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Digital Dioramas

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Digital Dioramas
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Digital Dioramas

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  1. Digital Dioramas • Authentic Assessment: Why, and then How

  2. Authentic. Assessment. • Football, mock trial, World of Warcraft, band chair challenges have: • Clear Goals • Opportunities to fail and for BIG WINS • Rewards before the big game (fun!) • Reteaching/review/reflection Awesome Examples Click!

  3. Pop Quiz! • Let’s talk about what you think. Please dash off and answer this survey (done in Google Forms) • Want to use Google Forms in your class? Click here later.

  4. Plan the Plays • Work Backwards: What’s Your Goal? What will the student be able to do? Why? (“I want to be able to do X. It matters because Y.”) • What skills will the student need to have to reach the goal? • What skill are you working on today? Go to Socrative room ##### & answer! • PERMA: Positive Emotion, Engagement, Positive Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment/Achievement • Signposts: help students move themselves forward, track their progress

  5. “A typical class might start with a quiz, a quick journal write, or some other way for the teacher to check in on where kids are. Students who need help on the content or skill that was just assessed will then work with the teacher on a mini-lesson or workshop. Some teachers leave space on the whiteboard for students to request a workshop on something they’re struggling with. It might be related to content, or it might have to do with how to work better with their team members.” Paul Curtis, New Tech High School, Napa, California

  6. A Big Win Takes a Team

  7. How Can Tech Help?

  8. Formative Assesment • Did they get the info? • Can they use it in more than one way? • Are they aware of their own gaps? • Will they be ready to do X skill by Y time? • Study Blue for flashcards, Popplet for brainstorming • Watch a video on the subject and comment within Voicethread, class blog, wordle • Kids demonstrate basic knowledge by building a class “sourcebook” in Glogster or Symbaloo • Exit poll, chance to win by texting: Gaggle/Remind 101

  9. Formative Assesment • HAVE FUN! • Create • Compete • Work Together • Create a “Trailer” for a unit. Class votes on the winner, which is shown to next year’s classes at the beginning of the unit (iPad’s iMovie, or on PC, Animotoor Mozilla Popcorn) • Kids create Jing (PC) or Educreations(iPad) “How To” videos or to explain why an answer is wrong. • Create an infographicand join with others’ in class on a SlideShareall can access to study

  10. The Big Game: Summative Assessment • Look what I can do! • Look how far I’ve come! • Look how far I can go!

  11. Portfolios, Products, Pride • A real audience is so motivating (think football, orchestra, art). “Who needs this?” • Portfolios using Google Apps - audience is parents, peers, next teacher, future employers (examples) • Receive a critique on a product by an expert via Google Hangout/Skype • Have a cook-off, a bake-off, a debate. Do it in teams. Have teams make a documentary (iMovie, Animoto, Mozilla Popcorn) and post about it and post it online.

  12. What could that look like?

  13. But WAIT.Don’t get tangled in Tech.

  14. Teach the procedures for how to log in to the computer, use email, and turn in work(Gaggle/Google docs, flash drives, whatever) at the beginning of the year. • Teach/re-teach digital citizenship. Establish rules/consequences for digital misbehavior. Digital “natives” can act like cave people sometimes--anticipate and prepare. • Using a new tech tool? Teach it at the beginning of the lesson - not in the middle of teaching content. • Create the desired product yourself first. If you don’t have time to anticipate, you don’t have time to try something new. (Don’t try a new recipe when the Mother in Law is coming over for dinner) • Rubrics, rubrics, rubrics. Tech is so shiny; help them focus.