Seertech solutions ilearning plus lms capability demonstration
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Seertech Solutions iLearning PLUS LMS Capability Demonstration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Seertech Solutions iLearning PLUS LMS Capability Demonstration. Introducing Seertech Solutions.

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Seertech solutions ilearning plus lms capability demonstration

Seertech SolutionsiLearning PLUS LMSCapability Demonstration

Introducing seertech solutions

Our goal is to help organisations unlock the value of learning and shift this key function from a perceived cost to a recognised revenue generator and enabler of business strategy.Partnering with Oracle Corporation since 2003, Seertech drives business value and innovation in learning for our clients.

“I believe you are doing far more than other companies in providing LMS access and capabilities tailored to customer needs. Very impressed…”Claire Schooley, Forrester - November 2009“We selected the iLearning Plus LMS and Seertech Solutions as you were the only vendor who had a clear vision for learning…”Joanne Nicol, Head of Learning/OD Westpac NZ - November 2009

  • Our passion for Learning is underpinned with:

  • A world class product and deep Learning Management System (LMS) experience:

  • Proprietary iLearning Plus LMS

  • Successfully deployed Oracle LMS to 5.1m users globally

  • Cross platform install base: Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, JDE…

  • An exceptional team of Learning professionals including:

  • The largest iLearning LMS team globally (including 20+ support staff)

  • Leadership team includes ex Head of IBM Australia’s Learning Practice, ex Head of ANZ eTrain, ex-Head of Oracle Learning Product Team

Some organizations supported by seertech
Some Organizations Supported by Seertech

Banking & Finance

IT and Telecoms

Mining / Resources

Industrial / Retail

Business / Services

Govt / Education / Health


Ilearning plus explained
iLearning PLUS Explained

In order to understand iLearning PLUS, it is important to understand three key terms:

  • Learning Management Toolkit

  • An extension on top of iLearning that simplifies many administrative processes / workflows for admin users and improves administrative usability of the LMS.

  • Configurable Learning Interface

  • This is an extension of the on top of iLearning that simplifies many process / workflows for end users and improves usability of the LMS.

  • Learning Management System

  • In this case the term LMS refers to Oracle iLearning

How ilearning plus works
How iLearning PLUS works

With iLearning PLUS, you can achieve any look and feel with any learning function without compromising the core LMS:

Oracle iLearning

iLearning PLUS LMT Reports

HTML / CSS Templates

  • Core iLearning LMS

  • User Data

  • Content

  • Core standard LMS Functions

  • LMT Reports

  • Configured workflows

  • Additional functions

  • HTML / CSS Templates

  • Configured brand

  • Configured layout

  • Contextual views

iLearning PLUS takes a process driven system and creates a learner centric experience!

Ilearning ilearning plus structure
iLearning & iLearning PLUS Structure


iLearning PLUS

Configurable Interface Tools



Enterprise Portal

Extended Enterprise Portal


LCMS & Assessment / Survey Tools

Reports / Workflow Management Tools


Oracle 10g Database

Content Servers



* Performance Records


* User Records


* Data input / output





Key ilearning plus features
Key iLearning PLUS Features

  • Brings together Learners, Instructors, Content Providers, Administrators

  • Hosted E-Learning Application

  • Content stored both central and local behind firewalls

  • Accessible through the Internet

  • Provides Synchronous, Asynchronous Self-Paced, Scheduled Learning

  • Delivers and tracks all web playable content

  • Provides Content & Learner Administration, and Content Re-Use

  • Encourages Community based learning

  • Multi Tenancy

  • Support for 21 languages

Ilearning plus interface styles
iLearning PLUSInterface Styles

Learning management system roles
Learning Management System Roles


Content Developer


Site Administrator



Ilearning plus for the learner
iLearning Plus for the Learner

Features of the learner interface
Features of the Learner Interface…

  • Multiple Login options – SSO, manual, self-registration

  • Targeted style, courses, notifications, announcements etc

  • User dashboards showing critical information

  • Configurable course display widgets

  • Configurable, dynamic notifications

  • Learning Pathways, Certifications, Competency displays

  • Training Calendar

  • Collaboration – Virtual Classrooms, Forums, Chats, Wikis

  • Support for external learning, qualifications, study assistance

  • Graphical & Standard Reporting

  • Configurable, dynamic certificates

Targeted learner home page
Targeted Learner Home Page

  • Westpac NZ Learner Homepage:

  • Highly configurable interface providing tailored look and feel/communications at a group and business unit level.

  • Targeted and dynamic widgets e.g. Dashboard displaying employee status on learning framework.

  • One click access to courses and employee learning pathways.

Ilearning plus for the manager
iLearning Plus for theManager

Ilearning plus for the manager1
iLearning Plus for the Manager…

  • Manager tasks Tab

  • View staff + drilldown

  • View staff Learning for job

  • View Learning Paths for staff

  • Enroll staff into training

  • Approve Training requests

  • Mark users as complete (CE)

  • Reporting

  • Manager Notifications

  • Collaboration

  • External Learning, Study Assistance

External activity approvals coned
External Activity Approvals (ConEd)…

Learner supplies completion information to manager

Manager records completion and key details in External Learning Record

Completion becomes part of learner performance record

Ilearning plus for the instructor
iLearning Plus for theInstructor

Ilearning plus for the instructor1
iLearning Plus for the Instructor…

  • Instructor role – how do I get this?

  • Instructor environment

  • View Past & Current Events

  • Using Email to communicate with attendees

  • Using the instructor calendar

  • Enroll staff into training

  • Viewing and managing the class

  • Interaction with collaborative tools – VC, IM, Chat, Forums

  • Managing user completions

  • Reporting

Ilearning plus for the administrator
iLearning Plus for theAdministrator

Ilearning plus for the administrator1
iLearning Plus for the Administrator…

  • Role Access – targeted permissions based access to Admin functions

  • Managing users

  • Course management

    • Learning pathways setup

    • Setting up folders, courses, assessments

    • Uploading SCORM/AICC and Native content

  • Offering (Class) management

  • Enrollment management

  • Competency management

  • Reports management

  • Notifications management

  • Import management

  • Governance of the Admin role

General administrative roles
General Administrative Roles…

  • LMS Site Admin – superuser access to most functions

  • Content Creator – upload / manage courses / assessments

  • Course Scheduler – create offerings, manage enrollments, instructors, locations etc

  • Instructor – manage events, completions, collaboration with learners

  • Reporting – access and run key reports only

Training budget management module
Training Budget Management Module

The Training Budget Management module supports the assignment of training budgets and provides comprehensive

workflow rules around budget allocation, tracking and notifications on spend.

Specifically the Training Budget Management module provides the following functionality:

  • Designed to set a training budget ($ or credits) at an Organisation level

  • Budget against validity date ranges to ensure alignment to annual learning budget allocation

  • Costs are tracked and deducted from the budget, to show current spend

  • Approval limits, tolerance and approvers can be set

  • Configurable notifications can be set to trigger if certain thresholds are reached (eg: % of spend, if transaction greater than X $ etc)

  • Transaction tracking includes user details, amount, date, description of transaction

Budget module organization list
Budget Module – Organization List

Manage budget, view transactions and view organization

users from ‘Organizations’ module

Budget module budget attributes
Budget Module – Budget Attributes

Manage budget information such as approver, limit,

tolerance for approval limits and see current spend.

Budget module transactions
Budget Module – Transactions

View / update detailed transaction information

Coned blending ext learning with pd
ConED – Blending Ext Learning with PD

  • Continuing Education (professional development)

  • Module supports:

  • Assignment and tracking of ongoing professional development hours / points.

  • Tracking against assigned competencies from external or LMS provided learning events.

  • Comprehensive administrative and reporting services.

External learning study assistance
External Learning /Study Assistance

For requesting, tracking and allocating external learning/study assistance to end users based on the workflow rules you set.

Automate talent frameworks
Automate Talent Frameworks

Enable linkage with Tools such as Success Factors to streamline Talent program nominations to iLearning

File directory browse
File Directory Browse

  • File directory browse developed to make content directory selection easier, and to reduce risk of incorrect file overwrite

  • Select the ‘Files’ button to browser and select the appropriate content folder for uploading files to – this auto-populates the ‘Directory’ form

21 languages
21 Languages

  • iLearning PLUS now supports 21 languages:

  • Change languages through ‘Change Language’ button

  • Languages can be linked to user profile

Budget module
Budget Module

  • Budget module is designed to set a training budget ($ or credits) at an Organization level

  • This budget has a validity date range

  • Each learning transaction with cost associated under this organization is tracked and deducted from the budget, to show current spend

  • Approval limits, tolerance and approvers can be set

  • Configurable notifications can be set to trigger if certain thresholds are reached (eg: % of spend, if transaction greater than X $ etc)

  • Transaction tracking includes user details, amount, date, description of transaction

Budget module organization list1
Budget Module – Organization List

  • Manage budget, view transactions and view organization users from ‘Organizations’ module

Budget module budget attributes1
Budget Module – Budget Attributes

  • Manage budget information such as approver, limit, tolerance for approval limits and see current spend.

Budget module transactions1
Budget Module – Transactions

  • View / update detailed transaction information

Classroom survey module
Classroom Survey Module

  • Link from course details page appears if classroom status = C and CLASSROOM_SURVEY_ID attribute has a value:

Classroom survey module1
Classroom Survey Module

  • Classroom survey screen:  stores offering ID and instructor ID in questions 1 & 2 of Section 1, then the actual  survey continues from section 2 onwards.

Manage resources module
Manage Resources Module

Manage Resources module developed to ease resource management in LMS

Scheduled offering management module
Scheduled Offering Management Module

Manage Scheduled Offerings module streamlines offering management in the LMS

Ilearning plus ecommerce
iLearning PLUS & eCommerce

iLearning PLUS provides support for learning eCommerce through:

  • Targeted course catalogues for geographic locations or business lines

  • Catalogues viewable and in ‘not logged in’ mode

  • User self registration / account creation

  • Shopping cart supporting

    • Credit card payment

    • Cheque/Money Order/Service Credit payment

    • Learning Credits

    • Complex tax treatment

    • Multiple currencies

    • Multiple languages

    • Complex discounting support

  • Tax invoice generation

  • Unique certificate generation with format tailored to your needs

  • Assessment proctoring

  • Comprehensive reporting, including financial reporting

  • Integration with third party CRM and financial accounting systems.

  • Much, much more…

How ilearning plus manages competencies
How iLearning Plus manages competencies









Defining your competency workflow
Defining your competency workflow

Create Roles

Create Competency Levels

Create Competency Types

Manually or via upload of competency matrix

Link Types to Levels

Link Types to Roles

Link Competency Type + Level to Courses

Link Role to user via Payroll feed

Competencies in practice
Competencies in Practice

  • View list of competency types and levels for current roles

  • View your current progress for each competency type / level

  • View / enroll / play list of courses aligned to competency types and levels

  • View other role requirements as part of your career progression

Competencies in practice1
Competencies in Practice

  • Link roles to KPI’s via attributes (User or Course attributes)

  • Track acheivement of KPI’s through course completion/behavioral assessment

  • Report on KPI acheivement either dynamically or via report

Introducing obiee
Introducing OBIEE

  • OBIEE uses Star Schema to describe the facts and dimensions (see diagram below)

  • The facts are the performance measures e.g. score, time, completion count

  • The dimensions are the descriptive entities e.g. Offerings, Content Objects, Dates, Learners, Instructors etc.  

Content support
Content Support

  • The iLearning LMS supports a wide range of content development standards including:

    • SCORM 1.2

    • SCORM 2004

    • AICC

    • Native Content

  • The LMS also supports direct content integration from providers such as:

    • Omega Moody’s

    • Harvard Business School

    • Skillsoft

    • Element K

Content authoring tool support1
Content Authoring Tool Support

  • The iLearning LMS supports content deployment from a wide range of content authoring tools, including:

    • Adobe Captivate

    • Adobe Dreamweaver

    • Adobe Flash

    • Articulate Engage

    • Articulate Presenter

    • Articulate Quizmaker

    • Oracle UPK

    • Questionmark Perception

    • Rapid Intake Proform

    • Rapid Intake Unison

    • TrivantisLectora


Embed site based or offering based Forums to facilitate collaborative, tacit knowledge base learning


Use scheduled or permanent chats to facilitate instant support or remote question and answer sessions to assist with transfer of knowledge

Virtual classrooms
Virtual Classrooms

  • Schedule web conferences, attach to courses or run stand-alone

  • Share desktop, instant message, whiteboard, record and play as a course in iLearning…

Cellcast the lms1
Cellcast & the LMS

Basic CellCast Supports All Phones & Smartphones

Auditory Content

& Surveys

Interactive Messaging

Alerts & Notifications

Any Phone, Any Carrier, Anywhere

Cellcast the lms2
Cellcast & the LMS

Advanced CellCast Adds Support for Smartphones

Media Content


Rich Content



(PDF, Moblogs, JIT)


(Content, Tests)


(Status, Scheduled)


Cellcast the lms3




Existing Enterprise Platforms & Applications

Online Users

Dir. Service


Offline Users

Cellcast & the LMS

Potential Enterprise Deployment Model





mLearning & CellCast




Mobile SMEs


Integration services
Integration Services

We can support any type of automated or manual integration process using existing API’s and / or file upload processes:

(all - Web Service via API’s / auto file upload)

File Upload via LMT

Questionmark Assesments

Skillsoft / Other externals

Legacy Data

(Perf Histories)

Oracle iLearning Database


External Contractors

via VPN

File Upload via LMT

HRMS– User /Hierarchy Data

Data Warehouse

Email Server

Web Service via API’s / auto file upload

Data migration services
Data Migration Services

Using our File Imports and Mapping Utility, we can import any type of matched data sets into the LMS:

Our hosting environments
Our hosting environments

  • Hosted at Qwest (Seattle, US) and Macquarie Telecoms Pitt St Sydney

  • URL (US):

  • URL (AU):

  • Disaster Recovery: Seattle <-> Sydney

  • Alert Site 24 * 7 Monitoring

  • 99.99%+ availability last 4 years

  • Server Specifications:

    • DB: HP D2 585 G2 (16 Gb RAM, 4 x Dual Core CPU, ~700 Gb Storage)

    • Web/App: HP DL 380 G5 (12Gb RAM, 2 x Quad Core CPU, ~600Gb storage)

    • OS: Sun Solaris 10

    • DB: Oracle10g

  • 200,000+ current users on facilities

Sample of our hosted customers
Sample of our Hosted Customers

Implementation methodology
Implementation Methodology

  • Define the requirements, including strategic, tactical, political, technical

  • Align requirements to action items

  • Assess feasibility and capability gaps

  • Prioritise and confirm implementation roadmap with key stakeholders

  • Develop / configure the solution

  • Execute the implementation plan, including governance and change management aspects

  • Evaluate success

  • Market success to gain endorsement for your next project(s)

Support relationship value add
Support & Relationship ‘Value Add’

Content Integration




2nd Level Admin


Fully managed & supported aggregated learning solution for all outsourced learning needs





Policy / Proicess Mgmt




About ilearning plus product roadmap
About iLearning Plus Product Roadmap…

Key fy10 product roadmap elements
Key FY10+ Product Roadmap elements

  • Immediate (< 3 months)

    • Fully integrated Data Warehouse with OBIEE ad-hoc query tools provided

  • Short Term (< 1 Year)

    • Full integration of disconnected learning / mobile player

    • Expanded federated search capabilities

    • Improved integration with Wiki / Blog tools

    • Offering and Resource Attributes

    • Additional web services interfaces exposing 100% of application to web services

    • Full OLSA integration for Skillsoft Courses

    • Additional graphical reporting capabilities

    • Additional widget developments

    • Expanded development of Development Plans

Key fy10 product roadmap elements1
Key FY10+ Product Roadmap elements

  • Medium Term (>1 Year to < 3 years)

    • Improved Course Player functionality

    • Full LCMS integration

    • Additional Migration Toolkits for third party LMS

    • Improved capability to support streaming content

    • Replacement for existing LMS Assessment / Survey engine

    • Self service widget development

    • Improved Talent / Performance / Succession management interfaces

    • Additional collaborative learning functions, including tighter integration with third party social networking and tacit learning tools.

    • Enhanced AVETMISS Reporting to support RTO’s

    • All course management functions enhanced and resident in iLearning PLUS

  • Long Term (3 years plus)

    • Upgrade path development for iLearning to FUSION learning application

Licensing options1
Licensing Options…

  • Pay per month - Seertech hosting and support via our Tier 1 Data Center

    • Pay for what you need – no investment in licenses

    • Faster, cheaper implementation - Upgrades, patches as soon as released

    • Access new reports, functionality at no extra cost

    • Access to our 24 x 7 support network

  • Enrollment Based Licensing (Ideal for contractors, suppliers, customers etc)

    • Buy blocks of enrollments – don’t waste money on licenses you wont use more than once

  • Perpetual License - Seertech Installation, Hosting & Support

    • As above, however you own the licenses – only cost ongoing maintenance & hosting

  • Perpetual License – We install - You Host

    • More expensive, time consuming implementation

    • Potential wait on upgrade / releases

    • No access to additional functionality

    • Access issues to supply / value chain

    • Limited access to our support network

Our real value proposition
Our REAL value proposition…

  • This is not just about technology – its about making it work!

  • The solution is NOT about 1 size fits all

  • It’s about a PROVEN solution that aligns to the various needs of the business

  • It’s about a PROVEN team that knows how to deliver, maintain and support these solutions in a complex environment

  • Its about continuing to execute on a foundation of success

    Seertech, Oracle and you – the potential for a great team, with proven success and a defined future.

4 key benefits oracle seertech
4 Key Benefits - Oracle / Seertech

Greater Vendor & Product Strength

Greater Product Flexibility

Lower Vendor & Product Risk

Value Added Services – migrate faster & get more for your dollar

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