a baby as empress of Russia, she begins to plot to overthrow Ivan VI. • She became empress in 1741 by overthrowing Ivan VI. • She was able to by her popularity with the imperial guards who hated Ivan VI mother, Anna Leopoldovnaand took her father’s loyalist officers. • She became Empress at age 32 and took action right away. Monument of Elizabeth Petrovna

  5. IN POWER • As a woman with no husband or children, she had to find a heir. Catherine II had a child and had the decision to bring the baby up as she believed he should be. • She gave little attention to the small day-to-day things of government. • She mostly dealt with people who became threats of hers. • She did not make any domestic or foreign policies but her influence by choice of officials and response to the counsels. • There were less Germans in the government during her throne because she was about Russians begin in power. • She took a lot of pride in the countries advances as becoming a great power during her empress. Elizabeth Petrovna

  6. Death • Her health was declining and kept getting many dizzy spells but did not take her prescribed medicine. • Her last strengths were made to confess the prayer of dying and to say good bye to her family members • She died on January 5, 1962 • She was buried in the St Peter and St Paul Cathedral in St. Peterburg. • Her death was the end of the Romanovs. Elizabeth’s tomb is the closest one from the left side.

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