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Recognition. Woodbadge Part 1 Group Commissioner. I see you. You have been recognized. Why. People volunteer for many reasons but usually because the get something out of it: A sense of achievement The feeling of giving back to society The Social aspect

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Woodbadge Part 1

Group Commissioner


  • People volunteer for many reasons but usually because the get something out of it:

    • A sense of achievement

    • The feeling of giving back to society

    • The Social aspect

  • Recognizing their value and accomplishments is key to keeping them engaged and continue their involvement


  • Informal

  • Formal

  • Job Enrichment & Supplementary Challenges


  • Certificates

  • Small mementos/gifts

  • Badges

  • pictures

Formal structure
Formal Structure

  • References

    • BPP Section 9000 -

    • VSTK -

    • Guide to Honours & Awards -

  • Two types of Honours

    • Recognition of high character and courage, gallantry, meritorious conduct or outstanding service to Scouting

    • Long Service Award


  • For High Character and Courage

  • For Gallantry

  • For Outstanding Service to Scouting

  • For Meritorious Conduct

  • Years of Service


  • Go to almost any Scouts home Webpage

  • Click on the Thanks button

  • Follow the instructions

What happens then
What happens then

  • Monthly the DCC Recognition gets a spreadsheet of all the OSA submissions

  • Sorts through the submissions collating the submissions for each individual.

  • Individual will receive a Certificate of Commendation for each submission.

  • Based on all the submissions for an individual DCC Recognition evaluates whether the award should be higher using criteria provided by the National Recognition Network.

Awards under osa
Awards under OSA

  • Certificate of Commendation

  • Medal for Good Service and Bar to the Medal for Good Service

  • Medal of Merit and Bar to the Medal of Merit

  • Silver Acorn and Bar to the Silver Acorn

Not under the osa
Not under the OSA

  • Jack Cornwell Decoration

  • Award for Fortitude

  • Awards for Gallantry

  • Silver Wolf

  • Silver Fox

  • Medal of the Maple

    • For Distinguished Youth Service

Milestone recognition
Milestone Recognition

  • Years of Service in 5 year increments

    • 10 years receives the Long Service Medal

  • A Recognition annually in the first five years

    • gift

Award ceremony
Award Ceremony

  • Make the recognition a meaningful ceremony

    • Consider sharing the event with the recipient's family

    • Photograph the event

    • Provide a photo and write up to the local paper

    • Other ideas

Job enrichment supplementary challenges
Job Enrichment & Supplementary Challenges

  • For those who show outstanding dedication or merit

  • Consider offering a new challenge

    • More responsibility

    • Greater challenge

  • Continue to Recognize their service even if the decline the offer

    • Surprisingly some people know how to say no thank you