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Psycho : The Thriller Phenomenon PowerPoint Presentation
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Psycho : The Thriller Phenomenon

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Psycho : The Thriller Phenomenon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By Meiling DellaGrotte, Maggie Mantus, Alexandru Brinister. Psycho : The Thriller Phenomenon. Psycho. noun, adjective Slang . 1. n. a psychopathic or neurotic person. 2 . adj. psychopathic; psychoneurotic. as defined by Those Involved. Produced by Alfred Hitchcock

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noun,adjective Slang .

1. n. apsychopathicorneuroticperson.

2. adj. psychopathic;psychoneurotic.

as defined by

those involved
Those Involved...

Produced by Alfred Hitchcock

Actors include...

    Anthony Perkins (Norman Bates)

    Vera Miles (Lila Crane)

    John Gavin (Sam Loomis)    Janet Leigh (Marion Crane)

    Martin Balsam (Det. Milton Arbogast)

    Alfred Hitchcock (Man outside Real Estate Office)

Music by Bernard Herman

Released June 16, 1960

psycho 1960 summary
Psycho(1960)Summary :

Phoenix officeworker Marion Crane is fed up with the way life has treated her. She has to meet her lover Sam in lunch breaks and they cannot get married because Sam has to give most of his money away in alimony. One Friday Marion is trusted to bank $40,000 by her employer. Seeing the opportunity to take the money and start a new life, Marion leaves town and heads towards Sam's California store. Tired after the long drive and caught in a storm, she gets off the main highway and pulls into The Bates Motel. The motel is managed by a quiet young man called Norman who seems to be dominated by his mother.

(from IMDb)

what it tells us
What it tells us...

The genre of horror has changed dramatically since 1960. Watching clips of Psycho, we found the acting to be horrible and the "scary parts," not scary at all. Special effects and gorier movies, have made today's viewers want constant excitement and violence. Back then, Psycho was one of the scariest movies of the time, now it is viewed as bad and obsolete. The violence and the nudity of this movie was considered vulgar unlike now when almost anything can be heard or seen in a movie.

    In 1960, Psycho hit close to home, and scared most viewers. Nowadays, Psycho doesn't pertain to our lives and our time period. This makes it even less scary.

why is it significant
Why Is It Significant?

Psycho was, and still is, a significant movie because it established the base for horror movies and thrillers. Although not on par with the effects and "stellar" acting of today, the acting was considered incredible for its time. Both the violence and the "showing of skin" in the movie was new to the movie business. No one had dared to be that "risqué."  

It is also significant because it was one of the most popular and top grossing movies of the 1960's. 

    Budget: $806,947

    Gross: $32,000,000 (USA)

           $50,000,000 (Worldwide)

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