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“Flowers of Algernon”

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“Flowers of Algernon” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Flowers of Algernon”
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  1. “Flowers of Algernon” By Bernard & Courtney

  2. Charlie’s Tone Charlie has lots of mixed emotions and tones in this chapter. Charlie deals with everything from falling in love to finding out the true personality of human nature. Example: Charlie is deeply in love with Miss Kinian and is also finding that his so called “friends” are talking about him.

  3. Charlie’s Diction Charlie is using his new vocabulary to express his frustration towards the man giving him the Rorschach test or “ink block test” Example:“Alright Charlie you’ve seen these before remember. “Of course I remember, Charlie said. The way I said it he could tell I was angry.

  4. Charlie’s Syntax Charlie is learning at an increasingly fast pace. He is now taking his ability to learn and want to know more to a new high. Example: Charlie is reading the dictionary to brighten his horizons and learn more about this “new world” he see’s.

  5. Ms. Kinnian Charlie used to view Ms. Kinnian as his teacher and mentor. Now Charlie is starting to catch feelings for her that he never knew existed.

  6. Co-Workers They get Charlie drunk and ditch him While they’re dancing his “friends” keep tripping him “I feel ashamed” -Charlie • Charlie “friends” always take him to the club • Charlie “friends” set him up to dance with Ellen

  7. Dr. Nemur and Dr. Strauss Dr. Nemurgives Charlie a TV to sleep with at night to strengthen his subconscious Dr. Strauss on the other hand could care less about Charlie I actually think he’s jealous of the fact that Charlie might have the potential to know as much as him if not more

  8. Land-Lady When the policeman brings Charlie home drunk from the club Ms. Flynn takes him to his room and makes sure he’s safe.

  9. Charlie Vs. Society VS.


  11. Conflict Charlie is now feeling insecure because he now knows that people are laughing at him because he has an I.Q average of 68 This affects Charlie because society may feel as though they can take advantage of him

  12. Rorschach Test

  13. Maze

  14. Algernon

  15. Summary Part III of Flowers for Algernon is basically about Charlie having his surgery done and he is slowly gaining knowledge. The TV from Dr. Nemur might actually be working! According to Ms. Kinnian Charlie’s diction is improving. He is getting better with spelling and using bigger words. He is aware that his “friends” really were jerks toward him they took total advantage of him, by getting him drunk and ditching him. SMH!!!!