nanomaterials in the service of mankind n.
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Nanomaterials : In the Service of Mankind

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Nanomaterials : In the Service of Mankind - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nanomaterials : In the Service of Mankind. Prof. Uriel Levy Director. Nano materials, March, 2014. What Is Nano Science?. Small is Different!. : 1,000,000,000. 1 Meter. 1 Nano Meter. Nano size yields new properties & functions. Why Nano?.

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nanomaterials in the service of mankind

Nanomaterials: In the Service of Mankind

Prof. Uriel Levy


Nano materials, March, 2014

what is nano science
What Is Nano Science?

Small is


: 1,000,000,000

1 Meter

1 Nano Meter

Nano size yields new properties & functions

why nano
Why Nano?

Nano is the only multi-disciplinedirectly addressing every one of humanity’s challenges

Energy Consumption

Communication & Computation



Homeland Security

human capital
Human Capital

Brain Gain Vs. Brain Drain

64 Research Groups:

Chemistry (24)

Physics (13)

Engineering (8)

Biology & Medicine (16)


Earth Sciences (3)

What will our researchers discover next?

36 recruits, 430 Students, 14 Staff



Prof. OdedShoseyov

Prof. Uri Banin

PM prize for Innovation 2012

ICS Tenne prize for Nano 2013

first class infrastructure
First Class Infrastructure

Key to Excellence!

focal areas
Focal Areas

For Research & Industrial Applications


Functional Materials



printed electronics
Printed Electronics

Smart Bandage

Plastic Solar Cells





Touch Screens




Functional Materials

functional coating
Functional Coating


Plastic Sheets

Food Packaging

Paints & Coating

Thermo solar collectors

Composite films for LED light tuning

Anti Bio-fouling films

Functional Materials

quantum dots solution for better lighting
Quantum Dots Solution for Better Lighting

Prof. Uri Banin

“We are able to filter light and extract only the desired colors to save energy in TV screens and lighting.”

Functional Materials

smart fingerprints discovery
Smart Fingerprints Discovery

Profs. Dani Mandler, Joseph Almog

“Through work on nanoparticles, fingerprints will be easier to visualize and extract from the most challenging surfaces.”

Functional Materials

super slippery surfaces
Super Slippery Surfaces

Dr. RoieYerushalmi

Without coating

“We have developed a special coating that makes surfaces extremely slippery, for self cleaning and energy efficiency”

With coating

Functional Materials

hybrid non rusting nanomaterials
Hybrid non- rusting nanomaterials

Prof. David Avnir

“We are merging the worlds of ceramics, organics and metals on the Nanometric level giving rise to new non-rusting materials.”

Functional Materials

curing alzheimer s with bacterial materials
Curing Alzheimer’s with Bacterial Materials

Dr. Liraz Chai

“ We research protein aggregation within bacteria to understand similar processes that occur in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients”.

Functional Materials

developing new antibiotics to fight bacteria in hospitals
Developing new antibiotics to fight bacteria in hospitals

Dr. Liraz Chai

“ We research the prevention of the growth of detrimental bacteria in hospitals ”.

Functional Materials

photonics metamaterials
Photonics metamaterials

Using nanoscience and nanotechnology we create new photonic materials coined “metamaterials” with properties that are not available in natural materials.

Functional Materials

photonics metamaterials for cloacking
Photonics metamaterials for cloacking

Using nanoscience and nanotechnology we develop new metamaterials for cloacking applications

Functional Materials

metamaterials for photonic chips
Metamaterials for photonic chips

Google data center, comprising racks filled with computing hardware and optical fiber connectivity.

Functional Materials