Millennium development goals
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Millennium Development Goals. What can one person do?. Millennium Development Goals . Approved at General Convention 2006 A “Call to Partnership” presented to the United Nations Summit by participants in Consultation of Religious Leaders on Global Poverty.

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Millennium development goals l.jpg

Millennium Development Goals

What can one person do?

Millennium development goals2 l.jpg
Millennium Development Goals

  • Approved at General Convention 2006

  • A “Call to Partnership” presented to the United Nations Summit by participants in Consultation of Religious Leaders on Global Poverty

First of 8 millennium develop goals mdg l.jpg
First of 8 Millennium Develop Goals (MDG)

  • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

    • A person dies of hunger every 3.5 seconds

    • A billion people live on less than $1 a day

Mdg goal 2 l.jpg
MDG Goal 2

  • Achieve Universal Primary Education for Children

    • 100 million children are not in school

    • 70% of those children are girls

Mdg 3 l.jpg

  • Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

    • Empowered women:

      • become leaders in their communities

      • die less often in childbirth

      • have healthier and better educated children

Mdg 4 l.jpg

  • Reduce Child Mortality

    Every 3 seconds a child under 5 dies

    Most can be prevented by:

    • Clean water

    • Sanitation

    • Improved nutrition

    • Medical treatment

Mdg 5 l.jpg

  • Improve Maternal Health

    • Half a million women die annually from complications of pregnancy and child birth

    • In some parts of world, women have a 50-50 chance of surviving a pregnancy

Mdg 6 l.jpg

  • Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB, and Other Diseases

    • Needs are for

      • Health education

      • Proper sanitation

      • Access to clean water

      • Mosquito nets

      • Inexpensive medications

Mdg 7 l.jpg

  • Ensure Environmental Sustainability

    • Clean water and

    • Sanitation

      • Work together to save lives

      • Create productive societies

Mdg 8 l.jpg

  • Create a Global Partnership for Development

    • Fair trade systems

    • Increased international aid

    • Debt relief for developing countries

What are you called to give l.jpg
What are you called to give?

  • Give .7% of annual income to help meet these goals

    • Household income of $30,000 a year=$210

    • Household income of $50,000 a year =$350

    • Household income of $80,000 a year=$560

What are some examples l.jpg
What are some examples?

  • Support Bob and Ellen Snow’s ministry in the DR

  • Provide scholarships through Colegio Kids

  • Support efforts of Fr. Daniel Kuot for people in the Sudan

  • Give to the Episcopal Relief and Development

Pray daily to meet mdgs l.jpg
Pray Daily to Meet MDGs

  • Pray daily to cut extreme global poverty in half by 2015

  • Pray daily that you will be directed to find an organization that you support financially

  • Pray for the work of the Snows, Fr. Kuot and other work in the Sudan, and Colegio Kids

Support local efforts l.jpg
Support Local Efforts

  • Hope Center

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Dean Fricke Food Pantry

  • Omaha Together One Community

  • Where can you work and give?

Educate others l.jpg
Educate Others

  • Read the MDG Brochure

  • Take an extra MDG Brochure home to share with a friend

  • Order MDG materials to share in your church

  • Have discussions in your family and church about MDG and what you can do

Nebraska daughters of the king and mdg l.jpg
Nebraska Daughters of the King and MDG

  • Nebraska DOK Goals for 2006-2009 include

    • educate members of this diocese about the Millennium Development Goals

Additional information l.jpg
Additional information

  • Web site for MDG for prayer guides, books, activities, photos, stories, etc.