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Year 7 Term 3

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Year 7 Term 3 . A Star. ‘I´m an instant star, just add water and stir´ David Bowie .

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i m an instant star just add water and stir david bowie
‘I´m an instant star, just add water and stir´David Bowie
  • What does make a star?You see celebrities all around you, the media loves famous people. In this module you will be investigating what is star quality; do you have to be famous to be a star? Can star quality be learnt? Is it simply hard work that creates stardom?
  • In this course you will be studying a range of ‘stars´ In the world of entertainment, sport, politics, business and culinary stars and how the environment and what we have learnt from history will help you answer these questions.
  • By studying star quality it will help to inspire you to reach your own goals and beyond. You will acquire new skills that will be showcased in your assignments showing your progress and achievement
  • Remember:
  • ‘Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you´ll be amongst the stars´´
impact session wk a tues p2 14 th jan
Impact Session Wk A Tues p2 14th Jan

What is star quality?

What does it take to become a star?

In the impact session we will all sing Let It Be by The Beatles.

Show your star quality when you perform by singing with confidence and commitment.

preparation stage wk 1 5 what will i be learning
Preparation Stage Wk 1 – 5What will I be learning?
  • Art -You will learn to : Develop analysis skills by researching a range of artists portraiture work
  • Learn how to draw a face using proportion
  • Extend observational drawing skills
  • Explore a range of mixed media materials and techniques
  • Experiment with how the use of colour can be used to express different messages
  • Create a final portrait using an iconic personality to inspire you
  • Drama - You will learn:
  •  Conventions of comedy
  • Comic timing
  • Vocal and physical techniques
  • Audience Awareness
  • Team work
  • Music - you will learn:
  • Features of popular music.
  • To develop performing skills using voice, keyboard, guitar and percussion
  • To improve your vocal techniques by projecting, singing in tune and singing in time.
  • Collaboration skills to be able to perform as a group


I can use my research skills to find out the information I need to know.

I will use a variety of communication skills to present my findings.

I will define the roles and functions of the ingredients I use.

I will plan my making in detail.

I will use a range of food preparation skills.

I will evaluate and review the success of my own work and that of others.

  • History - You will learn:
  • About the key individuals and events in the Medieval period such as the Black Death, King John, The Peasants revolt and the Crusades.
  • Pupils will learn why an event is significant, what is a biography and what makes a star.
  • How to evaluate significance and come to a judgement.
  • How to develop skills of evaluation and comparison
  • Re -You will learn:
  • About the lives of significant people in history such as Edward Jenner, Henry Ford and Tim Berners-Lee
  • How to evaluate significance and come to a judgement
  • How to develop skills of evaluation and comparison
  • Geog -
  • In Geography we will be looking at mapping Music Festivals. You will be able to develop a variety of map skills as well as using maps to explore wider issues in relation to festivals, such as environmental impacts and flooding.  You will use maps on a wide range of scales from different sources including Google Earth, Google Maps and Ordnance Survey, developing and building on your map interpretation skills.  This module also provides opportunities for decision making, group work and engagement with a variety of relevant, on-line resources. You will then design your own festival, competing against the other teams in your year group!
  • Throughout the preparation phase you have investigated different questions:
  • What should be done?You will choose 1 subject to specialise in for the assignment phase from: - Art, Dance, Drama or Music
  • ArtYou will expand on your research and initial ideas that you studied in the preparation phase to produce a portrait of an icon..
  • DramaYou will develop and expand on the comedy skills you have already learnt to produce a comic performance that clearly shows the 5 main conventions of comedy.
  • MusicYou will expand on the skills already learnt in the preparation phase to become a member of a band. Yow will develop your knowledge of one instrument (including voice) in collaboration to perform to an audience
  • How should it be done?Once you have attended the the teacher led sessions you will plan how to use your lab and workshop sessions to support the completion of the tasks
  • RememberYou will need to show your progress, knowledge and development of skill through rehearsal or studio work as well as your reflective dairy.
  • PresentationYou will present your work through performance in an assembly. You will communicate your work to an audience showing performance or display etiquette or your presentation will demonstrate your progress from an idea to the final product.
  • You will present your reflective diary to your specialist task teacher. In it you will have clearly shown your response, development and evaluation as you created your piece