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Ver 01.200 PowerPoint Presentation

Ver 01.200

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Ver 01.200

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  1. TracktelDX100 Ambara Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 302, 5B Cross HRBR Layout, 3rd Block Bangalore - 560043 Ver 01.200

  2. Basic concept • DX-100 has following sections. • Satellite GPS receiver. • GSM cellular module. • Voice communication. • Monitor and control on board devices. Works anywhere in India.

  3. Block diagram • DX-100 has a powerful 48MPIS processor. • Flash memory to hold statistics for more than a month. (This could be increased) • Multiple I/O ports and ADC ports to monitor various activities of the vehicle continuously. • Auto SMS trigger in the event of over speeding, low fuel etc… • Calculating fuel efficiency continuously with fuel level and odometer. (Only on selected models) • Google Interface to monitor the live movement from anywhere on Internet.

  4. What’s the additional information you get? • DX-100 can monitor and update the base station with the following information constantly. * • Fuel level on the vehicle. • Air condition status with temperature. • Engine start and stop. • On board weight / load. • Speed, odometer etc… • Speed control, geo fencing. • SMS response and alert on many programmed events. • Remote configuration. *Many of the highlighted features are not the part of our basic model.

  5. Client application has built-in map where you can view your vehicles online.

  6. The map could be Zoomed in and out to view the vehicle closely.

  7. You can make the background dim, so that, the vehicles are seen clearly.

  8. When you click on the vehicle, you get the complete information about that vehicle like time, Speed, Trip details and name of the location.

  9. Show button will display the route it has traveled

  10. Click the ‘Node’ menu to get all the sample points on the route where the vehicle traveled.

  11. Click on any node to get more information about that vehicle at that point, including the speed and the name of the place.

  12. You can monitor the live movement of many vehicles at a same time with the journey route

  13. The client application has many database features for fleet management

  14. You can mark your own way points and make the vehicle to display its ID along with it when it moves.

  15. Vehicle movement could be restricted within a specified area. Vehicle is immobilized beyond this boarder. *Not a part of our basic model.

  16. Area wise speed limiting. *Not a part of our basic model.

  17. How its viewed on Google?

  18. Live view of an event

  19. Zoom a part of the map

  20. A journey route is plotted on Google Map, Live on Internet.

  21. A journey route is plotted on Google Satellite Map, Live on Internet.

  22. A journey route is plotted on Google Map, Zoom1

  23. A journey route is plotted on Google Map, Zoom2

  24. A journey route is plotted on Google Map, Zoom3

  25. A journey route is plotted on Google Map, Zoom4

  26. A journey route is plotted on Google Map, Zoom5

  27. Interface LED display / Voice module • You can connect any standard LED display or other display system with DX-100 • When used on a passenger carrier, DX-100 can continuously display the next stopping station name, distance away in kms, passing station etc… Sample message [ You are currently on Anna Nagar and your next stopping station is Kilpauk, which is 15.56 Km away. You are now travelling at a speed of 65km/h ] DX-100 also can cater information to the voice module, which can make announcement in multi language on any PA system with the location information Note: These features are currently installed on various passenger trains in Indian railways where our tracker devices are used.

  28. Thank you