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MMPA Overview

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MMPA Overview. Jacques Moultrie Defense MilPay Office (DMO) DFAS MilPay Repository (DMR) Information Assurance Manager (IAM) March 2012. Overview. DFAS MilPay Repository (DMR)

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mmpa overview

MMPA Overview

Jacques Moultrie

Defense MilPay Office (DMO)

DFAS MilPay Repository (DMR)

Information Assurance Manager (IAM)

March 2012

Integrity - Service - Innovation

  • DFAS MilPay Repository (DMR)
  • DMR is financial management tool that consolidates data in a single source to provide powerful reporting and analytical capabilities.
  • Master Military Pay Account (MMPA)
  • MMPA is the part of DMR that transfers payroll data between systems and applications.

Integrity - Service - Innovation

dmr login with cac
DMR Login (with CAC)

Logging in to DMR

Open a Web browser and enter the following URL:

The digital certificate selection window appears (at right). Select a certificate, and then click OK.

A warning appears (next slide). Click Accept to access DMR and MMPA.

Select a CAC certificate.

Integrity - Service - Innovation

dmr access alert
DMR Access Alert

Accept the conditions of use to access DMR and MMPA.

Integrity - Service - Innovation

dmr homepage
DMR Homepage

Last DJMS update

One-click access

Access MMPA from the DMR home page: On the left pane, click MMPA. The Member Inquiry search option appears (next slide) and prompts the user for the member SSN.

Integrity - Service - Innovation

mmpa inquiries
MMPA Inquiries

Creating an Inquiry

In the Member Inquiry search (at right), enter the SSN for the member data you wish to display.

The MMPA Details View appears (below). Select the desired option from the left pane.

MMPA displays the data in the right pane (next slide).

The left pane details expand when selected (see next slide).

Integrity - Service - Innovation

inquiry details expanded
Inquiry Details—Expanded

The Details View shows expanded search options. The right pane displays the details selected on the left pane.

Integrity - Service - Innovation

summary view
Summary View

- Active Component only

Summary View of an Active Component.

Integrity - Service - Innovation

processed transactions
Processed Transactions

Sample card view of processed transactions.

Integrity - Service - Innovation

les view
LES View

- Reserve Component

LES view for Reserve Component.

Integrity - Service - Innovation

creating a custom view
Creating a Custom View

The Customized View toolbar (above) enables users to create custom inquiries.

Creating a Custom View

On the Customized View tab (above), select the desired views displayed in the left pane.

In the View Name field (next slide), enter a name that describes your selections, and then click Save.Note: To access a custom view already created, click the Details View tab, and then use the Saved Views list to select the view.

Integrity - Service - Innovation

naming a customized view
Naming a Customized View

For a custom view, select your choices, then enter a name in the View Name field. The new name will then appear in the Saved Views list.

Integrity - Service - Innovation

print options
Print Options

PRINT ALL—prints the entire file.

PRINT VIEW—displays how the printed report will appear, and it enables users to save the file in other formats.

HINT: Save as .html to maintain the appearance you see on your screen.

Integrity - Service - Innovation

tax calculator
Tax Calculator

The Tax Calculator provides an easy way to calculate taxes for members. The paper tape mimics that of a traditional desk calculator.

Tax calculator shown with paper tape and FICA and FITW for two states.

Integrity - Service - Innovation

current navy user community
Current Navy User Community
  • The Navy Afloat user community includes the following:
    • Over 150 Navy Afloat users
    • Approximately 47 ships
  • Navy Shore user community includes the following
    • Over 50 Navy shore users
    • Approximately 20 sites including Navy Pay and Personnel Support Center (NPPSC) sites
  • Army and Air Force (Including DFAS Central Site)
    • Over 780 users

Integrity - Service - Innovation

accessing mmpa
Accessing MMPA
  • For access to the MMPA Web Browser the following procedures apply for the Navy Afloat Community.
  • DFAS Field Support Detachments (FSD) San Diego and Norfolk will provide the DD2875 and facilitate submission of the form to DFAS Cleveland Security Office (CCL-MMPA@DFAS.MIL) for access.
  • MMPA access with Common Access Card (CAC) eliminates the need for a user name and password.
  • DFAS FSD will provide user support and training for the MMPA Web Browser.
  • DFAS FSD POC and email addresses:
    • San Diego: Mr. Jeff Lopez (619) 556-5188
    • Norfolk: Mr. Tom Cook

Integrity - Service - Innovation

dmo dmr future initiatives
DMO/DMR Future Initiatives
  • The following initiatives are being developed for the DMR Environment:
    • Separation worksheets (pre-fill from MMPA data)
    • DMO transition to the DMR (Web-based input and access)
    • DMO WEB User Administration Module
    • Separation Pay Computation
    • Tax Audit Worksheets
    • Bonus Recoupment

Integrity - Service - Innovation