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Welcome to Middle School!

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Welcome to Middle School! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Middle School!. Sligo Middle School August 22, 2013. Introduction. By the end of this discussion we will have covered: Differences between elementary and middle school Academic Changes & Adjustments Social-emotional & Behavioral Changes School Supports School Readiness.

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welcome to middle school

Welcome to Middle School!

Sligo Middle School

August 22, 2013


By the end of this discussion we will have covered:

  • Differences between elementary and middle school
  • Academic Changes & Adjustments
  • Social-emotional & Behavioral Changes
  • School Supports
  • School Readiness
middle school setting
Middle School Setting

Middle School

  • Lockers
  • 7 period day, 45 minute classes
  • Passing periods
  • Different teachers for each subject
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • More responsibilities
  • BEST/Advisory
  • Lunch

Interim Reports

  • Semi-quarterly
  • Edline (ongoing)

Report Cards

  • Quarterly
  • Code Changes

What is Edline?

  • It is an online Learning Management System that provides a simple, single point of access to all of the key information students and parents need:
  • Homework
  • Attendance
  • Class notes
  •  Presentations
  •  Worksheets
  •  Hyperlinks to internet resources
  •  Students and parents can view progress reports, school schedules, and school news
  • Saves time and improves communication
scheduling time management
Scheduling & Time Management
  • Teacher expectations
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Importance of SAB (Student Agenda Book)
skill needs development
Skill Needs & Development


  • Where are my belongings (binder, homework, agenda book)?

Time Management

  • Where am I supposed to be next?
  • What am I supposed to be doing next?


  • So that’s what my binder is for!

Study & Test-Taking

  • I’ll just wait for the review packet
  • I skipped that question

Be organized

* Come to class on time and with the correct materials

E - Give your best effort

* Ask lots of questions! It’s the best way to learn something new. * Participate in all class activities and always do your work.

* Study for tests and quizzes (by yourself or with a friend)

* Come after school for extra help as needed

S- Be safe

* Walk in the classroom, sit on the chairs, put trash in the trash can

T - Treat others and their belongings with respect

* Be kind to everyone in the classroom: Teachers and any guests and especially each other. It is important that we make this class a nice place to be.


Sligo Rsis our Positive BehavioralInterventions and Supports (PBIS) Program.We promote rigorous instruction by teaching behaviors that demonstrate:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Relationships
  • Safety
what about your friends
What About Your Friends?

Social Changes

  • Friends/peer group changes
  • Interest in forming personal relationships
  • Peer acceptance and approval #1 priority
school staff
School Staff

Ms. Benner: PE and Health

Mr. Biancanello: World Studies

Ms. Campo-Abdoun: The Arts

Ms. Chichester: World Studies

Ms. Collins: Math

Mr. Colosimo: Chorus

Ms. Drayton: Science

Mr. Endler: PE

Ms. Harris: Math

Mr. Hoben: Special Education

Ms. Kelel: World Studies

Ms. McGill: Science

Ms. Kim Maffeo: Spanish

Ms. Monroe: Spanish

Mr. Nguyen: ESOL

Ms. Palank: Academic Support

Ms. Parks: Instrumental Music

Ms. Philip: Special Education

Ms. Rickford: English & Reading

Ms. Taylor-Rubin: Science

Ms. Trone: English & Reading

Mr. Simkanich: ICT

Ms. Stith: Counseling

Ms. Wone: Math

other resources
Other Resources
  • Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW)
  • PTSA – Mary O’Driscoll, PTSA President
  • NAACP Representative, Pat Price
academic supports
Academic Supports
  • Teachers
  • Lunch and after school help
  • Counselors
  • Edline
  • Private tutors (MCPS does not endorse any tutorial services)
6 th grade team leaders
6th Grade Team Leaders
  • Thea Mitchell-Anderson 301-649-8121 thea_r_mitchellanderson@mcpsmd.org
  • Joan Shane 301-649-8121 joan_a_shane@mcpsmd.org

6th Grade Team Administrators

Marion Finkbinder marion_e_finkbinder@mcpsmd.org

Craig Jackson craig_o_jackson@mcpsmd.org

6th Grade Counselor

Terri Stithterri_l_stith@mcpsmd.org