japanese internment n.
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Japanese Internment PowerPoint Presentation
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Japanese Internment

Japanese Internment

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Japanese Internment

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  1. Japanese Internment Rachel Goren

  2. Thesis • . The Canadian government violated the rights, their liberty, their freedoms, and the Japenease sense of security within their home front. Mackenzie King’s government defied the civil liberties/rights and human rights of Japanese Canadian citizens.

  3. Body Paragraph One • The Government of Canada violated the civil liberties of Japanese Canadians by justifying the right to search and seizure, and not providing access to a fair trial on the innocent.

  4. Evidence • Japanese Canadians were forced out of their homes against their will, while federal agents were inside looking for evidence of them being spies. The act that enabled agents to do so was the Custodian of Enemy Alien Property.

  5. Evidence 2 • the Canadian government violated the civil liberties by not proceeding in criminal and penal matters. None of the people accused of being spies were given any legal representation or access to a fair trial. They were merely held indefinitely until they were considered to no longer be a "threat".

  6. Body Paragraph Two • The Canadian government denied the rights of freedoms of the Japanese citizens by disabling their freedom of movement and subjecting them to cruel punishment.

  7. Evidence • The Canadian Government violated the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each province.

  8. Evidence 2 • the Government allowed cruel and unnecessary punishment (hard labour) on innocent people. They detained 22,000 Japanese Canadians, with no form of communication with the outside world.

  9. Conclusion • In closing, Japanese Canadian unjustly imprisoned innocent men, women, and children. The Government did so because they thought that the Japanese could be spies and a “threat” to the country’s well being. Canada violated their legal human rights and the civil liberties of Japanese Canadian within their home front.