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Halifax Regional Medical Center. FAST TRACK BBI. Who We Are…. Provide emergency, outpatient, surgery and inpatient services Halifax, Northampton, and Warren counties and parts of Southside Virginia 204 private rooms Largest employer in our service area with about 875 employees.

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who we are
Who We Are…
  • Provide emergency, outpatient, surgery and inpatient services
  • Halifax, Northampton, and Warren counties and parts of Southside Virginia
  • 204 private rooms
  • Largest employer in our service area with about 875
  • employees
the problems
The Problems:

Halifax Regional was losing the best RN candidates because the hiring process was taking too long

  • It was taking too much time to:
  • Screen candidates
  • Schedule Interviews
  • Conduct Interviews
  • Determine if candidate was a good fit for the position
  • Make a hiring decision
  • Offer Job
the problems1
The Problems:
  • RN staffing was too lean in the Emergency Care Center and on the Medical/Surgical floors heading into a busy time of year
  • We needed to provide additional training to recent RN graduates so they would be ready to work in all areas of the Medical Center
  • We also needed to hire the “right” RNs
    • Reduce turnover in the first 90 days & 12 months
    • Right “fit” with HRMC
the possible solutions
The Possible Solutions:
  • Marketing/Media Campaign targeted at RNs from other facilities showing the benefits of working at Halifax Regional
  • “Boomerang” Campaign targeting RNs that had left our employment in the last 12 months
  • Creation of a “Work-to-School” program with the local Community College Nursing program
  • Flexible Scheduling Options with existing RN staff
  • Departure Risk Assessment & Retention Program
the best solution
The Best Solution:

Fast Track BBI!!!

time out
Time Out!

What do you mean by “Fast Track?”

What is “BBI?”

Is that just HR Code for “Change?”

Is it just more work for Managers?

what we had to do
What We Had to Do
  • Explain Behavioral Based Interviewing
    • What is it?
    • How does it work?
    • Why should we do it?
  • Train Hiring Managers on the BBI Process
  • Develop a Fast Track Interview Process
    • Assign responsibilities
    • Develop forms
    • Schedule dates
the most important thing you do
The Most Important Thing You Do

Hiring the Right Person

For the Position

As Part of the Team

To Provide Excellent Patient Care


Customer Service

why it s the most important thing
Why It’s the Most Important Thing

If you hire the wrong person or have people on your team with poor behavioral skills you will have

    • poor customer service
    • poor teamwork
    • low morale
    • higher absenteeism
    • high turnover
  • and
  • you will spend more of your time dealing with
  • “people problems”
what is behavioral based interviewing
What is Behavioral Based Interviewing?
  • BBI is an interview technique that is based on the premise that the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in similar situations.
  • Two Primary Skill Sets
      • Technical
      • Behavioral - traditional interviews typically provide insufficient insight
  • Most employees fail because of Behavioral Issues, not Technical Skills
  • BBI questions are developed based on the critical competencies of the available position.
  • Hiring Managers are better able to assess whether the candidate is a good fit for the role by the responses of the candidate.
creating the behavioral based interview
Creating the Behavioral Based Interview
  • Step 1: Analyze the Position & Determine Competencies
  • Step 2: Pick questions that address those competencies
  • Step 3: Ask interview questions designed to elicit evidence of those competencies
  • Step 4: Listen & compare that candidate’s response to the IdealResponses for the position
      • If even the Best Candidate gives Red Flag Responses Keep Looking!!!
      • You want to hire people that have Ideal Responses to the critical competencies you have identified!
how fast track bbi worked
How Fast Track BBI Worked

Expedited Screening and interview process

  • Applicants screened and contacted within 24 hours of applying
  • Interview scheduled in same week when possible.
  • Team of Nursing Managers, Clinical Staff & HR liaison scheduled to conduct interview using BBI process
    • Panel interview most lasted 30 – 40 minutes
    • Interviews were scheduled with multiple applicants 30 minutes apart
how fast track bbi works
How Fast Track BBI Works
  • Immediately after interview each candidate received a tour of hospital
  • While candidate was on the tour
    • Interview Team reviewed the interview & discussed if candidate was a good fit for the position
    • If so, a conditional offer of employment was prepared by the HR liaison
  • When candidate returns from the tour a conditional offer of employment is made
the results
The Results

“Trial run” was conducted with the Nursing Division.

  • Fast Track Interviews were conducted on 7 interview dates
  • 9 Candidates were offered positions
  • 9 Candidates Accepted the positions

These Candidates were among some of the best new RN’s hired at Halifax Regional in several years

proven success
Proven Success
  • We were extremely pleased with the quality of RN’s hired and have begun implementing Fast Track BBI in other divisions throughout the hospital
  • Working together with the Nursing Division we were able to achieve much success and were able to find an innovative solution to our lengthy hiring process
  • Based on this success Halifax Regional will us the Fast Track BBI as a preferred RN selection process
  • One of the most important outcomes was the strengthening of the working relationships between HR & Nursing Managers
what we will do better
What We Will Do Better
  • Require Nurse Managers with the Greatest Need to be on the interview team
  • Have all members of the interview team commit to the Fast Track Interview Date & Time
  • Start earlier! We started the Fast Track program after we had a problem and we should have used it as a recruitment strategy and practice to avoid the problem
contact information
Contact Information

James Wood

Halifax Regional

VP of Administration & Chief HR Officer


Belinda Jones-Hill

Halifax Regional

Nurse Manager – Critical Care Services