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Elizabeth 1

Elizabeth 1

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Elizabeth 1

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  1. Elizabeth 1

  2. What Was Elizabeth I Good At? Elizabeth was very good at horse riding. In Tudor times it was fashionable to ride side saddle and here is a portrait of her riding a horse side saddle.

  3. More about Elizabeth… • Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. • Her mother was executed when Elizabeth was 3 years old. • Her nanny was called Kat Ashley.

  4. Was Elizabeth Pretty?

  5. She was known as Gloriana (which means glorious)because she was a glorious person!

  6. She was also known as the virgin queen because she never married in her life.

  7. How old approximately is Elizabeth I in these pictures? 30-40 15/16

  8. Elizabeth I had a very troubled childhood,her mother was executed and her sister Mary accused her of not being Catholic.

  9. After Elizabeth’s mother was executed Henry VIII married 4 more times.

  10. These are the 4 wives that Henry VIII had after Anne Boleyn.

  11. These are Henry VIII first 2 wives.

  12. What happened to Anne Boleyn? She got executed for being accused of being unfaithful to the king.

  13. Edward and Mary Who were Elizabeth’s brothers and sisters?

  14. Mary and Edward • Mary’s mother was Catherine of Aragon. • Edward’s mother was Jane Seymour. • Mary really did not get on with Elizabeth. • Edward died at the age of 15\16. • Mary got executed. • Edward became king at the age of 9.

  15. ….Elizabethan facts… • Elizabeth liked two men, one of whom married Elizabeth’s maid of honour and the other one committed treason and Elizabeth was forced to have him executed. • She was the last queen of the Tudors. • She was a very religious person and one of the first things she did was turn England back into a Protestant country.

  16. Elizabeth’s profile Full name : Elizabeth Tudor Born: Greenwich Palace Time of birth: Around 3 pm Date of birth: 7th September 1533 Parents: Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn Became queen: Thursday 17th November 1558 Crowned queen at: Westminster Abbey 15th January 1559 Height: Estimated between 5.3ft-5.5ft Eyes: Brown Hair: Curly golden-red Nationality: English Religion: Protestant Died: Richmond Palace Thursday 24th March 1603 Aged: 69! Elizabeth didn’t get married and for that matter was a famous queen.

  17. Catherine Parr Catherine Parr was Henry VIII’s last wife and lasted until his death. After Henry died, Catherine married someone called Thomas Seymour. Elizabeth carried on living with them. There was a continuous flirt between Elizabeth and Thomas. When Catherine found Elizabeth in Thomas’s arms she ordered Elizabeth to leave. When this happened Thomas planned to marry Elizabeth after Catherine died.

  18. Elizabeth I’s Childhood Elizabeth had a troubled childhood because her father executed her mother and married 4 more times. Her sister Mary I was also very mean and rude to Elizabeth. Elizabeth Tudor, commonly known as Elizabeth I, was a Tudor queen, daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Her nurse or nanny was called Mistress Kat. Elizabeth’s father had six wives, by the time he got married the fifth time she was sick of it! Her mum was beheaded for not producing a son but Elizabeth did not know this until she was 8 ½!!

  19. Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn was Henry VIII’s second wife, she was mother of Elizabeth I and was executed. Henry wanted a son and when Anne only had a girl Henry was angry. Henry had married Anne in 1533 it was now 1536 and she had still not got a son. In 1536 she was accused of planning various plots and was sent to the tower to be executed!!!

  20. Tudor Family Tree The Tudor Family This is a Tudor family tree. The Tudors were a royal family who ruled from 1485 – 1603. King Henry VII was the first Tudor king & Elizabeth I was the last Tudor queen. Elizabeth I didn’t get married and for that matter was a famous queen.

  21. bibliography • Google images • The Tudors book • History on the Net • Hampton Court • All about Elizabeth I • How to Survive Being a Tudor

  22. Produced By Vicky Ceidra We would also like to thank Miss Campbell for helping this project to be as good as possible! Antonia