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Welcome to Middle School. With Ms. Corona (Humanities I) Ms. Navarro (Humanities II) Mr. Chouchanian (Math) Mr. Bilandzija (Science). No revealing or offensively decorated clothing.

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Welcome to middle school

Welcome to Middle School


Ms. Corona (Humanities I)

Ms. Navarro (Humanities II)

Mr. Chouchanian (Math)

Mr. Bilandzija (Science)

No revealing or offensively decorated clothing

No revealing or offensively decorated clothing

Students found outside of dress code will be required to contact parents so appropriate clothing may be brought to them.

Cell phone policy
Cell Phone Policy

  • Cell phones turned off and in back pack during the entire school day

  • If cell phone rings or is visible during the day, they will be confiscated by a staff member and held in the office for pick up by parent

  • A second offense will result in a parent conference to discuss other solutions.

  • If a student needs to call home at the end of the day they must check in with a teacher first

Class non negotiables
Class Non-Negotiables

  • No food, drinks, candy, or gum in classroom. Water only and containers must be kept in back pack.

  • Cell phones, iPods, etc. are to be turned off and in backpacks during school hours. They will be confiscated if they are seen or go off and parents must pick up in the front office.

  • No late work is accepted; incomplete assignments will count as a zero.

  • Students must show up on time with all necessary materials.

Home room teacher
Home Room Teacher

  • Individual student conferences will be lead by home room teachers:

    Blue – Ms. Navarro

    Red – Ms. Corona

    Yellow – Mr. Bilandzija

    Green – Mr. Chouchanian

    If concerns arise in a specific class at any point during the year, parents will be contacted directly by the appropriate teacher.

Red family folders
Red Family Folders

  • Home every Tuesday

  • General Odyssey News, Middle School News, Letters from Advisory Class

  • Empty out the papers & sign those that need to be signed

  • Bi-monthly student grade report & behavior report (to be signed and returned on Wednesdays)

Middle school website
Middle School Website

Middle School website is full of important information and links.

Monthly newsletter, link to PowerSchool, homework assignments, instructional aides, links to high school websites, upcoming events, donations, etc.


Gpa powerschool
GPA / Powerschool

GPA – Grade Point Average. The formula to determine GPA will be performed by PowerSchool.

Expect all students to have a 2.0 GPA (C average) to partake in middle school events

(i.e. camping trip)

Link to PowerSchool on middle

school website. Logins will be

sent via e-mail.

Field trips

  • In addition to some great day trips planned throughout the year, we want to take the students camping, either in the San Bernardino mountains or at Catalina Island.

  • We are looking in to the possibility of two outdoor school field trips (Crescenta Valley Outdoor School)

  • Need to raise more than $20,000 to make these trips happen.

  • You can help!

  • Parent Fundraising Committee

  • Donations through PayPal

Student leadership council
Student Leadership Council

Students will represent OCS as a leader within the school community

Will be the “voice of the middle school.”

Responsibilities include assisting in parent tours, planning events, running middle school meetings, etc…

Accepting applications in late September.

Keys to success
Keys To Success

Check their homework log.

Check the Website.

Check their grades on Power School.

Periodically, check in with their 1st period teacher.

Limit TV, video games, etc… during the week.

Make sure they arrive to school time.

Make sure they pack a healthy lunch.

Go through binders and backpacks to help them stay organized .


Advisory Curriculum focuses on social, time management, and organizational skills

Starting in October Advisory will take place on Tuesday’s

Ms. Kamiko, Mrs. Navarro, Ms. Corona, Mr. Bilandzija, Mr. C, Mr. Denny, and Mr. Lee


Electives offer students an opportunity to mix with students from other cohorts & to explore and develop a new skill

Electives take place Wednesday’s – Friday’s

Trimester I: Volleyball, Film Studies, Flag Football, Study Hall, & Robotics





Middle School Communications

Graduation (7th grade parents ONLY)

Afterschool sports

High Schools

Harassment intimidation discrimination bullying policy
Harassment, Intimidation, Discrimination & Bullying Policy

Our policy exists to protect the right of every student to a safe and civil learning environment

Discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying are all disruptive behaviors which interfere with a students’ ability to learn.

Acts of discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying are prohibited and have consequences up to and including suspension and expulsion.


Bullying is defined as any severe or pervasive physical or verbal act, conduct, or communication made in writing or by means of an electronic act which:

Instills the fear of harm to student or students’ property

Has a detrimental effect on a students’ physical or mental health

Substantially interferes with a students’ academic performance

Substantially interferes with a students’ ability to participate in any school activity


Cyberbullying is any electronic act that includes the transmission of harassing communication, direct threats, or other harmful texts, sounds, images on the internet, social media, or other technologies.

All reports of suspected incidents of discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying will be investigated by school administrators

Full details of the policy as well as reporting forms are found in the Odyssey Parent/Student Handbook