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IX. The Tide Turns PowerPoint Presentation
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IX. The Tide Turns

IX. The Tide Turns

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IX. The Tide Turns

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    1. IX. The Tide Turns 1863

    2. A. Lee Invades the North Part II CSA on the move Began June 3, 1863 With Jackson gone, Lee reorganizes the army I corps: James Longstreet (take Culpepper Courthouse II corps: Richard S. Ewell (drive off scattered Union forces III corps: A.P. Hill (moves northward with Lee)

    3. Lee sets off northward on June 14, crosses the Potomac and heads east J.E.B. Stuarts mistake Stuart was riding Lees right flank informing him of Union movements Stuart believed he could ride around Hooker and get a better idea of Union movements Union movement pushed Stuart farther east than anticipated and he was out of contact with Lee for 10 days

    4. B. Road to Gettysburg Lee arrives in Pennsylvania with his army spread out because he believes the Union has not crossed the Potomac yet June 28: Lee learns from Longstreets scout (Henry T. Harrison- actor) that the Union army is concentrated squarely on Lees flank in Frederick, MD Lee moves south to the nearest defensible position just outside Gettysburg Hooker is replaced by George G. Meade

    5. C. Battle of Gettysburg- Day 1 General Henry Heth, on a mission to find shoes, encounters Gen. John Bufords dismounted cavalry- he attacks though ordered not to Bufords cavalry holds for several hours as Gen. John Reynolds and 3 corps of infantry arrive to reinforce Reynolds is shot and killed Lee orders A.P. Hills corps to attack

    6. Gen. Ewells corps comes over the mountain and arrives on the field hitting the Union right flank hard Union retreat through the town and occupy the high ground beyond Union occupy Culps and Cemetery Hill. Lee orders Ewell to take the hill if practicable. Ewell refuses to take the hill and day 1 ends Longstreet and Lee argue whether or not to stay and fight- Lee chooses to stay

    7. D. Day 2 8) Lonstreets artillery opens the battle on day 2- Hood takes the Devils Den but is wounded and loses his arm 9) Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain commands the 20th Maine regiment on Little Round Top, the end of the Union line- he is ordered by Col. Vincent to hold to the last.

    8. Little Round Top After resisting 4 charges by the 15th Alabama, Chamberlain reforms his line at a right angle It is after a 5th charge that the 20th Maine are out of ammunition- Chamberlain orders his men to fix bayonets As the 15th Alabama approaches, Co. B of the 20th Maine arises from behind a stone wall and fires into their side Chamberlain orders a bayonet charge swinging down the hill like a gate

    9. 10) Longstreet moves on the peach orchard and wheat field smashing Gen. Dan Sickles line- Sickles loses his leg 11 & 12) Union re-patch the line as they are heavily attacked 13) Longstreet attacks the center where the Union and the 1st Minnesota repulse them 14 & 15) Generals Ewell and Early attack Cemetery & Culps Hill unsuccessfully- Day 2 ends Longstreet begs Lee to allow him to flank the Union- Lee chooses to attack the center

    10. E. Day 3 16) Day 3 begins with an artillery barrage by Col. E. Porter Alexander 17) The barrage is accompanied by diversionary attacks on both flanks Longstreet waits too long to begin his attack 18) General George Pickett leads a mile-long, uphill, open ground charge against Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock and the Union center 19) CSA retreat after suffering massive casualties during Picketts Charge

    11. F. Captains Report George Meade 90,000 23,049 casualties Robert E. Lee 75,000 28,063 casualties